The Dwarven Halls

Dwarves have tunnelled deep below the Khazdorin Mountains for many centuries.
Arcane Deep
At Level 10:
Conversation Character

Here be Dragons

You've come face-to-face with a Dragon! Protect yourself!

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: The last thing I expected in Khaziel...
Hero: Was to come face-to-face with a Dragon!
Emperina: Why must you continue to hunt me?
Hero: Wait... What?
Emperina: I grow tired of this! Prepare to burn!
Hero: No. Stop!
  • Protect yourself from the Dragon.
    Emperina: Leave me be!
    Emperina: Emperina
Emperina: Wait! You are not a Dwarf!
Hero: Very observant!
Emperina: What are you doing in Khaziel, mortal?
Hero: Just travelling.
Emperina: Hmmm... I see. Then we need not be enemies.
Hero: I'm glad.
Emperina: Walk with me. I would tell you a tale.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

A Dragon's Tale

Destroy the Dwarven fortress gates.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: Centuries ago the filthy Dwarves chased me from my lair.
Hero: I see.
Emperina: Those insects have hunted me in these hills ever since.
Hero: That's harsh.
Emperina: I sought a way back in, but they built huge gates.
Hero: Can I help?
Emperina: You would help me? You are unusually kind, mortal.
Hero: I do my best.
  • Destroy the outer gate.
    Dwarven Miner: Oi! Stop right there!
    The Outer Gate: Fortress Gate, Dwarven Miner, Flame Cannon, Dwarven Miner
  • Destroy the inner gate.
    Bombardier: Look out! It's the Dragon!
    The Inner Gate: Fortress Gate, Bombardier, Dwarf Lord, Blast Cannon
Emperina: The gates are down, after all this time!
Hero: Welcome home!
Emperina: It smells foul in here now, fouler than a Dwarf even.
Hero: It smells damp.
Emperina: It smells of many things, some of them evil.
Hero: Really?
Emperina: Come! Let us see what's inside.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

A Dragon's Hoard

Reclaim Emperina's treasure from the Dwarven vault.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Emperina: My treasure was hidden deep down in these caves.
Hero: Aha!
Emperina: If those greedy Dwarves have touched it, I will be furious!
Hero: Let's see.
Emperina: Those maggots may have even built a vault around it.
Hero: No matter.
Emperina: If so, we will break it down!
Hero: Okay.
  • Look for Emperina's treasure.
    Golem: Stoooop!
    Treasure Hunt: Golem, Golem, Bombardier, Dwarven Miner
  • Gain access to the treasure.
    Dwarven Miner: No! This is OUR treasure!
    Cracking the Vault: Fortress Gate, Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Miner, Stone Giant
Emperina: THIS is my treasure, but it has been moved!
Hero: Is that important?
Emperina: You don't understand. This was not where I KEPT it.
Hero: I see.
Emperina: No, you don't. Those little grubs... Something is missing.
Hero: Oh?
Emperina: It is something important. We must keep looking.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Who Moved the Treasure?

Look for the site of Emperina's old treasure hoard.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: We should move quickly.
Hero: Why?
Emperina: I hear fat Dwarven feet stamping around nearby.
Hero: Oh, okay.
Emperina: Those worms have mined all through my beautiful caves.
Hero: Really?
Emperina: It may take some time to find what I'm looking for.
Hero: Okay.
  • Search the newly-excavated tunnels.
    Acolyte: There she is! Stop her!
    Let There be Acolyte!: Dwarven Miner, Golem, Dwarven Miner, Acolyte
  • Look for signs of Emperina's old hoard.
    Warlock: Returned, Emperina? You WILL regret this!
    Warlocks Where?: Dwarven Miner, Bombardier, Warlock, Warlock
Emperina: Warlocks? What are they doing here?
Hero: No idea.
Emperina: A new kind of maggot. This does not bode well.
Hero: Why?
Emperina: The Warlocks will be after my most precious treasure.
Hero: I see.
Emperina: No, you really do not see, mortal. We must stop them!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Dig Down Deep

Stop the Dwarven Miners, and destroy their excavations.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Emperina: As I thought!
Hero: What?
Emperina: The little grubs are trying to dig their way in!
Hero: To where?
Emperina: To that which I was guarding!
Hero: Guarding?
Emperina: No time to explain. We must stop them!
Hero: Okay.
  • Chase away the miners.
    Dwarven Miner: Ai! A Dragon! Run!
    Scatter the Weak: Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Miner, Bombardier, Deep Borer
  • Stop the excavation.
    Deep Borer: Get back! We've got work to do!
    Boring!: Deep Borer, Deep Borer, Deep Borer, Deep Borer
Emperina: There, it is done!
Hero: Explain...
Emperina: There is a creature here, trapped in a prison.
Hero: A creature?
Emperina: One of the old Gods. His name is Gorgotha.
Hero: Aha!
Emperina: It is why the filthy Warlocks have come. They hear his song.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character


Rid the caves of any Warlocks.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: First we must destroy those twisted Warlocks.
Hero: Okay.
Emperina: Without their influence, we may have a chance.
Hero: A chance?
Emperina: To keep Gorgotha in his prison. You don't want him free.
Hero: Why not?
Emperina: He is a God of Fire and Earth. He is the Lord of Volcanoes.
Hero: Oh...
  • Destroy the Warlocks' servants.
    Stone Giant: His chains are breaking!
    Old Gods' Servants: Golem, Blast Cannon, Acolyte, Stone Giant
  • Destroy the Warlocks.
    Warlock: It is too late, Emperina! He will be free!
    Twisted Magister: Golem, Acolyte, Blast Cannon, Warlock
Emperina: There! It is done! But did you see their eyes?
Hero: Not really.
Emperina: There was a madness there.
Hero: Oh?
Emperina: It is a sign of the Old Gods. Those FOOLS!
Hero: I see.
Emperina: Gorgotha may not be free yet, but we have much work to do.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character


Help Emperina by ridding the caves of some insane Dwarfs.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Emperina: The madness in their eyes reeks of Gorgotha's power.
Hero: I see.
Emperina: And it is not just the Warlocks he controls.
Hero: Really?
Emperina: The weak-willed Dwarfs - he has driven them mad too.
Hero: What now?
Emperina: We chase away as many of those ghastly creatures as possible.
Hero: Okay.
  • Chase away some miners.
    Dwarven Miner: Our lives for Gorgotha!
    Mines of Madness: Rock Worm, Bombardier, Dwarven Miner, Deep Borer
  • Chase away other Dwarves.
    Bombardier: Praise the Lord of Earth and Fire!
    Crazy is as Crazy Does: Bombardier, Dwarven Miner, Bombardier, Dwarf Lord
Emperina: There! That should keep them away from us for a while.
Hero: Good.
Emperina: Now we are free to seek out Gorgotha's prison.
Hero: Where is it?
Emperina: It will be difficult to find.
Hero: Why?
Emperina: Those filthy Dwarves have changed all the tunnels.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Guardians of Madness

Search for Gorgotha's prison deep within the caves.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: Gorgotha's prison was north of the entrance, 5 levels down.
Hero: Okay.
Emperina: If we keep north and head downwards we should find it.
Hero: Let's go.
Emperina: Beware! I don't know what we'll find there.
Hero: Okay.
  • Search for Gorgotha's prison.
    Ghoul: Blood! BLOOD!
    Mad Minions: Golem, Night Terror, Night Terror, Golem
  • Investigate the prison.
    Ancient Horror: Chthrudh Dhabigh Ghthaan!
    Slaves of Insanity: Ghoul, Ghoul, Night Terror, Ancient Horror
Hero: We found Gorgotha's prison.
Hero: It was a huge stone door, marked with runes.
Emperina: The prison door seems to be intact.
Hero: That's good.
Emperina: But it has grown weak.
Hero: Really?
Emperina: Those moronic Dwarves have spent too long digging around it.
Hero: Damn.
Conversation Character

A Link to the Past

Reforge the Divine Chains to bind the Gorgotha

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Emperina: Gorgotha's prison will not last much longer.
Hero: What now, then?
Emperina: We must reforge the Divine Chains that hold him.
Hero: How?
Emperina: The Priestesses of Whitehelm can do it.
Hero: Will they help us?
Emperina: They may need to be 'persuaded'.
Hero: I see.
  • Travel to Whitehelm
    Paladin: A Dragon? Halt!
    Whitehelm Border: Templar, Templar, Priestess, Paladin
  • Persuade some Priestesses to bless a new chain.
    Archon Statue: This Temple is closed to the likes of you!
    Unfriendly Temple: Priestess, Templar, Paladin, Archon Statue
Emperina: The Divine Chains are complete.
Hero: Good.
Emperina: Now all that remains is to put them on him.
Hero: Gorgotha?
Emperina: Yes, Gorgotha. Last time it was... difficult.
Hero: How so?
Emperina: Many of my people died.
Hero: Oh, dear.
Conversation Character

Shadows Gather

Gorgotha has summoned minions to help him escape. Defeat them.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: Gorgotha has been busy, I see.
Hero: Yes.
Emperina: He has called many minions to here.
Hero: So I see.
Emperina: We will need to fight our way back to his prison.
Hero: Okay.
Emperina: We must hurry. They will hasten his escape.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Defeat the Dwarven Minions.
    Deep Borer: We serve the Master!
    Dwarven Minions: Golem, Ancient Horror, Blast Cannon, Deep Borer
  • Defeat the Warlock Minions.
    Warlock: Gorgotha will be free!
    Warlock Minions: Ancient Horror, Golem, Acolyte, Warlock
  • Defeat the final Minions.
    Ancient Horror: Chthrudh Dhabigh Ghthaan!
    Ancient Minions: Night Terror, Ancient Horror, Ghoul, Ancient Horror
Emperina: I guarded this door for many centuries.
Hero: Really?
Emperina: And I would have guarded it for many more.
Hero: I see.
Emperina: Dwarven greed.... It may yet be the end of us all.
Hero: I hope not.
Emperina: As do I, mortal. As do I.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Prison Break-In

Break into the Prison of Gorgotha, before he frees himself.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Emperina: Now, we must open the door.
Hero: Unfortunately.
Emperina: Beware! Gorgotha will summon more horrors to stop us.
Hero: Okay.
  • Break open the Prison.
    Ancient Horror: Chthrudh Dhabigh Ghthaan!
    The Vault: Fortress Gate, Flame Cannon, Blast Cannon, Ancient Horror
Emperina: At last, the way lies open.
Hero: It's dark.
Emperina: Gorgotha awaits us inside.
Hero: I know.
Emperina: The Old Gods are patient. But we must hurry.
Hero: As you say.
Emperina: Perhaps we can make this one wait a few more centuries.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Gorgotha in Chains

Defeat Gorgotha, and help Emperina re-imprison him.

Complete this quest to unlock Emperina.
Emperina: The final challenge awaits us, mortal.
Hero: What now?
Emperina: Gorgotha is not at his full strength.
Hero: Nice to know.
Emperina: If you can defeat him, I will chain him up once more.
Hero: Okay.
  • Re-imprison Gorgotha.
    Gorgotha: Emperina! This time I will imprison YOU!
    Fire and Earth: Blast Cannon, Blast Cannon, Ancient Horror, Gorgotha
Emperina: I will collapse this place behind us, and seal it tight.
Hero: Good idea.
Emperina: Not even those Dwarven vermin will be able to get in here.
Hero: What then?
Emperina: Too long have I watched these lands and guarded this creature.
Hero: Okay.
Emperina: It is time I saw some more of the world. I will join you for a time.
Hero: Excellent!
Conversation Character

Stonehammer's Vault

Seek out Stonehammer's Vault, with Emperina and Sparkgrinder.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: What? You bring a Dwarf into my Halls?
Hero: It's important.
Sparkgrinder: Important! Yes! I need to see Stonehammer's Vault!
Hero: Explain why.
Sparkgrinder: It should never have been opened! Something bad is coming!
Hero: See?
Emperina: We will look, and see. But if he's wrong, I WILL eat him!
Hero: He's not wrong.
  • Search the tunnels for Dwarves.
    Dwarven Miner: Ach! It's the Dragon! She found us!
    The Dwarven Gate: Fortress Gate, Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Miner, Golem
  • Find Stonehammer's Vault.
    Bombardier: She's here for the Vault! Stop her!
    Dwarven Guards: Golem, Bombardier, Dwarf Lord, Deep Borer
  • Enter the Vault.
    Dwarf Lord: Protect the Vault, lads!
    Stonehammer's Vault: Deep Borer, Rock Worm, Blast Cannon, Dwarf Lord
Sparkgrinder: Oh, no! Stonehammer's Vault should NEVER have been opened.
Hero: Why not?
Sparkgrinder: When it opened, the earth moved. Something got loose.
Hero: Not Gorgotha...
Emperina: Let us hope not! Dwarves! They meddle in everything.
Hero: I know.
Emperina: I should have toasted them all when I had the chance.
Hero: Perhaps.
Conversation Character

Beneath the Vault

Travel beneath Stonehammer's Vault, to find the creature that is loose.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: Tell me, Dwarf, how do you know something is loose?
Hero: Sparkgrinder?
Sparkgrinder: I feel it in the stones! It's been in the Vault. Can't YOU feel it?
Hero: No.
Sparkgrinder: It took many things from here. And then it went... down.
Hero: Down?
Emperina: Then we follow it. I'll not have a beast loose under MY mountain!
Hero: Okay.
  • Find a path downwards.
    Grave Knight: These tunnels are not for you!
    Below the Vault: Grave Knight, Grave Knight, Grave Knight, Acolyte
  • Travel below the Vault.
    Revenant: You have travelled too deep, mortals!
    Depths of Khaziel: Ghoul, Skeleton, Grave Knight, Revenant
  • Search for the creature.
    Warlock: You are too late. Gorgotha has... evolved!
    Always the Warlocks: Giant Spider, Giant Spider, Acolyte, Warlock
Emperina: Gorgotha? Loose again? I will fling those Dwarves into an abyss!
Hero: Well...
Sparkgrinder: Flinging? Oh, I don't like flinging! Or being flung!
Hero: Not you.
Emperina: Find him, Dwarf! Talk to your cursed stones!
Hero: He will.
Emperina: And maybe I won't eat YOU!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Gorgotha Returned

Gorgotha has evolved! Find him, and defeat him.

Complete this quest to unlock War and Peace.
Sparkgrinder: You're not going to like this. Gorgotha is getting... bigger.
Hero: Bigger?
Emperina: What do you mean, bigger? Tell me now, Dwarf!
Hero: Umm?
Sparkgrinder: I think he ate magic items in the Vault. He's growing in power.
Hero: Ate them?
Emperina: Then we need to find him! Now! Before I eat YOU!
Hero: Let's go!
  • Follow the path downwards.
    Warlock: Ahaha! You're too late! He is ascending!
    Gorgotha's Trail: Rock Worm, Ancient Horror, Warlock, Giant Spider
  • Find Gorgotha.
    Acolyte: Gorgotha has returned! Praise the Old Gods!
    Final Hurdle: Ancient Horror, Ancient Horror, Acolyte, Acolyte
  • Defeat the evolved Gorgotha.
    King Gorgotha: At last! My power has no limits!
    Gorgotha Evolved: Rock Worm, Rock Worm, Ancient Horror, King Gorgotha
Emperina: Good riddance! I've had enough Daemons and Dwarves!
Hero: Indeed.
Sparkgrinder: Oh, look! He left behind these weapons! War and Peace.
Hero: Nice!
Emperina: As for you, Dwarf. I've decided not to eat you... today.
Hero: Good.
Sparkgrinder: She scares me, sometimes!
Hero: Me too, buddy.
Conversation Character

Runepriest Training

Learn the ancient skills of the Runepriest from Emperina.

Unlock the Runepriest Hero Class
Emperina: You have travelled these halls many times.
Hero: I have.
Emperina: But do you know of the Runepriests?
Hero: Not really.
Emperina: They were ancient Dwarven mages, who worked glyphs into stone.
Hero: Really?
Emperina: Come! I will teach you some of their art.
Hero: Very well.
  • Learn how to inscribe the Rune of Infusion.
    Emperina: Now. we infuse it with magic!
    Cracking the Vault: Fortress Gate, Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Miner, Stone Giant
  • Learn how to inscribe the Rune of Sundering.
    Emperina: First, we open the stone!
    The Dwarven Gate: Fortress Gate, Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Miner, Golem
  • Learn how to inscribe the Rune of Transferrence.
    Emperina: Now, it receives its purpose!
    Rune of Transferrence: Dwarven Gate, Gorgon, Rock Spirit, Fire Bomb
  • Learn how to inscribe the Rune of Power.
    Emperina: And finally, we charge it up!
    Rune of Power: Dwarven Gate, King Highforge, Stone Giant, Ancient Golem
Emperina: And there you have it. You are now a Runepriest.
Hero: Hmmm...
Emperina: I see you are sceptical...
Hero: I am!
Emperina: But you cannot deny the power of the runes.
Hero: True.
Emperina: Keep at it. In time your studies will bear fruit.
Hero: Very well.
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