Divinion Fields

Plains of the Centaurs

Herds of Centaurs roam the plains, living a peaceful life, and worshipping the stars.
Arcane Plains
Skill bonus:
Conversation Character

Beside the Seaside

Defend Atlanta on the shores of the Divinion Fields.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: On the shores of the Divinion Fields...
Hero: I found the survivor of a shipwreck.
Atlanta: Name's Atlanta. Good thing you came by.
Hero: Why's that?
Atlanta: The Centaurs here don't like intruders. They'll be here soon.
Hero: We should go.
Atlanta: Too late. They've already found us.
Hero: Stand back.
  • Defend against the Centaur Scouts.
    Centaur Scout: Invaders! Take them!
    Centaur Scouts: Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Star Gazer
  • Defend against the main Centaur force.
    Centaur Scout: Here they are! Capture them all!
    Centaur Force: Pegasus, Pegasus, Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout
Atlanta: Seems you've saved me twice in one day.
Hero: So I have.
Atlanta: I'm heading inland. I could use some company.
Hero: But your ship...
Atlanta: My ship was smashed into a thousand pieces.
Hero: How?
Atlanta: Let's call it... an "unusual" kind of storm.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Not Just Centaurs

Travel inland with Atlanta, avoiding as many Centaur tribes as possible.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Atlanta: There's a lot of dust out there on the plains.
Hero: So I see.
Atlanta: Tribes of Centaurs. Everywhere.
Hero: Indeed.
Atlanta: And if I'm right, it may not be JUST Centaurs.
Hero: Really?
Atlanta: We'll see. Let's move as quickly and quietly as possible.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Avoid the Centaurs with hounds.
    Centaur Scout: Run them down!
    Horses and Hounds: Centaur Scout, Warhound, Warhound, Warhound
  • Avoid the Centaur tribes.
    Star Gazer: Orion has delivered us a new challenge!
    Tribe of Twilight: Skeleton, Skeleton, Star Gazer, Star Gazer
  • Avoid more Centaur tribes.
    Centaur Scout: Prey! The hunt is on!
    Unusual Suspects: Pegasus, Zombie, Revenant, Centaur Scout
Atlanta: As I suspected...
Hero: What?
Atlanta: They mentioned Orion.
Hero: Who is Orion?
Atlanta: Their champion. Their God. I can't believe it.
Hero: Believe what?
Atlanta: My bad timing. We're right in the middle of the Wild Hunt.
Hero: Oh...
Conversation Character

I Herd a Rumor

Capture a Centaur Herdmaster and find out where Orion is.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Atlanta: We need to find Orion.
Hero: Why?
Atlanta: Let's just say I owe him one. A BIG one.
Hero: Okay.
Atlanta: If we can find a regular tribe of centaurs, not these hunters...
Hero: Then...
Atlanta: One of their Herdmasters should know where he is.
Hero: Okay.
  • Find a regular tribe of Centaurs.
    Centaur Scout: Hey! What are you doing here?
    Pick a Tribe - Any Tribe: Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Star Gazer
  • Capture a Herdmaster.
    Herdmaster: Take them alive! Orion will want them for the hunt.
    Master of the Herd: Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Star Gazer, Herdmaster
Atlanta: Well, he didn't know much. Orion moves around a lot.
Hero: Oh?
Atlanta: You're not really familar with the Wild Hunt, eh?
Hero: Not really.
Atlanta: Every year, Orion summons an Undead army.
Hero: Really?
Atlanta: His Centaurs join in and they ride out on a great hunt.
Hero: Wow!
Conversation Character

Hunting the Hunter

Head towards Zhul'Kari, looking for signs of Orion.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Atlanta: The Herdmaster wouldn't tell me much.
Hero: So you said.
Atlanta: He did say Orion was last seen near Zhul'Kari though.
Hero: That's something.
Atlanta: Let's head that way and see what we find.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel towards Zhul'Kari.
    Banshee: Hunt you all!
    Stragglers: Skeleton, Skeleton, Zombie, Banshee
  • Look for signs of Orion's passing.
    Revenant: Hunt for the master!
    Campgrounds: Revenant, Ghoul, Ghoul, Wight
Atlanta: Nothing here except signs of an old campground.
Hero: Hmmm...
Atlanta: It seems Orion did pass through here, maybe a week ago.
Hero: Any tracks?
Atlanta: There's tracks everywhere. It's difficult to make sense of it.
Hero: I see.
Atlanta: But I think he may have crossed into the Forest of Zhul'Kari.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Into Darkness

Track Orion through the Forests of Zhul'Kari.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Atlanta: It doesn't surprise me that Orion went this way.
Hero: Why?
Atlanta: When I ran into him, it was on the coast near Zhul'Kari.
Hero: You met him?
Atlanta: In a manner of speaking. Can't say we exchanged pleasantries.
Hero: Oh?
Atlanta: I'll explain as we go.
Hero: Lead on!
  • Cross into Zhul'Kari.
    Dark Maiden: Halt, intruders!
    Border Patrol: Reaver, Hippogryph, Reaver, Dark Maiden
  • Search for signs of Orion's passing.
    Banshee: Yes! The hunt returns!
    Signs of his Passing: Centaur Scout, Warhound, Banshee, Banshee
Atlanta: As I thought... We're headed towards my ship.
Hero: Your ship?
Atlanta: What's left of it. I'd wandered for 2 days when you found me.
Hero: What happened?
Atlanta: Orion and his Wild Hunt happened. They found us moored.
Hero: Oh?
Atlanta: They swept over our ships like fire. We never had a chance.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Aboard this Tiny Ship

Search the wreckage of Atlanta's old ship.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Atlanta: Maybe we can learn some more in the wreckage of my ship.
Hero: Maybe.
Atlanta: It seems Orion came back here after he burned them.
Hero: For loot?
Atlanta: He hunts creatures, not treasure. So why would he return?
Hero: I don't know.
Atlanta: Neither do I. Let's find out.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel to the wrecked ship.
    Dark Maiden: Here she is! At last, we have her!
    Hounds of Darkness: Night Terror, Night Terror, Reaver, Dark Maiden
  • Search the wreckage.
    Revenant: Captain! Join us in the Hunt!
    The Crew: Revenant, Wight, Skeleton, Wight
Atlanta: I can't believe he raised my crew to join his hunt! ARGH!
Hero: YOUR crew?
Atlanta: I guess my secret's out now. I was the captain.
Hero: Really?
Atlanta: They say you're supposed to go down with the ship.
Hero: They do.
Atlanta: But I wanted to stay alive and put an arrow between Orion's horns!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

There and Back Again

Cross back into Divinion Fields, following Orion's trail.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Atlanta: At last we have a trail!
Hero: We do?
Atlanta: My crew, They were clumsy when they were alive.
Hero: And now?
Atlanta: They're twice as bad when they're dead.
Hero: I see.
Atlanta: The trail's easy to follow. They've headed back out of Zhul'Kari.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Cross back into the Divinion Fields.
    Star Gazer: Fools! Did you think you could pass unseen into our lands!
    Ambush!: Centaur Scout, Pegasus, Pegasus, Star Gazer
  • Follow Orion's tracks.
    Herdmaster: You cannot hope to hunt Orion!
    Divinion Field Marshals: Herdmaster, Herdmaster, Herdmaster, Star Gazer
Atlanta: I don't think the Centaurs approve of our little expedition.
Hero: Are you surprised?
Atlanta: Not really. We ARE hunting their God after all.
Hero: A God? Really?
Atlanta: The tales are kind of sketchy. It's difficult to say.
Hero: I see.
Atlanta: I'm gonna go with immortal champion. It's a little less scary.
Hero: Good idea.
Conversation Character

Truth and Dare

Follow Orion's trail across the Divinion Fields, avoiding the pursuit.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: And so we traipsed back into the Divinion Fields.
Hero: But something about Atlanta seemed strange...
Atlanta: Damn! I can see dust trails behind us.
Hero: Pursuers!
Atlanta: Aye. Centaurs AND Dark Elves, by the look of it.
Hero: Dark Elves?
Atlanta: Let's get away. Then I'll explain everything.
Hero: Okay.
  • Avoid the Dark Elves.
    Spider Queen: Atlanta! We will have you!
    Dark Pursuits: Reaver, Reaver, Dark Maiden, Spider Queen
  • Avoid the Centaurs.
    Herdmaster: Hunt Orion, will you? Ha! Run them down!
    Pony Express: Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Herdmaster
Atlanta: Made it! So... About those Dark Elves...
Hero: I'm listening.
Atlanta: My crew and I... We were Privateers.
Hero: Pirates?
Atlanta: No! Not really. The Free Cities of Blackhawk pay us.
Hero: For what?
Atlanta: We like to call it "keeping the oceans clean."
Hero: That's piracy!
Conversation Character

Closing In

Follow the trail and close in on Orion.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Atlanta: We should be clear to follow the trail now.
Hero: Good.
Atlanta: One more day, and we should catch Orion.
Hero: And then?
Atlanta: True vengeance is one part justice, and one part murder.
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat Orions outriders.
    Centaur Scout: Look! Fresh prey for you all!
    The Outriders: Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Warhound, Warhound
  • Close in on Orion's camp.
    Herdmaster: You have found the Wild Hunt!
    More Stragglers: Revenant, Banshee, Banshee, Herdmaster
Atlanta: Yes! At last his camp is in sight.
Hero: I see it.
Atlanta: But has he seen us?
Hero: Probably.
Atlanta: Perhaps. He's been a hunter too long.
Hero: So?
Atlanta: He wouldn't remember what it's like to be hunted.
Hero: Perhaps.
Conversation Character

Darkness Always Falls

The Dark Elves are still chasing Atlanta. Stop them once and for all.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Atlanta: Oh, no! I don't believe it!
Hero: What now?
Atlanta: The Dark Elves... They don't know when to give up.
Hero: Where are they?
Atlanta: Not far behind us. I don't need them alerting Orion.
Hero: I agree.
Atlanta: Let's deal with THEM first.
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat the Dark Elven scouts.
    Dark Maiden: It's Atlanta! We have them!
    Persistent Pursuit: Reaver, Night Terror, Night Terror, Dark Maiden
  • Defeat all the Dark Elven pursuers.
    Spider Queen: Really, Atlanta? You thought you could escape?
    Queen of Spades: Reaver, Hippogryph, Dark Maiden, Spider Queen
Atlanta: Well that's one less thing to worry about.
Hero: Good.
Atlanta: Now we just need to get into that camp.
Hero: You have a plan?
Atlanta: Always! We go in tomorrow.
Hero: Why not now?
Atlanta: Orion hunts at night. The camp will be quiet during the day.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

The Wild Camp

Sneak into Orion's camp and look for Orion.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Atlanta: Okay. Are you ready?
Hero: Yes, I am.
Atlanta: Good. We'll just need to get past the guards...
Hero: Okay.
Atlanta: And then find Orion. that should be the easy bit.
Hero: Why's that?
Atlanta: He's not exactly humble. He'll be easy to spot.
Hero: Let's go!
  • Sneak into the camp.
    Herdmaster: Halt! You're not hunters!
    Camp Guards: Revenant, Banshee, Zombie, Herdmaster
  • Look for Orion.
    Ghoul: Hunting... Huuuunting!
    Camp Followers: Zombie, Ghoul, Ghoul, Warhound
Atlanta: That was almost too easy.
Hero: It was.
Atlanta: The next part won't be though.
Hero: I know.
Atlanta: Orion is big; he's twice the size of normal Centaur.
Hero: Really?
Atlanta: Aye. And fast, like wind and fire. Are you sure you want to help?
Hero: I'm sure.
Conversation Character

Orion the Hunter

Help Atlanta defeat Orion.

Complete this quest to unlock Atlanta.
Atlanta: Well, here we go!
Hero: I'm ready.
Atlanta: For my crew! For my ship! And for ME!
Hero: Charge!
  • Challenge Orion and defeat him.
    Orion: What? You challenge ME? Nobody challenges ME!
    Orion the Hunter: Revenant, Banshee, Herdmaster, Orion
Atlanta: I think we established that Orion is not immortal!
Hero: So we did.
Atlanta: Now that he's gone, it's strange.
Hero: What's strange?
Atlanta: I have no crew, no ship, and no plans.
Hero: Join me.
Atlanta: I think I just might. You could use a little more piracy in your life.
Hero: Okay!
Conversation Character

Oracle Training

Learn how to become an Oracle from a Centaur Star Gazer.

Unlock the Oracle Hero Class
Atlanta: I just heard an amazing story.
Hero: What is it?
Atlanta: There is Centaur Star Gazer who can see the future.
Hero: Really?
Atlanta: And she can teach people how to do the same!
Hero: Wow!
Atlanta: Do you want to go visit her?
Hero: Sure!
  • Challenge the Star Gazer.
    Star Gazer: First BATTLE! Then the STARS!
    The Star Gazer: Herdmaster, Centaur Scout, Star Gazer, Bul'Tauros
  • Watch the skies.
    Star Gazer: See the constellation of FIRE!
    Constellation of Fire: Astral Spirit, Sheggra, Astral Spirit, Astral Spirit
  • Learn the stars.
    Star Gazer: See the constellation of STONE!
    Constellation of Stone: Stonehammer, Astral Spirit, Astral Spirit, Astral Spirit
  • See into the future.
    Star Gazer: Set your mind FREE like the wind!
    Constellation of Wind: Astral Spirit, Astral Spirit, Orion, Astral Spirit
Atlanta: Wow! We were watching the skies...
Hero: I know.
Atlanta: But it felt like we were fighting the stars themselves.
Hero: Exactly.
Atlanta: I feel different somehow.
Hero: Me too.
Atlanta: Like I can almost glimpse the future. Maybe it worked.
Hero: Maybe.
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