Fire Rift

Portal to the Plane of Fire

Many fiery creatures have come through this elemental rift.
Conversation Character

Out of the Frying Pan

Follow the Fire Spirits.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: As we were travelling near the central mountains...
Hero: ...We saw some dancing lights amongst the rocks.
Luther: How strange. Did you see those lights?
Hero: I did.
Luther: They looked almost to be shaped like humans.
Hero: I agree.
Luther: I wonder if they left any tracks?
Hero: Let's find out.
  • Look for Tracks.
    Fire Spirit: We are being followed!
    Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot: Lava Elemental, Salamander, Fire Lizard, Fire Spirit
  • Track the Fire Spirits.
    Fire Spirit: Do not follow us!
    Light My Fire: Obsidian Golem, Fire Spirit, Fire Spirit, Fire Spirit
Hero: A trail of ashes led us into the mountains...
Hero: ...It wound through a secret path.
Luther: Look up ahead! The path opens out into a large valley.
Hero: So I see.
Luther: I've often wondered what lay within these mountains.
Hero: Me too.
Luther: Let's take a look then.
Hero: Lead on.
Conversation Character

Into the Fire

Approach the Fire RIft.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: The path opened up into a large valley...
Hero: ...It was filled with fire and lava.
Luther: This looks like another one of those rifts.
Hero: Rifts?
Luther: Where the Underworld touches another plane of existence.
Hero: Ah, yes.
Luther: This one is filled with fire. Let's look around.
Hero: Okay.
  • Investigate the Fire Rift.
    Lava Scorpion: Screeee!
    Floor is Lava: Lava Elemental, Lava Scorpion, Fire Spirit, Fire Spirit
  • Defeat the Fire Rift's guardians.
    Lava Scorpion: Scrreee!
    Fiery Stingers: Lava Scorpion, Lava Scorpion, Lava Scorpion, Lava Scorpion
Luther: Well, the creatures here certainly don't disappoint.
Hero: How so?
Luther: Giant Scorpions made of fire... I wonder...
Hero: Wonder what?
Luther: This place reminds me of Broken Spire.
Hero: It does.
Luther: I wonder if there is a creature here like Sheggra.
Hero: Interesting...
Conversation Character

Rising Flames

Climb to the Flame Discs

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Luther: High above us there seem to be some platforms.
Hero: I see them.
Luther: They're almost like floating rocks.
Hero: Yes, indeed.
Luther: Perhaps we can find a way up to them.
Hero: Perhaps.
Luther: If a creature like Sheggra lives here, imagine what ITS heart might do.
Hero: Yes!
  • Ascend the fiery mountains.
    Wrath Naga: Heathens! You may not pass!
    Up in Flames: Lava Scorpion, Lava Scorpion, Wrath Naga, Fire Spirit
  • Cross the bridge to the discs.
    Wrath Naga: I will burn the heart out of you!
    Bridge over Troubled Flames: Lava Scorpion, Fire Spirit, Wrath Naga, Wrath Naga
Luther: It seems so long ago you helped me get Sheggra's heart.
Hero: It's been many years.
Luther: It cured Queen Ysabelle though - it was very powerful.
Hero: It certainly was.
Luther: If there is a creature here like Sheggra, and we could take ITS heart...
Hero: Yes?
Luther: It might be even MORE powerful - imagine what we could do with it.
Hero: Indeed.
Conversation Character

Heart of Fire

Take the Magma Dragon's heart.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Luther: The beast up ahead - it's magnificent!
Hero: It is.
Luther: A Dragon made entirely of molten rock - perhaps it was Sheggra's sire.
Hero: Perhaps.
Luther: Are you ready to fight? It won't be an easy foe.
Hero: I'm ready.
Luther: Then prepare yourself. We'll take its heart!
Hero: Onward!
  • Defeat the Magma Dragon.
    Magma Dragon: I have no heart, only flame!
    Master of Magma: Lava Scorpion, Wrath Naga, Magma Dragon, Fire Spirit
Luther: Ah... It had no heart... Only molten rock...
Hero: Such a shame.
Luther: I would almost feel bad, except...
Hero: What?
Luther: Do you see that? The beast is re-forming!
Hero: Oh my!
Luther: We'd best get out of here - I think it will likely be quite angry.
Hero: Follow me!
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