Dark Pits

The Arena of the Rattigar

The Rattigar of the Dark Pits work for the Naga, trading services for fresh captives.
Conversation Character

Into The Arena

Defend yourself against the Rattigar in their Arena.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: While traveling through the dim murky Underworld...
Hero: ...Strange Rat-folk trapped us and threw us in a dark pit.
Tau: Ha! Tau does not believe he was caught by Rattigar!
Hero: Rattigar?
Tau: Fat rats! Silly rat-folk! Once, we hunted them.
Hero: Once?
Tau: Yes. Fat rats are weak - beneath Tau. You kill them.
Hero: Okay...
  • Defeat the first wave.
    Rattigar: More fodder!
    Rodents of Unusual Size: Rattigar, Rattigar, Rattigar, Rattigar
  • Defeat the second wave.
    Rattigar: Take them down!
    Fat Rats: Rattigar, Rattigar, Rattigar, Gorbil
Tau: You kill Fat Rats well. Our Half-manes once hunted them.
Hero: Not any more?
Tau: Fat Rats too easy. Half-manes caught them all.
Hero: Oh, I see.
Tau: Chomp, chomp! Then Fat Rats gone.
Hero: Gone where?
Tau: Tau hear they dig east. Make deal with Snakey Ladies.
Hero: The Naga?
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Out Of The Arena

Escape from the Arena.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Tau: Tau is bored watching you kill Fat Rats.
Hero: Tau could help?
Tau: Fat Rats not worthy of Tau. Tau will leave now.
Hero: Escape?
Tau: You kill Fat Rats. Clear path for Tau.
Hero: Oh, very well...
Tau: You smell that? Tau smells bad things - Stinky Rats.
Hero: Yeah...
  • Battle out of the arena.
    Plague Rat: This will slow 'em down!
    Stinky Rat: Rattigar, Rattigar, Rattigar, Plague Rat
  • Defeat the Plague Rats.
    Plague Rat: Feel the disease!
    Stinkier Rats: Rattigar, Plague Rat, Plague Rat, Gorbil
Tau: Tau not like Stinky Rats. They have the diseases.
Hero: Ugh...
Tau: Tau think Snakey Ladies have taught Rattigar some magics.
Hero: I agree.
Tau: Tau is hunter with finely-tuned nose senses.
Hero: And no social skills.
Tau: Get Tau out of here before nose senses are broken. Hurry!
Hero: My point exactly.
Conversation Character

Away From Danger

Escape from the Dark Pits and the Rattigar swarm.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Tau: Good work! Tau is making progress.
Hero: Tau is?
Tau: Up ahead Tau sees Magic Rats with lightning.
Hero: I see too.
Tau: Tau has named them Zappy Rats. Very dangerous.
Hero: I agree.
Tau: Fight some. See if they are worthy of Tau.
Hero: Of course...
  • Escape the Dark Pits.
    Hex Rat: Lightning will stop 'em!
    Zappy Rat: Rattigar, Rattigar, Rattigar, Hex Rat
  • Escape the Hex Rats.
    Hex Rat: If we don't get 'em, Sledgepaw will!
    Quite a Buzz: Rattigar, Plague Rat, Hex Rat, Hex Rat
Tau: Zappy Rats disappoint Tau. They did not kill you even a little bit.
Hero: Kill ME?
Tau: If Zappy Rats cannot even kill you a little bit, Tau is not interested.
Hero: Pardon me for living.
Tau: Come! Time to go! Tau is wasting time here.
Hero: We're almost out.
Hero: And with that...
Hero: ...We approached the exit of the Dark Pits.
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Final Guardian

One final obstacle stands between you and freedom.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Tau: Something very big up ahead.
Hero: A Giant Rattigar...
Tau: Zappy Rats called him Sledgepaw.
Hero: Ahhh, yes.
Tau: At last! Tau has a found a worthy Rattigar.
Hero: You'll fight?
Tau: Not yet. You soften him up. Tau will finish him.
Hero: Of course.
  • Defeat Slegdepaw to escape.
    Sledgepaw: Nobody passes SLEDGEPAW!
    Sledgepaw: Rattigar, Plague Rat, Hex Rat, Sledgepaw
Tau: Huge Rat was glorious foe!
Hero: For some of us.
Tau: Tau feels like he has hunted well this day.
Hero: Oh, really?
Tau: You will take Tau back in there later.
Hero: What? Why?
Tau: Maybe Tau find even HUGER rats for to challenge!
Hero: I can't wait.
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