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Hired Help

Protect Finley's merchant caravan as it crosses the moutains towards the Pridelands.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: As I was about to enter the Pridelands...
Hero: I was offered work protecting a Merchant.
Finley: Thank you for agreeing to help protect my goods.
Hero: You're welcome.
Finley: I think your first test will come sooner than you expected.
Hero: How so?
Finley: In the mountain pass ahead, there are many bandits.
Hero: Okay.
  • Cross the mountains towards the Pridelands.
    Peasant: Oi! Pay the toll!
    Bandits!: Peasant, Warhound, Warhound, Musketeer
  • Defend against any bandits.
    Musketeer: Nobody passes for free!
    More Bandits: Sabertooth Lion, Reaver, Musketeer, Musketeer
Finley: Ah! You were magnificent!
Hero: Thank you.
Finley: You are worth ten times your weight in gold!
Hero: I wish.
Finley: My goods are very rare and VERY valuable!
Hero: I see.
Finley: See them to Sword's Edge, and I will shower you with gold.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Edge of the Wild

Protect the caravan from wild creatures as you descend into the Pridelands.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Finley: The Pridelands are a savage place.
Hero: Really?
Finley: As you would know, the Raksha can be brutal.
Hero: Yes.
Finley: Before we meet the Raksha though, there will be beasts.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: Stay close. Keep my treasures safe!
Hero: As you wish.
  • Descend into the Pridelands.
    Sabertooth Lion: Rawwwwr!
    Wild Beasts: Pegasus, Owlbear, Owlbear, Sabertooth Lion
  • Face off against any beasts.
    Chimera: Rawwr! Hisss! Baaaa!
    What Does the Chimera Say?: Hippogryph, Sabertooth Lion, Sabertooth Lion, Chimera
Finley: Well done, once again! My cargo is safe with you.
Hero: Good.
Finley: When we reach Sword's Edge... Ah, then you will see it.
Hero: Oh?
Finley: And smell it. And taste it. There is nothing to compare.
Hero: Interesting.
Finley: We will ALL be rich men!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Satyr Invaders

Protect the caravan from a Satyr Ambush.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Finley: Stop! There's movement on the trail ahead.
Hero: I see it.
Finley: I don't know who they are, but they're after my treasures!
Hero: Yes.
Finley: Stop them! Stop them at all costs!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat the ambushers.
    Pride Hunter: Hand it all over!
    Surprise!: Satyr, Sabertooth Lion, Pride Hunter, Pride Hunter
  • Chase off the bandit horde.
    Blade Dancer: Your treasure, or your lives!
    Dances with Lions: Satyr, Pride Hunter, Pride Hunter, Blade Dancer
Finley: Well fought! They had us surrounded!
Hero: I know.
Finley: Wait... Oh no! NO!
Hero: What?
Finley: While we were fighting, those Satyrs got into the wagons.
Hero: Oh...
Finley: All of my treasures are gone! Come on! We need to find them!
Hero: Wait for me.
Conversation Character

Fresh Tracks

Try to track the Satyr bandits who took Finley's Cargo.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Finley: We need to follow the Satyrs. Can you track them?
Hero: Yes.
Finley: Good! I can't begin to describe how important this is.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: This cargo... My life depends on it.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Search for the bandits' tracks.
    Rex Warrior: These are OUR lands!
    Not the Nomads: Pride Hunter, Pride Hunter, Sabertooth Lion, Rex Warrior
  • Follow the bandits.
    Sabertooth Lion: Rawwwr!
    Beast Tracks: Sabertooth Lion, Hippogryph, Sabertooth Lion, Pegasus
Finley: Do we know where they went yet?
Hero: I'm on it.
Finley: Oh, thank you. I don't blame you for this, by the way.
Hero: Oh?
Finley: The Satyrs can be a notoriously tricky bunch.
Hero: I see.
Finley: As long as we find them, it'll be alright.
Hero: We will.
Conversation Character

A Passing Pride

Look for the cargo with a nearby Raksha tribe.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Finley: Is that a Raksha tribe up ahead?
Hero: Yes it is.
Finley: Do you think they have my cargo?
Hero: Maybe.
Finley: Be careful. I don't think they'll be friendly.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: And watch out! They have a couple of Chimera with them!
Hero: Hmmm...
  • Approach the Raksha tribe.
    Pride Hunter: You are a LONG way from home.
    Proud Pridelanders: Pride Hunter, Pride Hunter, Sabertooth Lion, Rex Warrior
  • Look for the cargo.
    Rex Warrior: Release the Chimera!
    Chimera Chaos: Sabertooth Lion, Rex Warrior, Rex Warrior, Chimera
Finley: There's no sign of the cargo here.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: That means the bandits took it elsewhere.
Hero: I agree.
Finley: We need to pick their tracks back up and follow them.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: I don't want to think what'll happen if I've lost the cargo.
Hero: We'll get it.
Conversation Character

Knightly Nuisance

Defend yourself against a group of travelling knights.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Finley: Is that a troupe of Knights I see in the distance?
Hero: I think so.
Finley: I recognize their banners. They're from Sword's Edge.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: I'm just a little worried about one thing.
Hero: What's that?
Finley: They have their lances lowered and they're headed our way.
Hero: Okay.
  • Defend against the first group of Knights.
    Lance Knight: Halt, bandits!
    The Ground Force: Paladin, Paladin, Templar, Lance Knight
  • Defend against the Griffon Knights.
    Griffon Knight: More bandits? We'll teach you the error of your ways!
    The Air Force: Lance Knight, Griffon Knight, Griffon Knight, Griffon Knight
Finley: I can't believe they thought WE were bandits.
Hero: I know.
Finley: At least now we can get on with our search.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: I REALLY need to find that cargo!
Hero: Let's go.
Conversation Character

Caught Red-Handed

Catch the bandits and get Finley's cargo back.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Finley: I think we've almost caught them up.
Hero: Yes.
Finley: Come on! If we hurry we'll catch them before nightfall.
Hero: I'm coming!
  • Catch the bandits.
    Satyr: Not you again! I thought we lost you!
    Satyr Bandits: Satyr, Satyr, Pride Hunter, Boar Rider
  • Defeat the bandits to get the cargo.
    Blade Dancer: You'll be sorry you followed us!
    The Dervish: Satyr, Satyr, Pride Hunter, Blade Dancer
Finley: At last! Oh, my precious cargo! Safe and Sound!
Hero: Good.
Finley: Now we can continue across the Pridelands.
Hero: Yes.
Finley: I hope that's the last we see of any bandits.
Hero: Me too.
Conversation Character

Crossing the Center

Set out across the Pridelands once more, with Finley and his cargo.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Finley: Now we need to head across the Red Center.
Hero: Red Center?
Finley: The hottest part of the Pridelands, at its very center.
Hero: I see.
Finley: There'll be no bandits here.
Hero: Good.
Finley: A few wild animals maybe, but that's all.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Cross the center of the Pridelands.
    Hippogryph: Screeeee!
    The Eagle and the Lion: Sabertooth Lion, Sabertooth Lion, Hippogryph, Hippogryph
  • Keep an eye out for wild animals.
    Chimera: Rawwr! Hisss! Baaaa!
    Lights, Chimera, Action: Sabertooth Lion, Chimera, Chimera, Chimera
Finley: We're almost across the Red Center!
Hero: Good.
Finley: After that, it's not too far and we cross into Sword's Edge.
Hero: Okay.
Finley: Then I can FINALLY unload this cargo...
Hero: I see.
Finley: And we'll ALL be rich!
Hero: Excellent.
Conversation Character

Om Nom Nom

Defend Finley's caravan from the Behemoth.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Finley: Did you just feel the ground shake?
Hero: Yes, I did.
Finley: Oh, dear. That's not good. That's not good at all.
Hero: Why?
Finley: I neglected to tell you one thing about this place...
Hero: Oh?
Finley: A large creature lives here... the Behemoth! Run!
Hero: Okay.
Finley: Oh, no! Not again! Noooooooooo!
Hero: What now?
Finley: Before you chased it off, it took a bite out of the wagon.
Hero: And?
Finley: The cargo went with it! I'm ruined! RUINED!
Hero: Calm down.
Finley: We'll never see my precious cargo again now.
Hero: Yes we will.
Conversation Character

Time to Pay Up

Deal with the Knights sent from Sword's Edge to collect Finley and his cargo.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Finley: Oh, no. This just keeps getting worse.
Hero: What now?
Finley: Knights coming our way. But these one I know.
Hero: Who are they?
Finley: They're employed by the moneylender who funded me.
Hero: I see.
Finley: They're coming to make sure the cargo is safe, and see me home.
Hero: Oops...
  • Deal with the scouting party of knights.
    Lance Knight: Finley! Where's the cargo? Aras won't be pleased!
    Scouting Party: Warhound, Lance Knight, Lance Knight, Lance Knight
  • Deal with the main force of knights.
    Knight Coronet: Finley! What have you done? Aras will want your head!
    Debt Collectors: Lance Knight, Wolf Knight, Wolf Knight, Knight Coronet
Finley: Oh, thank you so much again. You've saved my life.
Hero: No problem.
Finley: But I can't go back to Sword's Edge without my cargo.
Hero: I see.
Finley: I sold everything I owned to make this trip, but it wasn't enough.
Hero: No?
Finley: I should never have borrowed the extra from Aras the Lender.
Hero: Hmm...
Conversation Character

Spice Run

Follow the Behemoth to its lair, defeating any Raksha who get in your way.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Finley: Thank you for tracking this beast! I owe you once again.
Hero: Sure.
Finley: I had heard that Behemoth sleeps for 10 years at a time.
Hero: Really?
Finley: I never thought it would be awake. But perhaps my cargo...
Hero: Cargo?
Finley: Perhaps I should not have brought rare Elven Spices through here.
Hero: Oh, dear.
  • Follow the Behemoth's trail.
    Pride Hunter: They woke the Behemoth! Kill them!
    Hunting Party: Sabertooth Lion, Sabertooth Lion, Pride Hunter, Pride Hunter
  • Defeat any Raksha on the way.
    Rex Warrior: Our lands are sacred. You do not belong here.
    The Holy Ones: Sabertooth Lion, Rex Warrior, Rex Warrior, Sacred Guardian
Finley: Is it POSSIBLE my spices woke the Behemoth?
Hero: Perhaps.
Finley: I never... I mean, I had no idea...
Hero: Don't worry.
Finley: But what if it's EATEN THEM?
Hero: Ahh...
Conversation Character

Ultimate Showdown

Defeat the Behemoth, and see if anything remains of Finley's cargo of rare spices.

Complete this quest to unlock Finley.
Finley: Well, this is it. All I can do is wish you luck.
Hero: Thank you.
Finley: If you get my spices back, I'll double your fee!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat the Behemoth.
    Behemoth: Rooaawrrr!
    The Behemoth: Chimera, Chimera, Chimera, Behemoth
Finley: The spices are gone. I hope he enjoyed them.
Hero: Me too.
Finley: I guess it was the finest last meal that was ever served.
Hero: Haha.
Finley: I can't return to Sword's Edge now. Aras would have my head.
Hero: So what now?
Finley: You look like YOU could do with a financial advisor.
Hero: Come on then.
Conversation Character

Sunspear Training

Search for the secrets of the Sunspear with Finley.

Unlock the Sunspear Hero Class
Finley: I have a business proposition for you.
Hero: Oh, yes?
Finley: I am searching the Pridelands.
Hero: For what?
Finley: For a legendary artifact named the Sunspear.
Hero: Interesting...
Finley: Help me out, and we'll split the profit.
Hero: Very well.
  • Travel to the Red Center.
    Finley: First we travel to the Red Center!
    The Red Barren: Fire Lizard, Salamander, Chimera, Stone-Shaker
  • Search for an ancient ruin.
    Finley: I believe the ruin we seek is nearby!
    Red Ruin: Tuskar, Tuskar, Spiritmane, Sunsail
  • Search for a pool in the ruin.
    Finley: In this ruin, we must search for a magical pool.
    Red Dead Reflection: Claw Dancer, Rift Lynx, Shadow-Hunter, Spiritmane
  • Search for the Sunspear.
    Finley: The sky has turned red! What's happening?
    Red Sky at Night: Sabertooth Lion, Salamander, Rift Lynx, Ubastet
Finley: Well that was unexpected.
Hero: What the...
Finley: It seems the Sunspear was never a spear at all.
Hero: It wasn't?
Finley: It was a magical power. A power you now possess
Hero: Ahhh...
Finley: You, my friend, ARE the Sunspear. At least ONE of us profited.
Hero: Spicy!
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