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I Dreamed a Dream

Travel north in search of Baba Yaga. Perhaps she can decipher your dreams.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I had a strangely vivid dream about the number 3.
Hero: So I consulted Ferit. He understood such things.
Ferit: The dream... It is important! I hear its echoes.
Hero: What now?
Ferit: We must seek the Witch of the North, Baba Yaga. She is wise.
Hero: Baba Yaga?
Ferit: Yes! There will be a price, but she will have your answers!
Hero: Very well.
  • Travel north to Urskaya.
    Nyx: Foolish travellers!
    Towards Urskaya: Leshy, Domovoi, Vodyanoi, Nyx
  • Search for Baba Yaga.
    Baba Yaga: Who seeks Baba Yaga?
    Yaga's Swamp: Giant Toad, Night Hag, Yaga's Hut, Baba Yaga
Ferit: Oh great Baba Yaga, this hero needs you to read his dreams!
Hero: I do.
Baba Yaga: Dreams, eh? Tell me... What is it you have been dreaming of?
Hero: The number 3.
Baba Yaga: Hmmm... Three times you will face the Bear King.
Hero: I will?
Baba Yaga: Three ills will befall Urskaya, AND three times a friend will aid you!
Hero: I see.
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The Witch of the North

Baba Yaga suggests you contact the realms beyond for guidance.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Baba Yaga: So you wish to know more?
Hero: I do.
Baba Yaga: Then perhaps you should speak with the spirits.
Hero: How, exactly?
Ferit: There is danger there, do you not taste it, witch?
Hero: Danger?
Baba Yaga: Danger? I sense you've spoken with spirits before, sorcerer!
Hero: Oh, he has...
  • Speak with the dead.
    Grave Knight: Who calls us?
    Speak with Dead: Grave Knight, Wraith, Astral Spirit, Wight
  • Contact the realms beyond.
    Morthani's Will: Behold, the realms beyond!
    Realms Beyond: Morthani's Will, Banshee, Aziris, Skeleros
Baba Yaga: That did not go... as planned.
Hero: You don't say.
Ferit: The wall between worlds... it has become soft like flesh.
Hero: Is that bad?
Ferit: Is it bad? No, it tastes like fire and madness.
Hero: Yeah, that's bad.
Baba Yaga: And, behold! The first ill is visited upon Urskaya!
Hero: What have we done...
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Oh No, Not You Again

Abhorath is slowly appearing! Banish him before something bad happens.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Ferit: The Great Old One has followed me.
Hero: Abhorath?
Ferit: Aye, Abhorath. We must send him back again.
Hero: We will.
Baba Yaga: The Old Gods are not to be trifled with.
Hero: We know.
Baba Yaga: Their very presence broke the lands of Karakoth.
Hero: We've been there.
  • Defeat the Daemons.
    Ancient Horror: Make way for our Master!
    Daemonic Entourage: Cthyryzyx, Green Slime, Ancient Horror, Void Portal
  • Banish Abhorath.
    Abhorath: Madness and Corruption!
    Abhorath Returns: Abhorath, Ancient Horror, Myzmer, Dark Troll
Ferit: He is gone. But his stench lingers in the air.
Hero: I know.
Baba Yaga: And thus your dream has been set in motion.
Hero: How so?
Baba Yaga: You will see, my pretty, you will see!
Hero: I surely will.
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Angry Bears

Some corruption has taken hold of Urskaya. Hold out against the angry bears!

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Baba Yaga: Your friend was correct. Abhorath left us a gift.
Hero: A gift?
Baba Yaga: You will soon see. Something is happening to the folk of Urskaya.
Hero: What?
Ferit: They are changing. I feel it in the earth.
Hero: Oh.
Baba Yaga: And their King is none too pleased. He would... speak... with you.
Hero: Very well.
  • Investigate the corrupt Urska.
    Urska Wanderer: Our people! What have you done!
    Corrupted Bears: Urskatyr, Corrupted Urska, Corrupted Urska, Urska Wanderer
  • Defend yourself against King Mikhail.
    King Mikhail: You will pay for this!
    King Mikhail: King Mikhail, Urskatyr, Urskatyr, Barbearius
Baba Yaga: Well it seems you have what it takes to defeat King Mikhail.
Hero: What?
Baba Yaga: Never mind, pretty one!
Hero: Whatever.
Baba Yaga: You will have more important matters to occupy your mind shortly.
Hero: Okay...
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Fighting Corruption

Help Scarlett slay the corrupted Urska.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Baba Yaga: What will you do with all these Corrupted Urska?
Hero: What indeed.
Scarlett: I'll help you slay them.
Hero: Thank you.
Scarlett: If we get started now, perhaps we can clean up this mess.
Hero: Let's try.
Baba Yaga: There is more to do than you think, my pretties!
Hero: If you say so.
  • Slay corrupted Urska.
    Corrupted Urska: Rawrrr!
    Quadruple Corruption: Corrupted Urska, Corrupted Urska, Corrupted Urska, Corrupted Urska
  • Slay more corrupted Urska.
    Barbearius: Help us! We are changing!
    Corruption Spreads: Golem, Urska Wanderer, Corrupted Urska, Barbearius
Scarlett: It's useless! They just keep coming.
Hero: I know.
Scarlett: They change faster than we can fight them.
Hero: What now?
Baba Yaga: Look not to the corruption! Look to your battlefields.
Hero: Battlefields?
Baba Yaga: The second ill is about to befall Urskaya.
Hero: Oh...
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Poisoned Land

Killing the corrupted Urska has poisoned the land. Now you have other creatures to fight!

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Scarlett: Oh, no! The witch is right!
Hero: How so?
Baba Yaga: Where you slay the corrupted creatures, it poisons the earth.
Hero: Oh...
Baba Yaga: The corruption was the least of your problems.
Hero: I see that now.
Baba Yaga: Now the very EARTH will rise against you!
Hero: We'll see.
  • Defeat the corrupted Undead.
    Wight: The land is poisoned!
    Side Effects: Bone Scorpion, Skeleton, Skeleros, Wight
  • Defeat the corrupted Beasts.
    Plague: The Plague has arrived!
    Just Not Natural: Chimera, Bone Naga, Revenant, Plague
Scarlett: We can't hold out forever.
Hero: I agree.
Scarlett: Baba Yaga, we need to find a way to stop this.
Hero: We do.
Baba Yaga: There is one who will know.
Hero: Who?
Baba Yaga: A certain Vodyanoi, a river spirit. Follow me, and we will find him.
Hero: Okay.
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Medical Research

Look for a way to cure the corruption and pestilence that has fallen upon Urskaya.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Scarlett: Where is this Vodyanoi who knows a cure?
Hero: Yes, where?
Baba Yaga: He lives in the river, Varneva. It is some distance.
Hero: Let's go.
Baba Yaga: Be warned! It is a dangerous path.
Hero: Very well.
  • Search for the river, Varneva.
    Sylvasi: This not your land!
    Kingdom Guardians: Sylvasi, Domovoi, Vodyanoi, Vodyanoi
  • Speak with the Vodyanoi.
    Vodyanoi: Only the Crown of Urskaya can help you!
    River Spirits: Siren, Nymph, Nyx, Vodyanoi
Baba Yaga: Well, well, well... The Crown of Urskaya!
Hero: Hmmm...
Scarlett: Does this belong to King Mikhail?
Hero: Yes, does it?
Baba Yaga: Indeed it does, my pretties!
Hero: Oh.
Baba Yaga: You will need to go and ask him for it.
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

War of the Crown

Approach King Mikhail to ask if you can use his Crown.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Baba Yaga: King Mikhail's camp lies ahead.
Hero: I see it.
Scarlett: He's not going to give us his crown, is he?
Hero: Likely not.
Baba Yaga: You will find a way, as your dreams foretold.
Hero: We'll see.
  • Approach King Mikhail's camp.
    Domovoi: The King will not be pleased.
    Approach the King: Leshy, Domovoi, Urska Wanderer, Vodyanoi
  • Ask for the Crown of Urskaya.
    King Mikhail: My Crown? NEVER!
    Parley?: Urskatyr, Barbearius, Corrupted Urska, King Mikhail
Hero: Although we defeated King Mikhail...
Hero: ...He escaped back to his castle with the Crown.
Scarlett: Well... Not exactly a surprise result.
Hero: I agree.
Baba Yaga: A mere setback. I have faith in you, my pretty ones!
Hero: We'll see.
Conversation Character

If in Doubt, Steal it!

Help Tyri steal the Crown of Urskaya.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tyri: This calls for a professional!
Hero: Oh, dear.
Baba Yaga: And thus a solution presents itself, eh?
Hero: But...
Tyri: Hey! The Crown is locked up, and locks are my specialty.
Hero: Yes, but...
Baba Yaga: You know she is right, my pretty one!
Hero: Oh, very well.
  • Sneak into the Urskayan Vault.
    Urskatyr: Stop! Intruders!
    Guards! Guards!: Urskatyr, Urska Wanderer, Urska Wanderer, Urska Wanderer
  • Steal the Crown of Urskaya.
    Barbearius: You can't take that!
    Urskan Vault: Leshy, Domovoi, Vodyanoi, Barbearius
Tyri: See? How easy was that?
Hero: Okay...
Tyri: Easy. I want to hear you say it though. Eeeeasy!
Hero: Okay, easy.
Tyri: Yeah! So now what do we DO with it?
Hero: Good question.
Baba Yaga: Now, we fight the corruption. Until the King notices.
Hero: Huh?
Conversation Character

The Cure

Use the Crown of Urskaya to cure the land.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tyri: So now we just fight? Seems a little boring.
Hero: Baba Yaga?
Baba Yaga: We fight. And we see what happens.
Hero: Really?
Tyri: Ooh! We're riding blind! How exciting!
Hero: But...
Baba Yaga: I see the big picture, my dear, not the brushstrokes.
Hero: Very well.
  • Use the Crown.
    Astral Spirit: Fight them! The Crown will help!
    The Symptoms: Grave Knight, Corrupted Urska, Wight, Astral Spirit
  • Fight the curruption.
    Corrupted Urska: Nooo! Rawwwrrr!
    The Disease: Revenant, Corrupt Sorceress, Corrupted Urska, Wight
Baba Yaga: The Power of the Crown seems to be working.
Hero: Indeed.
Tyri: Something I don't understand though... the third ill you mentioned...
Hero: Oh, yes?
Baba Yaga: Why that is already in motion, my dear. I thought you knew.
Hero: Knew what?
Tyri: Oh, umm... Nothing!
Hero: Tyri?
Conversation Character

Dude, Where's my Gold?

It seems Tyri may have stolen King Mikhail's gold. Avoid the angry Urska!

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: In the distance we saw something frightening...
Hero: King Mikhail was massing his troops.
Baba Yaga: Tell your companions what you did, my dear Tyri.
Hero: Please do!
Tyri: I may have stolen a little gold from the vault... like MOST of it.
Hero: WHAT?!
Baba Yaga: And thus the third ill has befallen Urskaya.
Hero: Tyri...
  • Avoid the Urska.
    Urskatyr: There she is! Get her!
    Bear Witness: Urskatyr, Urska Wanderer, Frost Lizard, Vodyanoi
  • Protect Tyri from the Urska.
    Urska Wanderer: Give us the gold, girl!
    Bears, Bears, Everywhere: Urskatyr, Ranger, Druid, Urska Wanderer
  • Hold out against the Urska.
    Barbearius: We have you now!
    A Rampage of Urska: Barbearius, Domovoi, Leshy, Marsh Strangler
Tyri: Ha! Totally worth it!
Hero: But...
Tyri: You want to know where I put the gold?
Hero: Well, yes.
Tyri: Girl's gotta have her secrets now, doesn't she!
Hero: I guess.
Baba Yaga: Enough chatter! King Mikhail approaches. This is what I've waited for.
Hero: Really?
Conversation Character

A King's Ransom

King Mikhail has come to get his gold. You must defeat him!

Complete this quest to unlock Baba Yaga.
Hero: I must have looked really confused...
Hero: ...Because even Tyri noticed.
Tyri: You haven't figured it all out yet have you?
Hero: Figured what out?
Tyri: Where your dream came from, silly. Why you're here.
Hero: Umm, no.
Baba Yaga: Tell him AFTER the fight, my dear!
Hero: Okay, afterwards.
  • Defeat King Mikhail and escape.
    King Mikhail: You! Three times now!
    I Want What's Mine!: Urskatyr, Corrupted Urska, Barbearius, King Mikhail
Tyri: Did you figure it out yet? Or do you need me to explain?
Hero: Explain, please.
Tyri: Baba Yaga sent you the dream. So you'd come here to fight Mikhail.
Hero: Wait...
Baba Yaga: Very clever, girl! And good riddance too; he was a mad, cruel King.
Hero: But...
Baba Yaga: You need a better teacher, my pretty. Fortunately I am one. Now, let's get going!
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

Sentinel Training

Learn the secrets of the Sentinel from Baba Yaga.

Unlock the Sentinel Hero Class
Baba Yaga: The Urska have a saying...
Hero: What’s that?
Baba Yaga: A true Sentinel has two faces.
Hero: Two faces?
Baba Yaga: One face watches the entrance, the other the exit.
Hero: Interesting.
Baba Yaga: Would you like to learn more?
Hero: Of course!
  • Guard the south.
    Baba Yaga: First, guard against the wolves!
    Wolf Invaders: Fenrir, Ranger, Druid, Warg
  • Guard the east.
    Baba Yaga: Now, guard against the Fey!
    Fey Invaders: Winter Knight, Snow Sprite, Frostling, Queen Mab
  • Guard the west.
    Baba Yaga: Now, guard against the Elves!
    Elven Invaders: The Silvermaiden, Arcanus, Elven Bard, Queen Aurora
  • Guard the north.
    Baba Yaga: Lastly, keep the bears in Urskaya!
    Angry Bears: Urska Dragoon, King Mikhail, Urskatyr, Urska Druid
Baba Yaga: Yes... I think you'll do nicely.
Hero: For what?
Baba Yaga: To help as a Sentinel in these lands.
Hero: Ahhh...
Baba Yaga: With a race as violent and unpredictable as the Urska...
Hero: Yes?
Baba Yaga: It's important to keep them in AND keep intruders out.
Hero: Clever!
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