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Nap Time

Defend Rowanne the Dryad from the Elves who are chasing her.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: As I wandered through the beautiful forest...
Hero: I happened upon a sleeping Dryad.
Rowanne: Oh! No! Leave me alone! Please!
Hero: I'm sorry!
Rowanne: Wait. You're not chasing me, are you?
Hero: No, not at all.
Rowanne: It's just that... wait... the Elves! They've found me!
Hero: Stay calm.
  • Defend against the Elven scouts.
    Glade Warden: We've found her!
    Hunting High and Low: Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Hippogryph
  • Defend against the Elven hounds.
    Glade Warden: Here she is! Unleash the Hounds!
    Unleash the Hounds: Warhound, Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Glade Warden
Rowanne: Oh, thank you! That was very kind of you.
Hero: No problem.
Rowanne: I don't know why the Elves won't leave me alone.
Hero: Really?
Rowanne: I'm just trying to heal my tree.
Hero: Your tree?
Rowanne: All Dryads have a tree; mine is very sick. I need to find a cure.
Hero: I can help.
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The Sickness

Follow Rowanne through the forest to learn about the strange sickness that has appeared.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Rowanne: If you want to help me, you'll need to learn about the forest.
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: We'll see lots of creatures. They're very sick too, like my tree.
Hero: Oh.
Rowanne: They'll also try to eat you. But don't mind that.
Hero: Eat me?
Rowanne: Just a little. Now follow me.
Hero: Okay.
  • Follow Rowanne into the forest.
    Owlbear: Raaaawr!
    Beasts and Bones: Skeleton, Skeleton, Owlbear, Rhynax
  • Look for sick animals.
    Wight: Die! Die! DIE!
    Wights and Warhounds: Wight, Warhound, Ghoul, Warhound
  • Try not to get eaten.
    Hippogryph: Screeeee!
    Horrors and Hippogryphs: Hippogryph, Mist Stalker, Hippogryph, Night Terror
Rowanne: Do you see how sick they all are?
Hero: Kind of...
Rowanne: They're not usually vicious like that.
Hero: Oh, I see.
Rowanne: And it's NOT just the beasts. The dead are rising up too!
Hero: I noticed.
Rowanne: It's all a part of the sickness. I don't know what it is.
Hero: I understand.
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Material Components

Help Rowanne create a cure from spring water and iron bark.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Rowanne: I believe I can make a cure.
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: It will help these beasts, the undead, AND my tree.
Hero: What do we need?
Rowanne: We need fresh spring water from the Nymph Pool.
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: And we need iron bark from an ancient treant.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Collect water from the Nymph Pool.
    Nymph: This pool is OURS! Begone!
    Spirits of Water: Owlbear, Hippogryph, Nymph, Nymph
  • Collect iron bark from an ancient treant.
    Dryad: Rowanne! You should not be here!
    Spirits of Wood: Owlbear, Owlbear, Dryad, Treant
Rowanne: Good! We have all the things we need.
Hero: We do?
Rowanne: Enough to make a couple of doses.
Hero: So what now?
Rowanne: Wait here. I'll mix it up, and we can try it out!
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: I won't be long. Try not to get eaten!
Hero: I will.
Conversation Character

For Great Science

Test Rowanne's cure on some of the sick creatures.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Rowanne: At last! My cure is complete!
Hero: Will it work?
Rowanne: There's only one way to find out.
Hero: What's that?
Rowanne: Try giving it to some of the beasts, and maybe the Undead too.
Hero: How exactly?
Rowanne: Get close. Mind their fangs and claws, and throw it at them.
Hero: Okay.
  • Test the cure on some beasts.
    Rhynax: Rawwwr!
    No Animals were Harmed...: Warhound, Owlbear, Hippogryph, Rhynax
  • Test the cure on some Undead.
    Zombie: Grrr! Argh!
    Test Subject B: Skeleton, Wight, Ghoul, Zombie
Rowanne: Oh, no! It didn't work. I don't understand.
Hero: Understand?
Rowanne: Spring water and iron bark cure EVERYTHING!
Hero: Oh...
Rowanne: My poor tree. He must be in SO much pain.
Hero: I'm sorry.
Rowanne: We need to find the Green Oracle. She'll know what to do!
Hero: Okay.
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Off to See the Wizard

Travel into the Forest of Thorns in search of the Green Oracle.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Rowanne: Will you travel with me to hear the Green Oracle?
Hero: Sure.
Rowanne: You're so kind! She'll know what to do. She knows everything.
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: And it won't take long. We'll be there in no time.
Hero: Lead on.
Rowanne: Oh, and watch for Elves. They'll probably try to shoot you.
Hero: I will.
  • Travel deeper into the Forest of Thorns.
    Glade Warden: Ha! You've walked into our trap!
    Ambuscade!: Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Hippogryph
  • Avoid the Wood Elves
    Dryad: There's Rowanne! Catch her! Kill the others!
    Hunters and Collectors: Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Dryad, Dryad
Rowanne: We're here. So is the Green Oracle. Can you feel her?
Hero: Not really, no.
Rowanne: She's watching us. She knows what we want.
Hero: She does?
Rowanne: Rest. Be at peace. She'll tell us all we need to know.
Hero: As you wish.
Conversation Character

Prophet and Loss

You must flee from the Green Oracle, before someone called 'Gloom Leaf' catches you.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: I saw and heard nothing, but Rowanne closed her eyes...
Hero: She seemed to be listening to something.
Rowanne: The Green Oracle has spoken.
Hero: Not to me.
Rowanne: She said we must flee this place.
Hero: Really? Now?
Rowanne: Yes. She said that Gloom Leaf is raising an army against us.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Escape from the beasts closing in on you.
    Rhynax: Rawwwr!
    Twisted Pursuit: Mist Stalker, Night Terror, Rhynax, Night Terror
  • Run away from the Green Oracle.
    Revenant: Gloom Leaf commands us!
    Dead Rising: Wight, Zombie, Ghoul, Revenant
Rowanne: I wish I knew what Gloom Leaf was up to.
Hero: Gloom Leaf?
Rowanne: Umm... yes. The Green Oracle told me other things though.
Hero: What, exactly?
Rowanne: She explained how we can cure the sickness.
Hero: How?
Rowanne: We were close before. I'll explain as we go.
Hero: Okay.
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A Gloom with a View

Gloom Leaf knows where you are. Defend against the creatures he has sent to find you.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Rowanne: Gloom Leaf's minions are close behind us.
Hero: I know.
Rowanne: We need to get the ingredients for the real cure.
Hero: What are they?
Rowanne: Remember how we tried spring water and iron bark?
Hero: Yes.
Rowanne: Well, we need those components, but they must be corrupted.
Hero: I see...
  • Defeat the twisted beasts.
    Treant: Gloom Leaf commands you to stop!
    The First Wave: Rhynax, Rhynax, Mist Stalker, Treant
  • Defeat Gloom Leafs ultimate troops!
    Treant: Rowanne! You must STOP! He demands it!
    The Second Wave: Treant, Treant, Treant, Treant
Rowanne: No! Gloom Leaf has corrupted the Treants!
Hero: So I see.
Rowanne: He's sending them against us! We can't win!
Hero: Yes we can!
Rowanne: Wait! The first component... Corrupted Iron Bark.
Hero: Yes?
Rowanne: We can get it from these Treants. We only need the water.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Poison Water

Obtain some corrupted spring water to complete the real cure.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Rowanne: We'll need to find a spring close to the source of the corruption.
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: Beware of the nymphs though, they'll be wild with the sickness.
Hero: I will.
Rowanne: If you can keep them busy, I'll gather the water.
Hero: Okay.
  • Distract the wild Nymphs.
    Nymph: Stop, intruders!
    Dark Waters: Owlbear, Mist Stalker, Nymph, Nymph
  • Defend Rowanne while she creates the cure.
    Nymph: May the darkness consume you!
    Dark Roots: Treant, Treant, Nymph, Nymph
Rowanne: I've finished the cure! We should get away from here!
Hero: Where to now?
Rowanne: We need to start back with my tree.
Hero: Why there?
Rowanne: Because... Oh... You'll see!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Break The Blockade

Save Rowanne from the Wood Elves who are still hunting her.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Rowanne: Oh, no! Not now!
Hero: What's happened?
Rowanne: Up ahead, can't you see? Wood Elves blocking our way.
Hero: We'll sneak past.
Rowanne: We can try, but I think they're looking for me.
Hero: Why?
Rowanne: Ow! Save me from them, and I'll tell. I promise I will.
Hero: Okay.
  • Get past the Wood Elves and Treants.
    Treant: It is time you stopped running, Rowanne.
    Stop Right There!: Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Dryad, Treant
  • Stop the archers.
    Glade Warden: Stop! We have orders to shoot!
    Wall of Thorns: Glade Warden, Owlbear, Dryad, Treant
Rowanne: Oh thank you, again! I can't thank you enough!
Hero: Now...
Rowanne: I promised you an explanation, I know.
Hero: You did.
Rowanne: Gloom Leaf... He is my tree. He is VERY sick.
Hero: YOUR tree?
Rowanne: And it's all my fault! But we can save him now. Come on!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Seeking the Source

Search for Rowanne's tree, Gloom Leaf, to get him the cure.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Rowanne: We need to find Gloom Leaf.
Hero: But how?
Rowanne: We should start in our old grove, where we lived.
Hero: Makes sense.
Rowanne: He should be slow and easy to track.
Hero: Okay.
  • Look for signs of Gloom Leaf.
    Treant: Gloom Leaf awaits you, Rowanne!
    A Wide Trail: Owlbear, Ghoul, Mist Stalker, Treant
  • Follow Gloom Leaf's trail.
    Mist Stalker: Hsssss!
    Made Wider Still: Ghoul, Ghoul, Night Terror, Mist Stalker
Rowanne: This whole situation... It's all my fault.
Hero: How come?
Rowanne: I wanted to leave the forest and explore the world.
Hero: Why didn't you?
Rowanne: A Dryad can't leave her tree, and Gloom Leaf wouldn't go.
Hero: Oh, I see.
Rowanne: I made a potion to change his mind, but it made him sick.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Race Against Time

Stop the Wood Elves from attacking Gloom Leaf.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Rowanne: Oh, no! The Elves have Gloom Leaf surrounded!
Hero: What can we do?
Rowanne: They'll attack him! We need to stop them.
Hero: But...
Rowanne: No stop them! My potion will cure him!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat the Wood Elf outriders
    Glade Warden: Stop! Gloom Leaf is ours!
    The Outriders: Warhound, Warhound, Glade Warden, Hippogryph
  • Defeat the main Wood Elf forces.
    Dryad: It is too late, my sister! Give up!
    Main Battle Force: Owlbear, Glade Warden, Hippogryph, Dryad
  • Defeat the Wood Elf commanders.
    Dryad: You cannot help him, Rowanne!
    Elite Force: Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Dryad, Treant
Rowanne: Thank you! Thank you so much!
Hero: No problem.
Rowanne: Now all we need to do is give Gloom Leaf the cure.
Hero: That's all?
Rowanne: It's what the Green Oracle said.
Hero: I see...
Rowanne: Give Gloom Leaf the potion and the sickness will end.
Hero: Oh dear...
Conversation Character

The Root of the Problem

Defeat Gloom Leaf, so Rowanne can administer the cure.

Complete this quest to unlock Rowanne.
Rowanne: This won't be easy. If you can defeat Gloom Leaf...
Hero: Yes?
Rowanne: Then I'll give him the potion.
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: And one more thing.
Hero: Yes?
Rowanne: Thank you. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Gloom Leaf.
Hero: That's okay.
  • Defeat Gloom Leaf.
    Gloom Leaf: Join me, Rowanne, and rule the forest!
    Gloom Leaf the Corrupted: Treant, Treant, Treant, Gloom Leaf
Hero: Rowanne poured the potion on Gloom Leaf.
Hero: And his eyes closed for the last time.
Rowanne: Nooooooo! He's dying! The Green Oracle... She said...
Hero: I'm sorry.
Rowanne: But his sickness is over. And the forest's sickness is too.
Hero: What now?
Rowanne: May I travel with you for a while? I can't stay here now.
Hero: Of course.
Conversation Character

Archer Training

Learn the secrets of becoming an Archer from Rowanne.

Unlock the Archer Hero Class
Rowanne: So, you seek to learn the ways of the Archer?
Hero: I do.
Rowanne: You are wise to seek out a Dryad.
Hero: How so?
Rowanne: We may not use the bow, but in a sense we ARE the bow itself.
Hero: Ahh...
Rowanne: Now listen, and I will teach you what I know.
Hero: Very well.
  • Pass the Test of Aiming.
    Rowanne: First you must learn to aim!
    Test of Aiming: Glade Warden, Griffon Knight, Orion, Atlanta
  • Pass the Test of Fletching.
    Rowanne: Then you must learn of feathers!
    Test of Fletching: Pegasus, Owlbear, Cockatrice, Hippogryph
  • Pass the Test of Focus.
    Rowanne: An Archer's greatest weapon is his focus.
    Test of Focus: Watcher, The Silent One, Star Gazer, Psion
  • Pass the Test of the Bow.
    Rowanne: Behold! The source of the bow's true power.
    Test of the Bow: Treant, Gloom Leaf, Rowanne, Swamplash
Rowanne: You have become a fine Archer, but there is yet much to learn.
Hero: Okay.
Rowanne: Remember the bow is actually 4 things working in harmony.
Hero: Very well.
Rowanne: Bow, string, arrow, and fletching, with your will and focus to guide them.
Hero: I'll remember.
Rowanne: I know you will. Now practise, practise practise!
Hero: I will.
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