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Imperial Invitation

Travel to the Leonis Empire.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I had heard of the marvels of the Leonis Empire...
Hero: ...Of its golden palaces and monuments.
Hero: I'd also heard good things about the Emperor Khorvash.
Hero: So I set out to meet him.
Hero: But as we were crossing the sands...
Hero: ...Things got a little strange.
  • Cross the desert.
    Mad Prophet: Doom! Doom is before you! Lies and deception!
    You Gotta be Crazy: Ifrit, Sand Shark, Dust Devil, Mad Prophet
  • Enter the Leonis Empire.
    Manticore: Rawwrrr!
    Monster Mayhem: Sand Cobra, Djinn, Salamander, Manticore
Amira: That was very impressive!
Hero: Who are you?
Amira: My name is Amira, and I seem to be traveling your way.
Hero: I see.
Amira: The deserts here are full of many dangers.
Hero: I'm aware.
Amira: Would you mind if I traveled with you?
Hero: Not at all.
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Panic at the Fresco

Quell a Riot at the Temple of Orpheus.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Amira: There seems to be a commotion at the Temple up ahead.
Hero: Temple?
Amira: It's a Temple to Orpheus, home of the Devoted and the Manticores.
Hero: Really?
Amira: Indeed. The Priestesses interpret the Manticores' songs.
Hero: I see.
Amira: I hear no songs today though, only battle. Let's investigate.
Hero: Very well.
  • Defeat a group of warriors.
    Dark Master: Servants of the Emperor! Kill them!
    Masters of Misery: Khopeshi, Khopeshi, Peasant, Dark Master
  • Defeat more warriors.
    Pride Guard: Hahaha! Leave the Empire, and NEVER return!
    Pride & Prejudice: Manticore, Templar, Pride Guard, The Devoted
  • Quieten the priestesses.
    The Devoted: Keep away! The Temple is sacred to Orpheus!
    Destructive Devotion: Manticore, Manticore, Manticore, The Devoted
Amira: The rebellion has spilled out to the borders, I see.
Hero: Rebellion?
Amira: You've not heard of the REBELLION? You ARE new here!
Hero: I am.
Amira: A number of factions have risen against the Emperor.
Hero: Bad timing.
Amira: At least the Devoted of the Temple have not turned traitor... yet.
Hero: Indeed.
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Lion in Wait

Finally, make your way to the city of Leothasa.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Amira: Well THIS is going to be unpleasant.
Hero: What is?
Amira: There are no guards on the city gates, only rebels.
Hero: Oh...
Amira: My guess is that the Emperor is away from the city.
Hero: I see.
Amira: That's not going to stop us though. Come on!
Hero: Wait up!
  • Go to the city gates.
    Khopeshi: You'll not be coming in here!
    Misplaced Loyalty: Ifrit, Mad Prophet, Dark Master, Khopeshi
  • Enter the city.
    Anubite Warrior: Imperial scouts! Get 'em!
    Servants of the Sands: Sand Shark, Anubite Warrior, Settite Warrior, Templar
Amira: Turns out approaching the gates was a bad idea.
Hero: If you'd waited...
Amira: Waiting is for tortoises. We Wargare don't wait very well.
Hero: That's obvious.
Amira: They have us surrounded. Only one thing for it!
Hero: We fight?
Amira: By the GODS no! We surrender!
Hero: WHAT!
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Prisoners of Society

Escape from the Rebels who have captured you.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Amira: You sure got us into a fine mess.
Hero: YOU did that!
Amira: Semantics. I'll get us OUT of it though.
Hero: What now?
Amira: I'll talk our way out. Listen and learn!
Hero: Oh, no...
Amira: HEY! Gator-face! Let me talk to the boss.
Hero: This will go well.
  • Try talking to the rebels.
    Settite Warrior: Shut up, scum!
    A Captive Audience: Khopeshi, Sand Cobra, Settite Warrior, Ifrit
  • Escape from the rebels.
    Dark Master: Stop, now! Or you'll regret it!
    Relentless Pursuit: Peasant, Dark Master, Sand Shark, Sand Shark
Amira: Turns out running WAS a better idea. Good thing I had a plan B.
Hero: If you say so.
Amira: But, hey, at least we're in the city!
Hero: Agreed.
Amira: But we better not wait around.
Hero: So what then?
Amira: Follow me to an Imperial Barracks. We KNOW they're loyal.
Hero: Lead on.
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Protect the Protectors

Reach an Imperial Barracks, and fight off any remaining rebels.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Amira: The barracks is just up ahead. Come on!
Hero: On my way.
Amira: These rebels are persistent. They're right behind us.
Hero: I know.
Amira: We'll need to fight, but should still make for the barracks.
Hero: Right behind you.
  • Reach the barracks.
    Khopeshi: Stop them before they reach the barracks!
    Crazed Crusaders: Sand Shark, Ifrit, Mad Prophet, Khopeshi
  • Fight off the rebels.
    Lion Prince: Attack the barracks!
    Princes and Posses: Lion Prince, Peasant, Templar, Settite Warrior
Amira: Hmmm... The guards here seem to know you.
Hero: Oh?
Amira: They seem to have been expecting you.
Hero: I see.
Amira: Are you somebody important?
Hero: Depends...
Amira: Oh, modesty, I see! A guest of the Emperor then? Interesting...
Hero: Enough.
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Spirit of Rebellion

Search the city of Leothasa for any rebel activity.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Amira: So, the guards here tell me the Emperor is due back today.
Hero: Aha!
Amira: He's been away, helping in the outlands.
Hero: Sounds right.
Amira: That explains all the goons at the gates, waiting for him.
Hero: It does.
Amira: The Guards want us to help root out any more rebels who may pose a threat.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Search the market.
    Sand Cobra: Hssss!
    The Sand Snakes: Sand Cobra, Sand Cobra, Warhound, Sabertooth Lion
  • Search the poor quarter.
    Anubite Warrior: They've found us!
    Scoundrels and Scum: Peasant, Peasant, Dark Master, Anubite Warrior
  • Search the docks.
    Settite Warrior: Oh, you shouldn't have looked here!
    Den of Thieves: Manticore, Khopeshi, Alchemist, Settite Warrior
Amira: The city is quite beautiful - apart from the rebels. It's my first time here.
Hero: Really?
Amira: I had thought it would be a lot more seedy.
Hero: Why?
Amira: When everyone wants a leader dead, he is usually a tyrant.
Hero: Ahh...
Amira: But these people, they are not oppressed at all.
Hero: I know.
Conversation Character

The Bodyguard

Help protect the Emperor as he arrives home to the city.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Amira: The guards are heading out to meet the Emperor now.
Hero: Okay.
Amira: They've asked us to join them again.
Hero: Very well.
Amira: Things are bad here. The guards seem terribly outnumbered all the time.
Hero: I know.
Amira: But I would like a chance to meet this Emperor.
Hero: Then let's go.
  • Meet the Emperor.
    The Devoted: Traitors! Traitors to Orpheus!
    Rebels and Rascals: Pride Guard, Lion Prince, The Devoted, Dark Master
  • Protect the Emperor.
    Mad Prophet: Death! Doom, death, and destruction!
    Mystical Mayhem: Khopeshi, Alchemist, Ifrit, Mad Prophet
Amira: Wow! EVERYBODY wants him dead!
Hero: So it seems.
Amira: Even the Devoted are attacking him now.
Hero: I saw.
Amira: You'd think he must be the worst Emperor ever!
Hero: I'm not so sure.
Amira: Nor am I. Let's head back to the barracks. I need to think things through.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Rebels Without a Cause

Attack the rebel base in the capital city, Leothasa.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Amira: The guards are heading out to search for rebels again.
Hero: Again?
Amira: I'm going to tag along. You wanna come too?
Hero: Sure.
Amira: I want to understand these rebels a little more.
Hero: Why's that?
Amira: They hate the Emperor, but I don't understand why. I'm confused.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel to the rebel base.
    Dark Master: You'll wish you HADN'T found us!
    Pervasive Darkness: Peasant, Alchemist, Manticore, Dark Master
  • Attack the base.
    Khopeshi: Repel the invaders!
    Alchemical Alert: Anubite Warrior, Alchemist, Settite Warrior, Khopeshi
  • Defeat the leaders.
    Mad Prophet: The snake has too many heads to cut off!
    Mad Prophesies: Khopeshi, Dark Master, Ifrit, Mad Prophet
Amira: I've seen enough. I think the rebels must be mad.
Hero: You do?
Amira: Emperor Khorvash... His city is a fine place.
Hero: It is.
Amira: The wonders he has wrought here, the things he has built...
Hero: I know.
Amira: He... he doesn't deserve to die.
Hero: I agree.
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About Face

There's always one more danger! Take care of it.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: The Emperor greeted us upon our return.
Hero: Then suddenly there was movement...
Amira: Hey! That Lion Prince!
Hero: What about him?
Amira: He's making straight for the Emperor!
Hero: So he is!
Amira: We've got to stop him!
Hero: Let's go!
  • Defeat a traitor!
    Lion Prince: Die, Khorvash!
    Cats Galore: Pride Guard, Khopeshi, Lion Prince, Manticore
Amira: I... I have something to admit.
Hero: What's that?
Amira: I'm not just a traveller you found in the desert.
Hero: Figured as much.
Amira: I'm an assassin. I was hired to get close to the Emperor and kill him.
Hero: WHAT?
Amira: But... I can't do it. He seems like a good man.
Hero: Okay, wow...
Conversation Character

Empirical Evidence

Protect Amira from your allies.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: I was taken aback by Amira's admission.
Hero: But some of the guards also overheard!
Amira: You've got to help me! Please!
Hero: But you said...
Amira: Please! I would not have told you if I still planned to kill the Emperor.
Hero: Hmmm...
Amira: Please! They'll kill me!
Hero: Very well.
  • Hold off some loyal priestesses.
    The Devoted: Assassin! She's an Assassin!
    Imperial Garrison: Lion Prince, Templar, The Devoted, Pride Guard
  • Hold off the Emperor's Guard.
    Pride Guard: Traitor! Kill the traitor!
    Commanders: Lion Prince, Lion Prince, The Devoted, Khopeshi
Amira: Thank you! We need to get out of here. Now!
Hero: I agree.
Amira: I've been an Assassin for many years, but this time...
Hero: Yes?
Amira: I see how people respect you. I want to be like that.
Hero: Like me?
Amira: Yes. A hero. Not a tool for rich men.
Hero: I'm a bit of a tool.
Conversation Character

Sneak and Destroy

Sneak into the Imperial Palace.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Amira: The rebellion is too big. The Emperor can't possibly win.
Hero: I know.
Amira: We can do ONE thing for him though.
Hero: What's that?
Amira: We can PRETEND to kill him. Then help him get away.
Hero: But...
Amira: No buts... He'll see the wisdom of the plan. Come on!
Hero: Very well.
  • Enter the palace quietly.
    Khopeshi: Stop right there!
    Palace Guard: Lion Prince, Khopeshi, The Devoted, Manticore
  • Search for the Emperor's chambers.
    Lion Prince: Halt, in the name of the Emperor!
    Imperial Guard: Lion Prince, Pride Guard, Pride Guard, Templar
Amira: We're in the palace! We need to find his quarters.
Hero: I agree.
Amira: Follow me! He'll be in the most lavish rooms.
Hero: Are you sure?
Amira: Of course I'm sure! The Emperor wouldn't sleep in an outhouse!
Hero: Fine...
Conversation Character

Faking It

Fake Emperor Khorvash's death.

Complete this quest to unlock Amira.
Amira: And here he is in the most austere place possible.
Hero: Told you so!
Amira: He even has that smelly manticore with him.
Hero: Smelly?
Amira: I'm a Wargare, silly. I can smell it from 2 miles away.
Hero: Ahhh...
Amira: Now, come on. You knock him out, and I'll get him away from here.
Hero: Okay...
  • Defeat Emperor Khorvash.
    Emperor Khorvash: Make it look good!
    Emperor Khorvash: Lion Prince, Lion Prince, Pride Guard, Emperor Khorvash
Amira: Nice work! Looked real. Now I've just gotta move him. He's heavy.
Hero: Umm... Armor?
Amira: Of course! Armor! I'll get him out of here, then meet you at the gates.
Hero: Very well.
Amira: And then I'm joining you. I've got a lot to learn about this hero thing!
Hero: Okay.
Hero: It was a busy day. We toppled an Empire!
Hero: And saved an Emperor!
Conversation Character

Warpriest Training

Help Amira rebuild Leonis, by becoming a Warpriest of Anu.

Unlock the Warpriest Hero Class
Amira: After the defeat of the Emperor, there is much unrest here in Leothasa.
Hero: Oh?
Amira: The Warpriests of Anu, the imperial deity, are in decline.
Hero: Not good.
Amira: Could you help them rebuild their order?
Hero: If I can.
Amira: Perhaps I can help too.
Hero: Very well.
  • Help the poor by protecting them.
    Amira: Protect the poor from bandits.
    Trial of Poverty: Bandit, Bandit, Bandit, Wild Fang
  • Help the wounded by finding medicine.
    Amira: Find medicine for the wounded.
    Trial of Pain: Poison Master, Sand Cobra, Mist Stalker, Ocularen Leech
  • Bring some raiders to justice.
    Amira: Find and defeat an evil warband.
    Trial of Justice: Bugbear, Armored Boar, Boar Rider, Sharkey
  • Win a victory against Daemons in the north.
    Amira: Now win a great victory against some Daemons.
    Trial of Victory: Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath
Amira: I think that should do it!
Hero: Oh?
Amira: The faith of the people is restored in the Order of Anu.
Hero: That's good.
Amira: And the Order's pride in itself is restored too.
Hero: Excellent.
Amira: I think they will call you one of their own - a true Warpriest.
Hero: Warpriest! Yeah!
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