All-Seeing Eye

The Ocularen Temple

Once sentinels of the Old Gods, this temple is all that remains of the Ocularen.
Conversation Character

Temple of the Eye

Investigate the Temple of the Eye.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: We discovered a huge temple.
Hero: It was marked with the symbol of an eye.
Ferit: This place smells of fear and power.
Hero: Really?
Ferit: I recognize it, though I do not remember.
Hero: Ahh...
Ferit: Perhaps if we look inside, I will remember the taste of it.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Enter the Temple.
    Watcher: Alert! Alert!
    Watchers at the Gate: Watcher, Watcher, Watcher, Watcher
  • Learn of its inhabitants.
    Watch Mother: Intruders! In the hive!
    Mother of Eyes: Watcher, Watch Mother, Skeleton, Watch Mother
Ferit: Aha! It tastes like the Old Gods.
Hero: Old Gods?
Ferit: Yes. Daemons, Gods, Sentinels, and Kings.
Hero: Meaning what?
Ferit: There were creatures, servants of the Old Gods.
Hero: Oh?
Ferit: Many types, many tastes, many eyes.
Hero: I... see?
Conversation Character

The Ocularen

Learn more about the Ocularen.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Ferit: The creature we slew - the mother of eyes...
Hero: Yes?
Ferit: They once guarded the den of the Ocularen.
Hero: The who?
Ferit: The Sentinels of the Old Gods. We thought them mostly lost.
Hero: Mostly?
Ferit: Upon the Isle of Darkstone, I have tasted their presence.
Hero: The Watchers...
  • Travel deeper into the Temple.
    Watch Mother: Intruders! Beware my children!
    The Eyes Have It: Skeleton, Watch Mother, Dark Troll, Watch Mother
  • Find more Ocularen.
    Ocularen Leech: We see you! Let us taste you!
    Life Leeches: Ocularen Leech, Watch Mother, Ocularen Leech, Watch Mother
Hero: We found a new type of Ocularen.
Hero: With tentacles that could suck blood.
Ferit: This Leech. More powerful. I feel it.
Hero: It was.
Ferit: But there was one... a King. King of the Sentinels.
Hero: A King Ocularen?
Ferit: Perhaps he is here in this Temple.
Hero: Perhaps.
Conversation Character

Gaze into the Abyss

Follow Ferit deeper into the Temple.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Ferit: There is something I need in here.
Hero: What?
Ferit: I do not remember. But I hear it calling my name.
Hero: It talks?
Ferit: It talks and it listens; it knows many things.
Hero: It's alive?
Ferit: EVERYTHING is alive. Follow me. We shall find it.
Hero: Very well.
  • Follow Ferit.
    Ocularen Leech: A tasty snack!
    More Leech, More Life: Watcher, Ocularen Leech, Watch Mother, Ocularen Leech
  • Help Ferit search for something.
    Ocularen: Fools! You do not belong here!
    Behold the Ocularen: Ocularen Leech, Ocularen, Watch Mother, Ocularen
Hero: We had found a fully-grown Ocularen.
Hero: He was a fearsome enemy, but Ferit looked worried.
Ferit: I remember what is here!
Hero: You do?
Ferit: The King of the Sentinels has seen many things.
Hero: I bet.
Ferit: He knows things that I do not. Of the Old Gods. I must learn them.
Hero: Must? Really?
Conversation Character

The Abyss Gazes Back

Defeat the King of the Ocularen.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls and unlock the Delve.
Ferit: The King's name! I remember... It is Xerodar.
Hero: He's here?
Ferit: Yes, but he is old. Not alive. Not dead. In between.
Hero: Undead?
Ferit: Yes. I can feel the secrets behind his eyes. I must have them. Now!
Hero: Calm down.
Ferit: No! This place is richer in secrets than Karakoth. Let us take them!
Hero: Hold up!
  • Help Ferit defeat Xerodar.
    Xerodar: Your journey ends here.
    Xerodar: Ocularen Leech, Ocularen, Watch Mother, Xerodar
Ferit: The secrets... I could take them.
Hero: You could...
Ferit: But... But... I remember. They are bad for me. Yes?
Hero: They are.
Ferit: Yes. Thank you for standing with me. I must leave this place. Now.
Hero: Very well.
Hero: I could feel how difficult it was for him.
Hero: Ferit hung his head and left the Temple.
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