The Mushroom Fields

A group of sentient fungi live here, herded for food by a strange race of Goblins.
Conversation Character

Shroom, Shroom, Shroom

Investigate the Mushroom Forest.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: Unsurprisingly, in the murky depths of the Underworld...
Hero: ...We came upon a forest of giant mushrooms.
Brian the Lucky: Giant mushrooms? Raven told me about this place!
Hero: Told you what?
Brian the Lucky: About a special periwinkle-colored mushroom with magical powers.
Hero: Powers?
Brian the Lucky: Powers that could turn me into the greatest warrior in Krystara.
Hero: Really?
  • Approach the mushrooms.
    Mushroom Man: Intruders! Tell the King!
    Murderous Mushrooms: Mushroom Man, Mushroom Man, Fey Cap, Giant Toadstool
  • Enter the mushroom forest.
    Mushroom Man: Look, new compost!
    Feral Fungi: Mushroom Man, Mushroom Man, Mushroom Man, Mushroom Man
Brian the Lucky: They are obviously protecting the magical mushroom!
Hero: Or their homes.
Brian the Lucky: What Raven told me must be true. The periwinkle mushroom is real.
Hero: Raven?
Raven: Oh, it is real! Would I lie to you my friends?
Hero: Usually, yes.
Brian the Lucky: A toast to Fungolfin, God of Mushrooms! I have a good feeling about this.
Hero: I do not.
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Quest for Periwinkle

Help Brian look for the periwinkle mushroom.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Brian the Lucky: Imagine! I could be as great a warrior as you, my friend!
Hero: I'm imagining.
Brian the Lucky: Then I could help you slay all those Daemons and save the world.
Hero: I can't wait.
Brian the Lucky: And all it will take is this one magical periwinkle mushroom.
Hero: You believe this?
Brian the Lucky: A toast to Veritas, God of Truth! Of course I do!
Hero: Come on then.
  • Search for magical mushrooms.
    Fungomancer: Infect the intruders!
    Mushroom Magic: Mushroom Man, Mushroom Man, Fungomancer, Giant Toadstool
  • Search harder.
    Fungomancer: For King Gobtruffle!
    Frightful Fungomancers: Mushroom Man, Mushroom Man, Fungomancer, Fungomancer
Brian the Lucky: They mentioned the name of their king...
Hero: So I heard.
Brian the Lucky: What was it? Bogsnuffle? Hogwaffle? Dogfluffle?
Hero: Try Gobtruffle.
Brian the Lucky: King Gobtruffle! Yes! I bet he has the periwinkle mushroom.
Hero: If it exists.
Brian the Lucky: Oh, it does. And we shall take it from him! Then we shall drink a toast.
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

Looking for the King

Search for King Gobtruffle.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Brian the Lucky: My keen senses tell me the King is nearby.
Hero: How exactly?
Brian the Lucky: These toadstools look different. Perhaps they guard his lair.
Hero: What?
Brian the Lucky: My friend, if you wash your gambeson as infrequently as I do...
Hero: Yes?
Brian the Lucky: ...You gain an intimate knowledge of many forms of fungus.
Hero: Ewww!
  • Travel deeper into the forest.
    Exploadstool: Boom!
    Terrifying Toadstools: Mushroom Man, Exploadstool, Fungomancer, Mushroom Man
  • Search for the King's Lair.
    Exploadstool: Boom! Boom!
    Boom goes the Shroom: Mushroom Man, Exploadstool, Exploadstool, Exploadstool
Brian the Lucky: Ha! You see! I was right! King Gobbtruffle's lair is ahead!
Hero: So it seems.
Brian the Lucky: A toast to Banglius, God of Explosions. Our thanks for showing the way.
Hero: God of Explosions?
Brian the Lucky: It's important to know all the deities and thank them, my friend.
Hero: I guess so.
Brian the Lucky: How else are we meant to survive in such a dangerous world.
Hero: You have a point.
Conversation Character

The Mushroom King

Defeat King Gobtruffle.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Brian the Lucky: Today, we defeat this mushroom king, and take his periwinkle prize!
Hero: If you say so.
Brian the Lucky: A toast to Jaylanstor, God of Regicide! With luck, we will not fail!
Hero: Hurry.
Brian the Lucky: He does look kind of fierce and icky though.
Hero: He does.
Brian the Lucky: Perhaps you should go first?
Hero: Oh, very well.
  • Defeat the King.
    King Gobtruffle: Face my fungal fury, fools!
    Mightiest of Mushrooms: Mushroom Man, Exploadstool, Fungomancer, King Gobtruffle
Brian the Lucky: Victory is ours! Gobtruffle has fled. But where is the magic mushroom?
Hero: Where indeed.
Brian the Lucky: Raven! We can't find the periwinkle mushroom! Do you see it?
Hero: Raven?
Raven: Sadly, no. But I will help collect the King's treasure.
Hero: I should have known.
Brian the Lucky: Perseverance, my friends! Perhaps we just need to look harder.
Hero: Brian...
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