The Elemental Rift

A portal to the Elemental Planes has opened here, allowing the Nexians to enter Krystara.
Arcane Shield
Skill bonus:
Conversation Character

A Shayle of Two Cities

Help Shayle find her way.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: We heard a shout up ahead.
Hero: It was a strange creature - she was made of... stone?
Shayle: Oh, hello! Travelers! You heard me yelling?
Hero: Yes we did.
Shayle: Good... Thank you, by the way. My name is Shayle. I'm ... new here. And lost.
Hero: Can we help?
Shayle: I hope so! I'm trying to find the path I was on.
Hero: Follow us.
  • Help Shayle travel west.
    Shayle: To the west... I think...
    Lost Girl: Swamplash, Marsh Raptor, Nagatrap, Nyx
  • Help Shayle travel north.
    Shayle: Or maybe it was north?
    The Wanderers: Herdmaster, Naga Queen, Marilith, Poison Master
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: You know, I'm really not sure where the path was.
Hero: Where were you heading?
Shayle: Umm... I'm not really sure. I was looking for a... city?
Hero: Out here?
Shayle: I'm... new here. I was traveling with a companion.
Hero: What happened?
Shayle: We were attacked by beasts - I lost him.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Lovers Lost

Help Shayle look for Hawthorn.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Shayle: My companion's name was Hawthorn. He's a lot more worldly than I.
Hero: I see.
Shayle: I was hoping if I could find a path to the nearest settlement, he'd be there.
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: But these lands are so confusing - nothing like my homeland.
Hero: Where is that?
Shayle: I'll explain as we go. Perhaps you can help me find Hawthorn though.
Hero: Very well.
  • Look for Hawthorn's tracks.
    Shayle: What creatures are these?
    Looking for a Sign: Owlbear, Vine Marten, Gorbil, Marsh Raptor
  • Follow the tracks.
    Shayle: I've found his tracks!
    Track and Trace: Bulette, Manticore, Mist Stalker, Rhynaggor
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: These tracks are fresh. Hawthorn's not far. Thank you so much!
Hero: You're welcome.
Shayle: As you've been so kind, I should tell you about my homeland.
Hero: I'm curious.
Shayle: I come from a land called Nexus. It's not part of this world.
Hero: How strange!
Shayle: It is a portal to many places, and recently it opened up here.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Saving Private Hawthorn

Save Hawthorn from the Dragons.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Shayle: I see Hawthorn ahead. And... are those Dragons?
Hero: Yes they are!
Shayle: We have Dragons in our world too.
Hero: They're everywhere...
Shayle: I think he's in danger. We need to help him.
Hero: Very well.
Shayle: Hawthorn! Hawthorn! We're coming!
Hero: Indeed we are...
  • Defeat the Dragons surrounding Hawthorn.
    Volthrenax: This creature is OURS!
    Draconian Dilemma: Dragonmoth, Dragonette, Silver Drakon, Volthrenax
  • Calm Hawthorn Down.
    Hawthorn: Ahhh! Keep away! Stop!
    Angry and Confused: Natureborn Wolf, Natureborn Wolf, Natureborn Wolf, Hawthorn
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: We saved Hawthorn, but he's been injured.
Hero: Who is he?
Shayle: It's... complicated. We don't belong here, but we have nowhere else to go.
Hero: I see.
Shayle: Can you help him? Please! I know I'm asking a lot of you.
Hero: We can.
Shayle: Thank you again. A million times, thank you.
Hero: You're welcome.
Conversation Character

Searching High

Look for the portal in Dragon's Claw.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Shayle: Hawthorn seems much better now. Thank you again.
Hero: What next?
Shayle: We came here through a portal. I think we need to find it again.
Hero: To return home?
Shayle: We can't go home, sadly. But this world is strange, and dangerous.
Hero: True.
Shayle: Hawthorn believes the portal is here where the Dragons live.
Hero: Dragon's Claw...
  • Travel into Dragon's Claw.
    Sylfrostenath: Begone, strange creatures!
    Dragon Protectors: Dragotaur, Dragonette, Couatl, Sylfrostenath
  • Look for the Portal.
    Hawthorn: I can't see the portal around here.
    Dragon Guards: Dragonian Monk, Dragonian Sage, Thaumaris, Matron Dragotani
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: It looks like the portal isn't here after all.
Hero: It seems not.
Shayle: I wish we could go home. Nexus is beautiful.
Hero: Tell me more.
Shayle: The Nexians are born of 4 elements - earth, water, fire, and nature.
Hero: Aha...
Shayle: I am of the Earth Caste, Hawthorn is of the Nature Caste.
Hero: I see...
Conversation Character

Searching Low

Look for the portal in the Mist of Scales.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Shayle: Perhaps the portal is this way?
Hero: The Mist of Scales?
Shayle: I don't know. Directions in Nexus work quite differently to here.
Hero: Really?
Shayle: Also... I am of the Earth Caste - the royals. We are not experts in these things.
Hero: Ah.
Shayle: Hawthorn is a Warden though - the Nature Caste. And even HE is lost.
Hero: I see.
  • Travel into the Mist of Scales.
    Tai-Pan: Who is THIS?
    Naga Protectors: Marsh Raptor, Bone Naga, Algorak the Slayer, Tai-Pan
  • Look for the portal.
    Hawthorn: The portal is not here either.
    Naga Guards: Marilith, Royal Assassin, Poison Master, Viper
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: Another dead end. I wish we had never come here.
Hero: Why DID you?
Shayle: It's a complicated story. Hawthorn and I are in love.
Hero: That's not complicated.
Shayle: It is if you are a princess, and you love a Nexian from the lowest Caste.
Hero: Oh dear.
Shayle: We fled when my father, King Heliodor, threatened to kill Hawthorn.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Dude, Where's my Portal?

Look for the Portal in the Forest of Thorns.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Shayle: Perhaps the Portal is in the forests nearby.
Hero: The Forest of Thorns?
Shayle: I do remember large trees and beasts. Does that sound right?
Hero: It does.
Shayle: I hope so. Initially we hated this place, but you've helped us so much.
Hero: Why not stay?
Shayle: Indeed. Let us think on it.
Hero: Very well.
  • Travel into the Forest of Thorns.
    Lord Belanor: What creatures have you brought here?
    Elven Protectors: Treant, Owl Rider, Green Seer, Lord Belanor
  • Look for the portal.
    Hawthorn: We are close, I'm certain!
    Elven Guards: Forest Troll, Earth Dreamer, Lady Anariel, King Avelorn
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: The Portal! It's nearby. I can't thank you enough.
Hero: That's okay.
Shayle: Hawthorn and I were discussing something last night.
Hero: Oh?
Shayle: You've been so kind to us. We hate to ask one more thing of you.
Hero: Ask away.
Shayle: Would you travel with us to Nexus and talk to my father, the king.
Hero: Why not!
Conversation Character

Approach with Care

Make your way to the Portal.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Shayle: Do you see that faint glow in the sky to the... north?
Hero: I do.
Shayle: That will be the portal. The world of Nexus is filled with energy.
Hero: I see.
Shayle: It radiates through into your world. Nexus is so beautiful.
Hero: I can't wait.
Shayle: Take care though - we may not have been the only ones to come through.
Hero: Okay.
  • Follow the portal's light.
    Hawthorn: These are Nexian creatures!
    Towards the Light: Fireborn Eagle, Waterborn Owl, Natureborn Wolf, Natureborn Wolf
  • Approach the Portal.
    Hawthorn: The Portal is up ahead! I can see it.
    Nexian Beasts: Natureborn Wolf, Fireborn Eagle, Waterborn Owl, Stoneborn Lion
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: As you can see, everything in Nexus is made of the 4 Elements.
Hero: Amazing.
Shayle: Stone is the Royal Caste. Water is the Priest Caste.
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: Fire is the Warrior Caste, while the Nature Caste are wardens and workers.
Hero: Ah.
Shayle: It is not just the Nexians, but all the beasts of our world belong to these Castes.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Portal Patrol

Fight King Heliodor's Portal Guards.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Shayle: It seems my father, King Heliodor, sent guards through the portal to look for us.
Hero: Aha!
Shayle: You may see other Wardens, and Fireborn Warriors.
Hero: We can handle them.
Shayle: I have seen many other elemental creatures in your world... Krystara?
Hero: Yes.
Shayle: I suspect our worlds may have touched once before.
Hero: So it seems.
  • Defeat the Portal Guards.
    Natureborn Warden: It's Shayle and Hawthorn!
    Nexian Guards: Wood Rhynax, Natureborn Warden, Natureborn Warden, Natureborn Wolf
  • Clear a path to the portal.
    Fireborn Warrior: We've found you! Surrender!
    Nexian Path: Lava Elemental, Fireborn Eagle, Fireborn Warrior, Fireborn Warrior
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: At last - the Portal.
Hero: It's impressive.
Shayle: Are you sure you don't mind coming back to our world to help.
Hero: I'm happy to.
Shayle: You're the bravest souls I've met. My people could learn a lot from you.
Hero: And I from them.
Shayle: Very well... prepare yourselves for a journey!
Hero: Let's do this.
Conversation Character

Forewarned, Forearmed

Help Tassarion learn about the portal.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tassarion: One moment, before you go jumping into this thing...
Hero: Oh? Tassarion?
Tassarion: Did it occur to you that it might be DANGEROUS on the other side?
Hero: Not really...
Shayle: Oh dear, I never thought of that! You are not born of the elements like us.
Hero: Oops.
Tassarion: Gather me some ingredients! Let's learn some more about this place.
Hero: Very well.
  • Gather Treant bark for Tassarion.
    Treant: Noooo.... Whyyy....
    Worse than its Bite: Treant, Ironbark, Forest Troll, Dryad
  • Gather Green Dragon scales for Tassarion.
    Sylvanimora: What are you DOING?
    The Forest Dragon: Treant, Wood Rhynax, Vine Marten, Sylvanimora
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Tassarion: Hmmm... Hmm... Hmm... Hmmm...
Hero: What is it?
Tassarion: It may not be as dangerous as I thought.
Hero: That's good.
Tassarion: But you cannot stay in that place very long, do you hear me?
Hero: Yes, sir.
Shayle: That is good! We're all set to go.
Hero: Let's go!
Conversation Character

Into the Rift

Cross the portal to Nexus.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Shayle: Our first task will be to pass the gate.
Hero: Is that hard?
Shayle: Now the guards are here, my father has almost certainly locked it.
Hero: I see.
Shayle: We can fight the magic though!
Hero: Lead on.
  • Fight the Nexian magic, and enter the portal.
    Hawthorn: Open! Let us in!
    The Locked Gate: Stoneborn Lion, Natureborn Warden, Waterborn Priestess, Nexus Portal
  • Fight this battle
    Ogre: Rawr
    Fireborn Guardians: Fireborn Warrior, Fireborn Warrior, Fireborn Eagle, Valiant Pyrea
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: Welcome to Nexus!
Hero: It's beautiful.
Shayle: Here, all 4 elements become one.
Hero: Indeed.
Shayle: Except Hawthorn and I...
Hero: I'm sorry.
Shayle: We hope you can help us. It seems wrong to keep people apart.
Hero: It is.
Conversation Character

The Palace Road

Travel to Heliodor's Palace.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Shayle: The road to my father's palace is made of stone.
Hero: Makes sense.
Shayle: As we travel, you may find the world a little disorienting.
Hero: I already do.
Shayle: But keep your eyes on the road, and we will watch for guards.
Hero: Guards?
Shayle: My father will have the roads patrolled.
Hero: I see.
  • Travel through Nexus.
    Fireborn Warrior: Shayle? You have brought outsiders!
    Fireborn Guardians: Fireborn Warrior, Fireborn Warrior, Fireborn Eagle, Valiant Pyrea
  • Travel to King Heliodor's Palace.
    Waterborn Priestess: Shayle? Have these outsiders harmed you?
    An Intervention: Natureborn Warden, Natureborn Warden, Waterborn Owl, Waterborn Priestess
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: This is the palace!
Hero: It's... HUGE!
Shayle: My father is one of the most powerful Nexian Kings.
Hero: Impressive.
Shayle: He will grant us an audience, I'm certain.
Hero: I hope so.
Shayle: Let's go in.
Hero: Lead on.
Conversation Character

The Nexian King

Confront King Heliodor.

Complete this quest to unlock Shayle.
Shayle: My father sits on his throne up ahead.
Hero: He looks... mad.
Shayle: I fear there will be no reasoning with him.
Hero: We'll see.
Shayle: Please try not to hurt him if he disagrees.
Hero: I'll try.
Shayle: Let us approach the throne...
Hero: After you.
  • Demand an audience with the King.
    King Heliodor: Shayle! You will NEVER marry a farmer!
    King Heliodor: Stoneborn Lion, Fireborn Warrior, Waterborn Priestess, King Heliodor
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: I am sorry that did not go as planned.
Hero: As am I.
Shayle: But I realise something - something very important.
Hero: Oh?
Shayle: I do not need another person's permission to be happy.
Hero: Indeed.
Shayle: And it would make us happy to travel back to Krystara with you.
Hero: You're welcome.
Conversation Character

Elementalist Training

Learn how to become an Elementalist with Shayle.

Unlock the Elementalist Hero Class
Shayle: As you have helped us so much, Hawthorn and I would like to return a favor.
Hero: Oh?
Shayle: We would like to teach you a form of Nexian magic.
Hero: Interesting.
Shayle: Call it Elementalism if you like. We will teach you the 4 secrets.
Hero: Secrets!
Shayle: Once you understand them, you may call upon elemental power.
Hero: Let's begin!
  • Learn about the element of nature.
    Shayle: The only true peace exists in nature's balance.
    Nature's Way: Natureborn Wolf, Green Seer, Swamplash, Redthorn
  • Learn about the element of fire.
    Shayle: The greatest fires are sparked by passion.
    Fire's Fury: Fireborn Eagle, Hellcat, Ifrit, Salamander
  • Learn about the element of water.
    Shayle: The tide reflects the will of the universe.
    Water's Will: Waterborn Owl, Frost Lizard, Water Elemental, Ice Orca
  • Learn about the element of stone.
    Shayle: All secrets are kept in stony silence.
    Stone's Secrets: Stoneborn Lion, Rock Troll, Rock Spirit, Servant of the Dao
Shayle: Goodbye
Hero: Okay.
Shayle: Do you understand what I have said?
Hero: A little...
Shayle: That is okay - it will take some time for the truth to be learned.
Hero: I see.
Shayle: Once you reflect on these things though, you will gain great wisdom.
Hero: Very well.
Shayle: A truth is a truth, no matter which world you live in.
Hero: Thank you.
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