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Dwarf on the Run

Help the Dwarven tinker, Sparkgrinder, escape his pursuers.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: As I travelled into Adana, I met a Dwarven Tinker
Hero: His name was Sparkgrinder. He seemed a little unhinged.
Sparkgrinder: Help me! Help me!
Hero: What's up?
Sparkgrinder: They're chasing me. They're trying to catch me!
Hero: Who is?
Sparkgrinder: THEY are! All of them! Can't you see? Help me!
Hero: Okay.
  • Help Sparkgrinder evade the Adanite guards.
    Musketeer: Stop that Dwarf!
    Run and Gun: Musketeer, Musketeer, Alchemist
  • Help Sparkgrinder evade some Dwarves.
    Bombardier: You wont escape us, you little weasel!
    Fire at Will: Bombardier, Steam Turret
Sparkgrinder: Oh, thank you, thank you! That was so kind!
Hero: What did you do?
Sparkgrinder: Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing very much.
Hero: Nothing?
Sparkgrinder: Trying to HELP them, but they don't understand!
Hero: I see.
Sparkgrinder: You do? Oh, excellent! Then I will help YOU!
Hero: Oh dear...
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For Great Science

Help Sparkgrinder recover his research notes from the Adanites.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sparkgrinder: Now, before I help you, I need something.
Hero: What's that?
Sparkgrinder: My research notes. The Adanites took them.
Hero: Why?
Sparkgrinder: Ask THEM! I don't know! I think they were jealous.
Hero: Of what?
Sparkgrinder: My great prowess as a scientist, of course!
Hero: I see...
  • Sneak into the Adana College of Engineering.
    Dwarven Miner: Hey! You don't belong here!
    College Sentries: Flame Cannon, Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Miner
  • Recover Sparkgrinder's research notes.
    Alchemist: Where are you going with those?
    Protect your Notes: Bombardier, Alchemist, Alchemist
Sparkgrinder: Did you get them?
Hero: Yes I did.
Sparkgrinder: Oh my precious, precious notes! Thank you!
Hero: What are they for?
Sparkgrinder: You'll see. Yes you will!
Hero: Okay...
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Don't Touch my Junkyard

Get some things that Sparkgrinder needs from the Great Adanite Scrapyard.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sparkgrinder: First thing we'll need is a whole bunch of metal.
Hero: Metal?
Sparkgrinder: Always metal, oh yes. Never wood. Wood is for Elves.
Hero: I see...
Sparkgrinder: Go to the Scrapyard and bring some back for me.
Hero: Really?
Sparkgrinder: Yes, yes! What did I just say. Off you go!
Hero: Okay...
  • Get past the Scrapyard sentries.
    Musketeer: You're not authorized to be in here.
    Junkyard Dogs: Musketeer, Musketeer, Warhound, Warhound
  • Collect some scrap metal.
    Dwarven Miner: Hey! We claimed this metal!
    Scrap Collectors: Bombardier, Dwarven Miner, Bombardier, Dwarven Miner
Sparkgrinder: You have it? My metal?
Hero: Yes I do.
Sparkgrinder: Oh, lovely, shiny, pretty metal!
Hero: Now what?
Sparkgrinder: Smooth, and hard, and... sharp! Ouch!
Hero: NOW what?
Sparkgrinder: Oh, yes. Wait here. I need more things.
Hero: Great.
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Rotten to the Core

Travel to the Karakoth border in search of some Golem cores.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sparkgrinder: Now we need some Golem cores.
Hero: Some what?
Sparkgrinder: They power Golems - living statues.
Hero: But where...
Sparkgrinder: You'll need to travel down near Karakoth.
Hero: Karakoth?
Sparkgrinder: Yes, yes. The warlocks there always have some.
Hero: Okay...
  • Get the first 2 Golem cores.
    Acolyte: Leave those Golems alone, worm!
    Rollin' Golems: Golem, Golem, Acolyte
  • Get the final Golem cores
    Warlock: Don't you DARE touch my Golems!
    Golem Gear: Golem, Golem, Golem, Warlock
Sparkgrinder: The cores? You have them?
Hero: Of course.
Sparkgrinder: Oh my precious cores. Glowy. Shiny. Powerful.
Hero: Are you done?
Sparkgrinder: What? No... no... Now I need to build it.
Hero: Build what?
Sparkgrinder: You'll see, when it's done. Yes you will!
Hero: Okay...
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The "Ambassadors"

Defend Sparkgrinder's workshop while he builds... whatever-it-is.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sparkgrinder: Building this will take me a while.
Hero: Can I help?
Sparkgrinder: You can meet with the ambassadors.
Hero: Ambassadors?
Sparkgrinder: Oh yes. I spied them all on their way here. So many of them!
Hero: Really?
Sparkgrinder: And they brought cannons and soldiers all dressed up!
Hero: Oh dear...
  • Defend the workshop against the Adanites.
    Alchemist: Give us the Dwarf!
    Adanite Ambassadors: Steam Turret, Steam Turret, Flame Cannon, Alchemist
  • Defend the workshop against the Dwarves.
    Bombardier: Turn over that little weasel!
    Dwarven Ambassadors: Dwarven Miner, Bombardier, Deep Borer, Deep Borer
  • Defend the workshop against the Warlocks.
    Warlock: You stole our Golem cores!
    Karakoth Ambassadors: Golem, Golem, Acolyte, Warlock
Sparkgrinder: Almost done. Where are the Ambassadors?
Hero: They... left.
Sparkgrinder: Oh, how sad. Well... their loss.
Hero: Yes it was.
Sparkgrinder: Wait until you see it. My masterwork.
Hero: I can't wait.
Sparkgrinder: It will save us all. You'll see.
Hero: Yes I will.
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Good Bots Gone Bad

Behold Sparkgrinder's latest invention! Now stop it trying to kill you.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sparkgrinder: There seems to have been an error in my calculations
Hero: How so?
Sparkgrinder: My invention... has a small... glitch.
Hero: A glitch?
Sparkgrinder: It tried to kill me. Three and a half times.
Hero: Where is it?
Sparkgrinder: Just outside. Could you take care of it?
Hero: Wait here.
  • Slow down the invention.
    Steam Turret: Exterminate!
    When Turrets Attack: Steam Turret, Steam Turret, Steam Turret, Steam Turret
  • Destroy the invention.
    Flame Cannon: Exterminate!
    Flame On. Flame Off.: Steam Turret, Steam Turret, Steam Turret, Flame Cannon
Sparkgrinder: Oh, my poor Super Mega Steam Turret.
Hero: What was that?
Sparkgrinder: Seven Turrets and a Cannon. Linked. In Parallel
Hero: But why?
Sparkgrinder: I need to save Adana. It's in DANGER.
Hero: From what?
Sparkgrinder: There's a terrible beast. I have to stop it.
Hero: Okay then.
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The Sting of Failure

Travel to Zhul'Kari to find a Spider Queen and bring back her stinger.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: Sparkgrinder's heart seemed in the right place.
Hero: ...even if his brain was somewhere else entirely.
Sparkgrinder: I have a new plan to stop the beast!
Hero: Enlighten me.
Sparkgrinder: We need to mix magic AND science.
Hero: We do?
Sparkgrinder: Yes, yes. Find me the stinger of a Spider Queen.
Hero: Okay...
  • Travel to Zhul'Kari.
    Reaver: Turn back, intruder!
    Borders of Darkness: Night Terror, Night Terror, Reaver
  • Defeat a Spider Queen.
    Spider Queen: Come. Kiss me!
    Tangled Web: Reaver, Dark Maiden, Dark Maiden, Spider Queen
Sparkgrinder: A Stinger? Very nice. Be careful with it.
Hero: As you say.
Sparkgrinder: That will do nicely. No mistakes this time.
Hero: Really?
Sparkgrinder: This time it will work! We'll defeat the beast.
Hero: Okay.
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Wood I Lie to You

Travel to the Forest of Thorns and retrieve a Treant's bark.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sparkgrinder: Now we need some wood.
Hero: Wood?
Sparkgrinder: Not just any wood, mind you. Treant wood!
Hero: But, WOOD?
Sparkgrinder: Oh, I know, I know... I said no wood.
Hero: You did.
Sparkgrinder: But trust me - we need this wood.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel to the Forest of Thorns.
    Dryad: Leave our forest!
    A Thorny Problem: Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Dryad
  • Retrieve the bark from a Treant.
    Treant: Be goooone!
    Barking up the Wrong Tree: Dryad, Owlbear, Owlbear, Treant
Sparkgrinder: Perfect! Now we can finally defeat Carnex.
Hero: Carnex?
Sparkgrinder: Carnex. The Beast that threatens Adana!
Hero: Oh, I see.
Sparkgrinder: I can finally build the machine to defeat him.
Hero: You can?
Sparkgrinder: Yes! I can build the MEGA CARNEX!
Hero: Oh dear...
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Kill the Beast!

Track down and fight the beast, Carnex.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sparkgrinder: Now we just need to assemble the Mega Carnex.
Hero: Bad idea.
Sparkgrinder: Nobody ever believes me, but you'll see!
Hero: But...
Sparkgrinder: It's the ONLY thing that can defeat Carnex.
Hero: *sigh*
Hero: So I decided to try and hunt down Carnex myself...
Hero: ...before Sparkgrinder could finish his new monstrosity.
Sparkgrinder: No! You weren't supposed to KILL Carnex.
Hero: But...
Sparkgrinder: When I made him... I never thought...
Hero: You made him?
Sparkgrinder: Well something had to catch all the cats.
Hero: Cats?
Sparkgrinder: Yes - smelly things, Carnex was supposed to catch them.
Hero: Okay...
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What's the Plural of Carnex?

Try and find where Sparkgrinder's NEW Carnex has been hidden

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sparkgrinder: Well you can't have my NEW Carnex, I've hidden him!
Hero: Where?
Sparkgrinder: I'm not going to tell you - you'll kill him too!
Hero: True...
Sparkgrinder: He's not dangerous, just misunderstood.
Hero: But...
Sparkgrinder: Now leave me and my Carnex alone!
Hero: Off we go.
  • Go in search of the new Carnex.
    Alchemist: You! You're working with that Dwarf!
    Bad Company: Reaver, Dwarven Miner, Alchemist, Night Terror
  • Avoid other groups looking for Carnex.
    Dark Maiden: Keep away from us! That Carnex is ours!
    Strange Bedfellows: Dwarven Miner, Dark Maiden, Owlbear, Deep Borer
Sparkgrinder: You see! You'll never find him!
Hero: I will.
Sparkgrinder: But he's never hurt anybody.
Hero: Yet...
Sparkgrinder: Except me, but that wasn't his fault.
Hero: Really?
Sparkgrinder: He's just a big adorable puppy, that's all.
Hero: Okay.
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Fight your way to where Carnex is hidden in a cave.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sparkgrinder: No! They've found him!
Hero: Where?
Sparkgrinder: In a cave, outside the city.
Hero: On my way.
Sparkgrinder: Please, please, don't kill him. Please!
Hero: But why?
Sparkgrinder: Just turn him off, that's all. I'll fix him. I promise.
Hero: We'll see.
  • Clear the archers and snipers.
    Musketeer: Out of the way! I need a clear shot.
    Between the Hammer: Musketeer, Musketeer, Glade Warden, Glade Warden
  • Clear the troops besieging Carnex's cave.
    Treant: They toooook my baaaaark!
    And the Anvil: Treant, Treant, Flame Cannon, Flame Cannon
Sparkgrinder: Yes, yes! Now you can save him!
Hero: But...
Sparkgrinder: Please! He's all I have. And I DO hate cats so.
Hero: Oh, okay.
Sparkgrinder: Oh, thank you! You're Sparkgrinder's best friend!
Hero: Great...
Sparkgrinder: Save Carnex, and I'll join you and help you forever!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Finding the OFF Switch

Defeat Carnex and disable him.

Complete this quest to unlock Sparkgrinder.
Sparkgrinder: Only one problem that I can see.
Hero: Only one?
Sparkgrinder: My wonderful Carnex has been gathering dogs.
Hero: Really?
Sparkgrinder: Yes. He can talk, you know. After a fashion.
Hero: I see.
Sparkgrinder: Just hit him a few times and look for the OFF switch.
Hero: Right.
  • Disable Carnex.
    Carnex: Rawr! *clank* Ra- *grind*
    MEGA Carnex: Fortress Gate, Warhound, Mist Stalker, Carnex
Sparkgrinder: You've done it! Thank you! He's saved.
Hero: Good.
Sparkgrinder: Now I'll join you as promised.
Hero: And Carnex?
Sparkgrinder: Oh, he'll be no trouble, you'll see. I'll fix him!
Hero: Great...
Hero: So Sparkgrinder tagged along.
Hero: But I dread the day he finds the ON switch.
Conversation Character

Mechanist Training

Learn the secrets of becoming a Mechanist from Sparkgrinder. What could go wrong?

Unlock the Mechanist Hero Class
Sparkgrinder: Oh ho! So you want to be a Mechanist, eh?
Hero: I do.
Sparkgrinder: Old Sparkgrinder KNEW you had it in you! I'm so proud.
Hero: I'm glad.
Sparkgrinder: I'll teach you right. Not like the Royal College of Engineers!
Hero: Okay.
Sparkgrinder: It's all about hypotheses, experiments, results, and data, you see. Follow along!
Hero: Very well.
  • Formulate a hypothesis.
    Sparkgrinder: My hypothesis? Our weaponry is too weak.
    Hypothesis: Flame Cannon, Steam Turret, Deep Borer, Goblin Rocket
  • Perform an experiment.
    Sparkgrinder: My experiment? Well it involves Goblins... Lots of Goblins...
    Experiment: Hobgoblin, Goblin Shaman, Tankbot 2000, Goblin Rocket
  • Gather data.
    Sparkgrinder: My Results? You may need to help me collect the bodies.
    Results: Twisted Hero, Revenant, Crimson Bat, Vampire Lord
  • Arrive at a conclusion.
    Sparkgrinder: My conclusion? We need more Carnex!
    Conclusion: Carnex, Carnex, Carnex, Carnex
Sparkgrinder: We did science! You followed all that? Simple, yes?
Hero: I guess so.
Sparkgrinder: It's all about following rigorous scientific principles.
Hero: But...
Sparkgrinder: No buts! Follow the principles! It's how a Mechanist creates new things.
Hero: Very well.
Sparkgrinder: Now go out there and build something amazing!
Hero: I will. Thanks.
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