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Red Sails in the Sunset

Sail to Bright Forest with Prince Ethoras.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I met a High Elven Prince named Ethoras.
Hero: He was a long way from home, travelling to the Bright Forest.
Hero: As I'd never been there before either,
Hero: I agreed to travel with him and keep him safe.
Prince Ethoras: Not long now! I must prepare for my glorious landing.
Hero: Prepare?
Prince Ethoras: Indeed! There must not be a hair out of place when I meet the Fey Queen.
Hero: Very well.
  • Cross the Sea.
    Sharkey: Board them!
    Wild Seas: Coral Golem, Hippocampus, Merlion, Sharkey
  • Land on the Bright Forest's shore.
    Mosasaurus: Rawrrrr!
    Rough Landing: Giant Crab, Sea Troll, Lamprey, Mosasaurus
Prince Ethoras: Well THAT was just awful!
Hero: How so?
Prince Ethoras: Here I am in the land of the Bright Fey, and I look positively dishevelled!
Hero: I see...
Prince Ethoras: Hold fast, my companion. This may take a few hours.
Hero: What will?
Prince Ethoras: My clothes... My hair... Perfection cannot be rushed, you know!
Hero: Wow, okay...
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Itsy Bitsy Dragon

Look for the Fey in the Bright Forest.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Prince Ethoras: Now, let us stride boldly towards the Fey Court!
Hero: I'm not sure...
Prince Ethoras: Come now! An Elven Prince is always welcome.
Hero: About that...
Prince Ethoras: Pssht! I wouldn't expect you to understand. Now follow along!
Hero: Okay.
  • Meet the Fey!
    Dryad: Leave our shores!
    Welcome Party: Treant, Pixie, Fey Cap, Dryad
  • Fight off the tiny Dragon.
    Glitterclaw: No! No! No! No! No! Not welcome!
    What a Cute Dragon!: Florian, Dragonmoth, Dragonette, Glitterclaw
Prince Ethoras: That tiny Dragon was totally adorable. I want one!
Hero: But it...
Prince Ethoras: I'd cut a dashing figure with it perched on my arm, don't you think?
Hero: It tried to EAT us!
Prince Ethoras: No 'buts'. MY family has a Dragon too, you know.
Hero: It does?
Prince Ethoras: It's called Krystenax. It watches over us all.
Hero: You're from THAT family!
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The Summer Queen

Try to make peace with the Fey.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Prince Ethoras: Well, the reception has not been as I had hoped.
Hero: You think?
Prince Ethoras: Still, perhaps it was all a test.
Hero: A test?
Prince Ethoras: A test of my resolve. But an Elven Prince never gives up.
Hero: So I see.
Prince Ethoras: Now, let us approach the Fair Queen, and settle this matter.
Hero: Alright.
  • Look for the leader of the Fey.
    Brownie: What have we here?
    Woodland Creatures: Brownie, Green Seer, Hind, Fey Cap
  • Try to make peace with them.
    Queen Titania: I will keep the Elven Prince!
    Entourage: Brownie, Sylvasi, Spirit Fox, Queen Titania
Prince Ethoras: Well, Queen Titania seemed to be impressed by my royal presence.
Hero: Impressed?
Prince Ethoras: She was obviously stricken by my handsome profile.
Hero: If you say so.
Prince Ethoras: But I fear I detected something else in her words.
Hero: No kidding.
Prince Ethoras: What did she mean by 'Keep the Elven Prince'?
Hero: Think about it!
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Flight from the Fey

Escape from the Fey Queen.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Prince Ethoras: I do believe Queen Titania wants me as a prisoner!
Hero: I agree.
Prince Ethoras: I've heard stories of what the Fey do to their captives.
Hero: Oh?
Prince Ethoras: Terrible, terrible things. Well! That will never do!
Hero: No it won't.
Prince Ethoras: What would my people do without me? We must flee!
Hero: Let's go!
  • Run from Queen Titania.
    Hind: They've gone this way!
    Search Party: Pixie, Sunbird, Nymph, Hind
  • Find a place to hide.
    Summer Knight: Quickly! Before they reach the cave!
    The Fey and the Furious: Summer Knight, Cat Sith, Unicorn, Fey Cap
Prince Ethoras: How undignified! Fleeing like common scoundrels. Do you think I'm safe?
Hero: Not yet.
Prince Ethoras: Oh, how long will this nightmare continue?
Hero: Until we escape.
Prince Ethoras: And now I'll be forced to hide like some vagabond, I suspect.
Hero: In that cave!
Prince Ethoras: A cave? A CAVE? I do NOT do caves!
Hero: Today you do!
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Cavern Critters

Having hidden in a cave, you must deal with what's inside!

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Prince Ethoras: Must I really go into that cave?
Hero: Yes.
Prince Ethoras: What has my life come to? I'm like some filthy adventurer!
Hero: Hey!
Prince Ethoras: Oh, no offence intended. I'm sure your life is all about caves.
Hero: Again... Hey!
Prince Ethoras: Alright, if I must. The sacrifices I make for my people...
Hero: Oh, come on.
  • Go deep into the cave.
    Rock Spirit: Protect!
    Rocky Path: Bulette, Stone Giant, Terraxis, Rock Spirit
  • Search the cave.
    Rock Troll: Caves not for you!
    Heavy Rock: Rock Troll, Rock Worm, Rock Worm, Rock Worm
Prince Ethoras: At least the Troll had it right. Caves are NOT for me.
Hero: The alternative?
Prince Ethoras: Being held captive by the fair Queen Titania is looking tempting.
Hero: Don't go there...
Prince Ethoras: But she'd most likely reject me now. I smell of dead Troll.
Hero: Ha!
Prince Ethoras: All in all, today is the worst day of my life.
Hero: Let's keep moving.
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Look for another way out of the caves.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Prince Ethoras: I hope you are trying to find another way out?
Hero: I am.
Prince Ethoras: Not just walking me around in circles to revel in my discomfort?
Hero: It occurred to me.
Prince Ethoras: That wall up ahead... it looks 'different' somehow.
Hero: I see it too.
Prince Ethoras: Perhaps, at last, I will feel the warm sun on my fair skin.
Hero: Let's investigate.
  • Examine the strange wall.
    Stone Giant: Not here! No! Go back!
    Last Line of Defense: Obsidian Golem, Rhynax, Ancient Golem, Stone Giant
  • Break through the wall.
    Scorpius: Free! Free at last!
    An Ancient Prisoner: Grave Knight, Aziris, Wight, Scorpius
Prince Ethoras: That creature... it was like some ancient Daemon trapped here.
Hero: I'm not so sure.
Prince Ethoras: And now it's loose. Wait... I know what it was!
Hero: What?
Prince Ethoras: Did I mention my father hired the very best tutors in all of Krystara?
Hero: Just spit it out.
Prince Ethoras: The God Emperor Scorpius. He was a prisoner here!
Hero: Oh, dear.
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Saving Private Ethoras

Get Prince Ethoras back to the ship and escape.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Prince Ethoras: Now I must flee with all haste. Come!
Hero: Why?
Prince Ethoras: God-Emperor Scorpius invaded here many centuries ago.
Hero: I see.
Prince Ethoras: But the Queen captured and imprisoned him... And now he's free!
Hero: Ahh...
Prince Ethoras: The Queen will want my head for this. Possibly yours too.
Hero: Let's go then!
  • Flee back to the coast.
    Cat Sith: Mrrreeoow!
    Blocking the Way: Treant, Cat Sith, Domovoi, Fey Cap
  • Reach the ship.
    Wisp: Hsssss!
    Guarding the Shore: Summer Knight, Nymph, Spirit Fox, Wisp
Prince Ethoras: The ship! At last I am safe.
Hero: Don't be so sure.
Prince Ethoras: And look at me... I'm such a mess.
Hero: If you say so.
Prince Ethoras: Don't you understand? These knots will take a week to comb out.
Hero: Seriously?
Prince Ethoras: And there is DIRT under my fingernails!
Hero: Oh, come on!
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Thinking of Leaving?

Board the ship and leave the Bright Forest behind.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Prince Ethoras: Ah, the wind on my face once more. How good it is to be free.
Hero: Yeah.
Prince Ethoras: Wait... Do my Elven eyes spy something in our path.
Hero: Oh, no.
Prince Ethoras: A... Sea Monster? It's a Sea Monster!
Hero: You're surprised.
Prince Ethoras: But I thought I was safe! This is so unfair.
Hero: Let's fight!
  • Set Sail!
    Scylla: Sail this way, sweet ones!
    A Tempting Diversion: Coral Golem, Nyx, Mosasaurus, Scylla
  • Fight your way north.
    Kraken: Monsters bar your path.
    Wall of Tentacles: Waverider, Lamprey, Merlion, Kraken
Prince Ethoras: It's no use! My life is over.
Hero: Settle down.
Prince Ethoras: The next leader of High Elves, slain by the Fey Queen. Oh, the horror!
Hero: Calm yourself.
Prince Ethoras: My people will be lost without me. It will be a tragedy.
Hero: Oh, boy...
Prince Ethoras: If you survive this, tell my father and my countrymen I died valiantly.
Hero: You'll be fine.
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Flight Cancellation

Help Prince Ethoras summon some Dragons to escape Bright Forest.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Prince Ethoras: So it has come to this - a heroic last stand against insurmountable odds.
Hero: Maybe we could...
Prince Ethoras: But wait! At the last moment, as our doom draws near, I have had an epiphany!
Hero: Really?
Prince Ethoras: A plan! I will be saved. Oh, what a glorious day this will be.
Hero: What's the plan?
Prince Ethoras: Dragons are my friends. Hold off the Fey while I summon one to fly myself out.
Hero: You mean 'us', right?
  • Hold off the Fey.
    Strygik: The Queen has summoned US!
    Dragon Defenders: Cockatrice, Sylph, Owleth, Strygik
  • Escape on the Dragon.
    Garuda: The sky belongs to the Stryx!
    Battle in the Skies: Prince Azquila, Heronath, Sunbird, Garuda
Prince Ethoras: Oh, curse my fortune! Queen Titania has summoned Stryx to keep us here.
Hero: So I see.
Prince Ethoras: Very well, I accept my fate. The battle is lost.
Hero: Not really.
Prince Ethoras: Come! I will choose the only path that remains open to me.
Hero: What's that?
Prince Ethoras: I will offer the Queen a fine ransom if she releases me.
Hero: You mean 'us', right?
Conversation Character

To Court the Queen

Make your way to the Summer Court to confront Queen Titania.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Prince Ethoras: Perhaps, if the Queen sees beneath this layer of grime...
Hero: Grime?
Prince Ethoras: She will be struck with my majesty once again.
Hero: Majesty? Really?
Prince Ethoras: If so, and with the promise of gold, she may spare my life.
Hero: Whatever.
Prince Ethoras: Come then. Let us step boldly forward towards the Summer Court once more.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel inland.
    Spirit Fox: Aroooo!
    Spirits on the Path: Treant, Dryad, Wisp, Spirit Fox
  • Search for the Summer Court.
    Cat Sith: Mreeeooow!
    Courting Disaster: Summer Knight, Pixie, Fey Cap, Cat Sith
Prince Ethoras: We are almost there. Tell me... Is my hair perfect?
Hero: Absolutely.
Prince Ethoras: And my teeth? White enough?
Hero: They're sparkling.
Prince Ethoras: Hmmm... even so, I feel I should take a few moments to prepare.
Hero: Oh, very well.
Prince Ethoras: Go on ahead. Scout the path. I'll be right with you.
Hero: Gladly.
Conversation Character

A Royal Mess

The Summer Court is a shambles. Find Queen Titania.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I arrived at the Summer Court...
Hero: ... But it was all ashambles.
Hero: It appeared that Scorpius had beaten us here.
Hero: But that may have saved our lives.
Prince Ethoras: What has happened here? It's a mess!
Hero: Scorpius...
Prince Ethoras: And after I spent all that time getting ready! The cheek!
Hero: Come on.
  • Search for the court.
    Brownie: Run away! The Daemon is here!
    The Running of the Brownies: Brownie, Sylph, Wisp, Brownie
  • Discover what happened.
    Wight: Too late! Our master has arrived!
    Fey Spirits: Ghoul, Banshee, Revenant, Wight
Prince Ethoras: I see what you are up to.
Hero: You do?
Prince Ethoras: With Queen Titania and Scorpius fighting...
Hero: Yes?
Prince Ethoras: ...We can escape!
Hero: We can FIGHT!
Prince Ethoras: Oh, you mean to FIGHT them? Well... I'll watch from over here.
Hero: Get ready!
Conversation Character

Defeat all the Things!

Defeat both Scorpius and Queen Titania to leave the Bright Forest.

Complete this quest to unlock Prince Ethoras.
Prince Ethoras: Very well... I believe I'm out of harms way. Have at it!
Hero: On my way.
Prince Ethoras: If you defeat God-Emperor Scorpius, it will not be forgotten!
Hero: I'm sure.
Prince Ethoras: Indeed! My people will sing of my great victory for years to come!
Hero: YOUR victory?
Prince Ethoras: Oh, yes! Now, you be careful, and off you go!
Hero: And you, mind your hair!
  • Defeat Scorpius.
    Scorpius: I should have eaten you when you set me free!
    Scorpius Rising: Revenant, Wight, Wyvern, Scorpius
  • Defeat Queen Titania.
    Queen Titania: Just give me the ELF!
    Queen Titania: Summer Knight, Florian, Glitterclaw, Queen Titania
Prince Ethoras: Bravo! I can't believe it. Victory!
Hero: Indeed.
Prince Ethoras: And I never so much as raised a sweat.
Hero: Obviously.
Prince Ethoras: You may continue in my employ for as long as you wish.
Hero: I'm heading north.
Prince Ethoras: What a coincidence! So am I! Come, let's away.
Hero: *sigh*
Conversation Character

Hierophant Training

Learn ancient mysteries from the Fey and become a Hierophant.

Unlock the Hierophant Hero Class
Prince Ethoras: My friend, something terrible has befallen me.
Hero: What, exactly?
Prince Ethoras: There's not time to explain. Will you help me?
Hero: Of course.
Prince Ethoras: I knew you would. We must engage with the Fey once again.
Hero: Why?
Prince Ethoras: I need to know the ancient secrets of the Hierophants.
Hero: Okay...
  • Seek out the Fey.
    Prince Ethoras: We must find the Fey!
    More Fey, More Fun: Pixie, Brownie, Florian, Tinseltail
  • Sneak past them.
    Prince Ethoras: We must sneak past them!
    Fey, Fey, Go Away: Summer Knight, Cat Sith, Cu Sith, Fey Cap
  • Find their secret places.
    Prince Ethoras: Look for secret places.
    A Fey-Away Place: Glitterclaw, Leprechaun, Leprechaun, Old Man Oakroot
  • Search for the Hierophant's Tomes.
    Prince Ethoras: Get the Hierophant's Tomes!
    Fickle Fay Folios: Summer Knight, Doom of Nature, Leprechaun, Queen Titania
Prince Ethoras: The secrets of the Hierophants! You have uncovered them!
Hero: Of course.
Prince Ethoras: There is something I need to know. It must be in there.
Hero: What's that?
Prince Ethoras: How do I get my fringe to look as fabulous as Queen Titania's?
Hero: WHAT?
Prince Ethoras: It's not there? Well at least you're a Hierophant now.
Hero: What's wrong with you...
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