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A Lost Muse

Protect Elwyn the Bard from the inhabitants of Pan's Vale.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: Pan's vale was quite peaceful...
Hero: Until I met a bard with a strange request.
Elwyn: Ho, traveller! Well met! This meeting is fortuitous.
Hero: How so?
Elwyn: I had travelled here to compose a ballad.
Hero: I see.
Elwyn: But I find myself... out of sorts with the locals. Could you help?
Hero: Of course.
  • Protect Elwyn from the local Satyrs.
    Satyr: Stop that noise!
    Harsh Critics: Satyr, Satyr, Nymph
  • Oh... Better protect him from the Sirens too.
    Siren: No! Make him stop!
    A Bad Review: Siren, Siren, Blade Dancer
Elwyn: Thank you, my friend. You've given me an idea!
Hero: I have?
Elwyn: I will compose a ballad about YOU!
Hero: Really?
Elwyn: There once was a hero who entered the Vale.
Hero: ...
Elwyn: Who was destined for greatness, and this is his tale!
Hero: Hmm...
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The Opening Verse

Attack some Goblins to inspire Elwyn's ballad.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Elwyn: So, we begin the opening verse!
Hero: We do?
Elwyn: Indeed! There is a small tribe of Goblins nearby.
Hero: Okay.
Elwyn: Pestilential creatures! If you attack them...
Hero: Yes?
Elwyn: It will not only be a service, it will inspire my ballad!
Hero: Okay.
  • Attack the Goblin tribe.
    Goblin Shaman: No! He is driving us crazy!
    Shaman Shenanigans: Goblin, Goblin, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Shaman
  • Drive them back towards Zaejin.
    Boar Rider: The noise! The noise!
    Boared Audience: Goblin, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider, Boar Rider
Elwyn: The Hero strode forth 'gainst the mightiest foe.
Hero: Mightiest?
Elwyn: 'Twas the Lord of the Ogres, his name Red Fist Joe.
Hero: Ogres?
Elwyn: The hero leapt in with a swing of a sword.
Hero: ...
Elwyn: And he lopped off Joe's head like you'd harvest a gourd.
Hero: Gourd? Wow!
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The Second Verse

Panicked creatures are everywhere. Defend Elwyn while he continues with his ballad.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Elwyn: What is this? Creatures running everywhere?
Hero: I know.
Elwyn: We should be careful. They're wild. They might attack.
Hero: I've got it.
Elwyn: Wait! I feel another verse coming on!
Hero: Hmm...
Elwyn: Hold the creatures at bay while I write this down.
Hero: Okay...
  • Defend Elwyn from the creatures.
    Siren: Run! He is here!
    Fleeing the Scene: Siren, Nymph, Hippogryph, Rhynax
  • Give Elwyn some time to continue his ballad.
    Satyr: No! Out of our way!
    Panic at the Disco: Satyr, Warhound, Dryad, Pegasus
Elwyn: The Hero stood tall, and the foes turned and ran.
Hero: Stood tall?
Elwyn: The battle was over, before it began.
Hero: Battle?
Elwyn: He saw all about him the cracked, bloodstained earth.
Hero: He did, did he?
Elwyn: And he longed for a challenge that tested his worth.
Hero: A challenge...
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Damsel in Distress

Rescue a 'damsel' for Elwyn's next verse.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Elwyn: There was a tower not far from here.
Hero: A Tower?
Elwyn: Yes. You know what would make a great verse?
Hero: What?
Elwyn: Rescuing a maiden from the tower!
Hero: That's very cliche.
Elwyn: Trust me! The crowds love a good cliche. Coming?
Hero: Alright...
  • Travel to the tower.
    Nymph: Stop! How dare you cross my river!
    To the Tower: Satyr, Satyr, Nymph, Siren
  • Look for a maiden (or something) to rescue.
    Banshee: Rescue me? This is MY tower!
    The Maiden Fair: Ghoul, Skeleton, Wight, Banshee
Elwyn: In the lands of the north lay a tower so high.
Hero: How high?
Elwyn: That a princess, trapped in it, touched the very sky.
Hero: That's tall!
Elwyn: The hero climbed up there, and burst down the door.
Hero: Wow.
Elwyn: But he'd just rescued too many maidens before.
Hero: Ha ha.
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Lacking Inspiration

Investigate a nearby deserted village. Perhaps Elwyn will find some inspiration there.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Elwyn: I've run out of ideas again.
Hero: Oh...
Elwyn: I saw a deserted village on the way here though.
Hero: Okay.
Elwyn: It may have been where those fleeing creatures came from.
Hero: Perhaps.
Elwyn: Maybe if we look around, I'll find some inspiration.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Investigate the deserted village.
    Wight: Ssso peaceful! Join usss!
    Not Quite Deserted: Skeleton, Banshee, Ghoul, Wight
  • Look for any source of inspiration.
    Revenant: Come to usss!
    Not Deserted at All: Zombie, Skeleton, Wight, Revenant
Elwyn: When the Hero returned from this perilous quest.
Hero: Mmm?
Elwyn: He felt a disquiet deep down in his chest.
Hero: Good.
Elwyn: He had wealth, he had fame, but he longed for much more.
Hero: Okay.
Elwyn: The world had grown quiet, it was not like before.
Hero: Quiet... Yes.
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An Epic Battle

Find a beast to defeat. Elwyn thinks his ballad needs some more action.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Elwyn: It has grown very quiet here.
Hero: It has.
Elwyn: My ballad needs some action.
Hero: Okay.
Elwyn: We need to find an epic beast.
Hero: Why?
Elwyn: I want to observe you in battle with it. It'll inspire me!
Hero: Let's go.
  • Track down a beast to fight!
    Satyr: You! This must be your doing!
    Confused Creatures: Satyr, Pegasus, Pegasus, Nymph
  • Defeat an epic beast!
    Rhynax: Rawwwrr!
    That's Epic Enough: Warhound, Warhound, Hippogryph, Rhynax
Elwyn: But soon there arose, a Dragon most dire!
Elwyn: It threatened the realm, with its breath of blue fire.
Hero: Fire?
Elwyn: Two cuts from his sword, and he'd finished the beast.
Hero: Poor thing.
Elwyn: And the Hero rode home to a troubling peace.
Hero: Hmm...
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The Sound of Silence

It is too quiet, and the local creatures are being driven mad. See what you can discover.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Elwyn: It is too quiet. I hear nothing.
Hero: Same here.
Elwyn: The silence is driving the local creatures mad.
Hero: Me too!
Elwyn: Perhaps we can uncover the source of this.
Hero: We can try.
Elwyn: Until then, composing my ballad will be difficult.
Hero: Okay.
  • Search for clues to the problem.
    Paladin: You! You must be the Daemon responsible for this!
    Daemon Hunters: Warhound, Paladin, Paladin, Priestess
  • Avoid the local creatures.
    Blade Dancer: Baaa!
    Driven Crazy: Siren, Nymph, Dryad, Blade Dancer
Elwyn: My friend, I don't have another verse!
Hero: Okay.
Elwyn: The silence... It seems to drain the words from me.
Hero: Hmm...
Elwyn: And those Paladins... They thought we were Daemons!
Hero: I wonder why.
Elwyn: There is some evil at work here.
Hero: I agree.
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Too Peaceful

Undead are erupting from the ground. Fight your way free.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Elwyn: This silence... It is more unnatural than we feared.
Hero: I feel it too.
Elwyn: Something is happening. Something within the ground.
Hero: Uh oh...
Elwyn: This is what calls forth the Undead creatures!
Hero: So I see.
  • Fight the Undead.
    Skeleton: Join usss in the sssilence!
    The Quiet Dead: Skeleton, Banshee, Ghoul, Wight
  • Get away from the silent area.
    Revenant: You have never known sssuch peace!
    Eternal Peace: Zombie, Skeleton, Wight, Revenant
Elwyn: Mighty as storms are the Daemons of War.
Hero: Yes, sing!
Elwyn: Yet a Hero without them, he is little more...
Hero: Keep going.
Elwyn: Than a child playing games on a small wooden throne.
Hero: Keep going.
Elwyn: And the Daemons of Peace will claim him as their own.
Hero: That's dark.
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A Hidden Temple

Investigate an ancient Temple you found hidden in the Vale.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Elwyn: Look! A Temple! It seems very old.
Hero: So it does.
Elwyn: Perhaps it has something to do with this strange silence.
Hero: Good chance.
Elwyn: Either way, I will keep singing. I think it helps.
Hero: It does.
  • Approach the Temple.
    Blade Dancer: No! Make it stop!
    Crazy Critters: Satyr, Satyr, Nymph, Blade Dancer
  • Enter the Temple.
    Acolyte: You will not be entering this temple!
    Not Golems Again: Golem, Golem, Golem, Acolyte
Elwyn: So the hero rode out and he pillaged and burned.
Hero: Good.
Elwyn: Without bleeding, and fighting, the boredom returned.
Hero: Keep going.
Elwyn: And each challenge he set, was more fearsome and bold.
Hero: Keep going.
Elwyn: Until sanity left him, and madness took hold.
Hero: That's even darker.
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The Written Word

Explore the ancient temple to find out why all the sound is disappearing.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Elwyn: It seems the Warlocks of Karakoth found their way here.
Hero: Yes, it does.
Elwyn: This will be their doing. They will have raised some Daemon.
Hero: I agree.
Elwyn: If we can read the writings in this temple...
Hero: Yes?
Elwyn: Perhaps we can learn what we're up against.
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat the Undead in the Temple.
    Banshee: Stop it! Stop the noise!
    Chained Melody: Ghoul, Zombie, Siren, Banshee
  • Read the inscriptions in the Temple.
    Flesh Golem: Noooo! Be quieeeeet!
    Not Resting in Peace: Skeleton, Skeleton, Revenant, Flesh Golem
Elwyn: The writings say this place is the tomb of a Daemon!
Hero: Aha!
Elwyn: His name is difficult to say. It means 'The Silent One'.
Hero: Makes sense.
Elwyn: I think the Warlocks have freed the Daemon.
Hero: I agree.
Elwyn: We need to travel deeper, and I need to keep singing.
Hero: Okay.
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Be Very Quiet

Defeat the Warlocks who have summoned The Silent One.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Elwyn: We're almost there. We just need to get past the Warlocks.
Hero: Okay.
Elwyn: It's strange. Most of us spend our lives seeking peace and quiet.
Hero: True.
Elwyn: But when we find it, it drives us mad! Ready?
Hero: Ready!
  • Defeat the Warlocks' servants
    Acolyte: Silence!
    Slaves of Silence: Golem, Golem, Nymph, Acolyte
  • Defeat the Warlocks.
    Warlock: You are too late! He is free!
    Masters of Silence: Ghoul, Siren, Ancient Horror, Warlock
Elwyn: To quiet the silence, the Hero told lies.
Hero: Good.
Elwyn: That his motives were noble, his actions most wise.
Hero: Keep going.
Elwyn: 'Til he realised the truth of what you can fight for.
Hero: Keep going.
Elwyn: You can't fight for peace, you can just fight for war.
Hero: Interesting...
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Silence is Not Golden

Defeat the Silent One to re-imprison him.

Complete this quest to unlock Elwyn.
Elwyn: The Silent One awaits.
Hero: Yes.
Elwyn: If we can defeat him, he should be sealed away once again.
Hero: Are you sure?
Elwyn: No! It's just something I heard in an old song!
Hero: Okay!
  • Defeat the Silent One.
    The Silent One: Shhhhhhhhh!
    The Silent One: Blade Dancer, Blade Dancer, Blade Dancer, The Silent One
Elwyn: I've finished the final two lines of my ballad!
Hero: Oh?
Elwyn: So bards and heroes, our fates interleave.
Hero: Ha ha.
Elwyn: For in silence is madness, and in music is peace.
Hero: So, what now?
Elwyn: I'll travel with you a while longer. You're quite inspiring!
Hero: Okay.
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Bard Training

Learn to become a Bard by singing songs with Elwyn.

Unlock the Bard Hero Class
Elwyn: It came to my attention the tiniest thing...
Hero: What's that?
Elwyn: That your voice is so rich and so mellow...
Hero: It is?
Elwyn: You'd make a fine bard, if you just learned to sing...
Hero: Really?
Elwyn: You must just do the things that I tell you!
Hero: Okay.
  • Sing soft and low, like the Winter's snow!
    Elwyn: Sing soft and low!
    A Song of Ice: Ice Golem, Winter Wolf, Snow-Hunter, Winter Imp
  • Sing fast to the beat, like the Summer's heat.
    Elwyn: Sing fast to the beat!
    A Song of Fire: Ifrit, Fire Lizard, Jarl Firemantle, Summer Imp
  • Sing slow and with grief, like a falling leaf.
    Elwyn: Sing slow and with grief!
    A Song of Autumn: Treant, Green Seer, Dryad, Autumnal Imp
  • Now sing louder and higher, like Dragon Fire.
    Elwyn: Now sing louder and higher!
    A Song of Dragons: Krystenax, Sylvanimora, The Dragon Soul, Elemaugrim
Elwyn: Your singing's melifluous, honey-drenched tones...
Hero: Go on!
Elwyn: Makes my soul sing, and heart beat ever so hard...
Hero: I see.
Elwyn: Your passion for music, I feel in my bones...
Hero: Yes.
Elwyn: There's no doubt in the world, you've become a fine bard.
Hero: Yay!
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