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Royal Audience

Save the Princess, and find out what she is up to.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I traveled to Silverglade to visit the Royal Family...
Hero: ...I had never expected it to be so easy.
Tassarion: Up ahead! I believe that is the Princess Elspeth!
Hero: So it is!
Tassarion: She's surrounded by... Bears?
Hero: Trouble?
Tassarion: Indeed... I pity the bears...
Hero: Let's help.
  • Defeat the bears!
    Barbearius: Rawrrr!
    Furry Fury: Ranger, Druid, Warg, Barbearius
  • Save Princess Elspeth from the beasts!
    Wulfgarok: Grrrrr! Aroooo!
    Wolf in Wolf's Clothing: Fenrir, Forest Guardian, Spirit Fox, Wulfgarok
Princess Elspeth: Ewww... I just wanted the fur, not the bears!
Hero: Ahem...
Princess Elspeth: Oh, like, did my father send you or something?
Hero: Not exactly.
Tassarion: Princess, we were just traveling to visit your father!
Hero: That's right.
Princess Elspeth: Oh, Tassarion! Good! You can help me get to the Mist of Scales.
Hero: Uh oh...
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Quest for Shoes

Help Princess Elspeth obtain an artifact from the Mist of Scales.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tassarion: Princess, I fear it's quite a way to the Mist of Scales.
Hero: Indeed it is.
Princess Elspeth: As if! People go there all the time, Tassarion!
Hero: But...
Princess Elspeth: And it has like Snake People or something, right?
Hero: Well, yes...
Princess Elspeth: So, duh, snakeskin! I can totally get new shoes!
Hero: Oh, no.
  • Snakeskin makes great shoes!
    Marilith: Invadersss! Prepare to die!
    Snake Eyes: Marilith, Naga Queen, Marsh Raptor, Poison Master
  • Escape from the High Elves.
    Elven Bard: Princess! Come back at once!
    Royal Rescue: Silver Drakon, Unicorn, Enchantress, Elven Bard
Tassarion: Princess, why are there Elves chasing you?
Hero: Yes, why?
Princess Elspeth: It's just like my father or something, Tass. I can call you Tass, right?
Hero: Your father?
Princess Elspeth: He like maybe wants me to come home. I don't know.
Hero: You don't know?
Princess Elspeth: Whatever. He's totally boring, and I have stuff to do!
Hero: Okay.
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Help Princess Elspeth obtain some rare materials from the Wild Plains.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tassarion: Princess, please! We must get you back home!
Hero: I agree.
Princess Elspeth: How about no? Besides I have like things to do and stuff.
Hero: Like what?
Princess Elspeth: The Wild Plains... I need some leather.
Hero: For what?
Princess Elspeth: Duh! New shoes aren't any use by themselves!
Hero: Of course...
  • Evade Elspeth's attendants.
    Enchantress: Stop, Princess! Please!
    Royal Handmaidens: Unicorn, Unicorn, Enchantress, Enchantress
  • Minotaur leather is soft and supple!
    Soothsayer: Elven trespassers! Begone!
    Leathergoods: Minogor, Soothsayer, Gorgon, Winged Bison
Tassarion: I feel like we've been catching and skinning half the realm.
Hero: I know.
Tassarion: Unfortunately, Princess Elspeth is a force of nature.
Hero: An annoying one!
Tassarion: Patience, my friend. We need to keep her out of trouble.
Hero: Do we have to?
Princess Elspeth: Oh, Tass! I totally need you to book passage for Darkstone!
Hero: Here we go!
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On the Nose

Escort Princess Elspeth to pick up some ingredients from Darkstone.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Princess Elspeth: This boat ride is totally boring.
Hero: Not long now.
Princess Elspeth: I like heard they make potions here and stuff. Right Tass?
Hero: Of a kind.
Tassarion: Yes, Princess, but we'll need to sneak in and meet with the Hags.
Hero: I hate Darkstone.
Princess Elspeth: Whatever. Just like get me the best-smelling potion, okay?
Hero: As you wish.
  • Travel to Darkstone.
    Dark Master: A High Elf? You will make a fine prize!
    Icky Stuff: Remnant, Giant Toad, Dark Master, Watcher
  • Obtain a sweet-smelling potion from the Hags.
    Night Hag: We make potions, not PERFUME!
    Parfumiers: Anointed One, Hag, Corrupt Sorceress, Night Hag
Princess Elspeth: Awesome! You guys are the best!
Hero: Thanks... I think.
Tassarion: If we can just get her what she needs, she'll go home.
Hero: Okay.
Tassarion: If we lose her, she'll get herself killed.
Hero: I'd risk it...
Tassarion: It's not entirely her fault - the product of a palace upbringing, I'm afraid.
Hero: I see.
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Grand Theft Chariot

The Princess seems very needy. Help her obtain a new chariot from Adana.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Princess Elspeth: Tass! I like totally need a chariot!
Hero: A chariot?
Princess Elspeth: Like from that place with all the metal and gears.
Hero: Adana?
Tassarion: Princess, I'm not sure your father will buy a chariot for you...
Hero: I wouldn't.
Princess Elspeth: I don't know... Whatever! Let's just get one!
Hero: To Adana!
  • Evade the Silverglade Royal Guard.
    Swordmaster: Princess! Your father commands you to come home!
    Stop Right There: Swordmaster, Elven Bard, Swordmaster, Elven Bard
  • Adana definitely makes the best chariots!
    Royal Engineer: You can't just TAKE a chariot!
    Lots of Bots: Tankbot 2000, Alchemist, Royal Engineer, Bombot
Princess Elspeth: Like how does it work, Tass? Where do the horses go?
Hero: Horses... Really?
Tassarion: It's from Adana, Princess. It needs fuel.
Hero: Correct.
Princess Elspeth: Well, I want like Centaurs or something to pull it.
Hero: Centaurs?
Princess Elspeth: Duh! Everyone else has Unicorns, and I want to be different!
Hero: Very well!
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My Little Centaur

Apparently a chariot is not enough. Find some worthy steeds.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Princess Elspeth: So like, how much do Centaurs cost?
Hero: You can tell her.
Tassarion: You can't just buy Centaurs, Princess.
Hero: Wait for it...
Princess Elspeth: As if! You can buy like anything, Tass!
Hero: There we go!
Princess Elspeth: I'll just like ask them or something.
Hero: This won't end well.
  • Centaurs would obviously be the best steeds.
    Bul'Tauros: Pull a Chariot? You've got to be joking.
    Pony Club: Centaur Scout, Herdmaster, Star Gazer, Bul'Tauros
  • Escape from the Silvermaiden.
    The Silvermaiden: Princess! By Krystenax, you will return this instant!
    Things Just Got Real: The Silvermaiden, Swordmaster, Thorn Knight, Enchantress
Princess Elspeth: Centaurs are lame anyway.
Hero: Hmm...
Tassarion: I'm a little concerned, my friend.
Hero: About?
Tassarion: The Silvermaiden... she invoked the name of Krystenax.
Hero: Krystenax?
Tassarion: The Dragon protector of the royal family. The King is not happy.
Hero: I can see why.
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Sir Shines-a-Lot

What's a chariot without an entourage. Recruit some Knights for Elspeth.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Princess Elspeth: If Centaurs want to be all huffy, I'll totally get some Knights.
Hero: For what?
Princess Elspeth: Duh! Because they're like awesome!
Hero: Okay...
Tassarion: Princess, we DO need to think about getting you home.
Hero: I agree!
Princess Elspeth: Tass! I WANT SOME KNIGHTS! Like NOW!
Hero: Oh, very well!
  • Send the Enchantresses home.
    Enchantress: This is not a request! Come with us!
    Things Just Got Real: The Silvermaiden, Swordmaster, Thorn Knight, Enchantress
  • Ally with some Knights.
    Knight Coronet: Best me in combat, and I'll accompany you!
    In Shining Armor: Knight Coronet, Griffon Knight, Dragon Knight, Wolf Knight
Princess Elspeth: Knights are WAY better than Centaurs anyway.
Hero: As you say.
Princess Elspeth: So now, I'm thinking I totally need a pet!
Hero: A pet?
Tassarion: Princess... Your father...
Hero: Yes!
Princess Elspeth: My father is like the worst, Tass. He can totally wait.
Hero: Very well.
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Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Every entourage needs cute pets. Visit the Pridelands to find one.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Princess Elspeth: So they have like cats in the Pridelands, right?
Hero: Kind of...
Tassarion: They're not cats, Princess, they are Raksha.
Hero: Exactly.
Princess Elspeth: Whatever, Tass. I totally need one though.
Hero: Really?
Princess Elspeth: A Princess and her cat are like SO regal, right?
Hero: Alright.
  • Obtain a pet Raksha.
    Rakshanin: We are NOT pets!
    Pet Shop Boys: Rex Warrior, Sabertooth Lion, Shadow-Hunter, Rakshanin
  • Escape the Royal Guard again.
    Swordmaster: Princess! Please! Your father is furious!
    They Never Stop: Thorn Knight, Enchantress, Unicorn, Swordmaster
Princess Elspeth: This Sabertooth is like SO awesome!
Hero: I'm glad.
Tassarion: I believe we can begin getting the Princess home...
Hero: I hope so.
Tassarion: ...if we can just navigate Zaejin, Pan's Vale, Maugrim Woods...
Hero: Let's go.
Tassarion: ...and the wrath of her father, the King!
Hero: Yeah.
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A True Masterpiece

And now it's a painting... For some obscure reason the Princess wants it from Zaejin.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Princess Elspeth: Oh, Zaejin! I totally need a painting!
Hero: Here? Of what?
Princess Elspeth: Duh! Of ME, silly! Goblins are like the best artists!
Hero: I doubt that.
Tassarion: I dread to think what they paint with...
Hero: Me too.
Princess Elspeth: Eww, Tass, you're so gross. Come on, then!
Hero: Okay then.
  • Sneak past the High Elves.
    Elven Bard: Not Zaejin, Princess!
    The Chasers: Swordmaster, Elven Bard, Silver Drakon, Unicorn
  • Get the Goblins to draw Elspeth.
    Sir Snothelm: Draw you? But first we fight!
    Vincent van Goblin: Sir Snothelm, Hobgoblin, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Rocket
Princess Elspeth: This painting of me is like so post-modern!
Hero: Post what?
Tassarion: It looks a Goblin sneezed into a Troll's dinner
Hero: Haha!
Princess Elspeth: Tass! That's like an awful thing to say!
Hero: Still true!
Princess Elspeth: I'm going to see the Bards in Pan's Vale. You can come or not.
Hero: We're coming.
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I Want a Puppy!

Why would a Princess settle for just one pet? Now it's off to Maugrim Woods for another.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Princess Elspeth: I totally need another pet!
Hero: Oh, no!
Tassarion: Princess, please, I urge you. We will visit Pan's Vale...
Hero: Yes.
Tassarion: ...But then we must get you home to your father.
Hero: I agree.
Princess Elspeth: Whatever! I want a puppy. You can come to Maugrim Woods, or not.
Hero: Okay, okay.
  • Can you house-train a Wargare?
    Ranger: A pet for an Elf? You will DIE for this insult!
    Can We Keep Him?: Cockatrice, Ranger, Warg, Spirit Fox
  • Evade the Silvermaiden again.
    The Silvermaiden: By Krystenax, your father DEMANDS you return!
    Just Got Really Real: The Silvermaiden, Swordmaster, Elven Bard, Enchantress
Tassarion: Princess, that was almost a disaster. We need to go back NOW!
Hero: I agree.
Princess Elspeth: That was like an outrage! I'm so mad right now!
Hero: We all are...
Princess Elspeth: And look at me... I'm a mess!
Hero: So maybe...
Princess Elspeth: I so don't care. I'm going to see the bards anyway!
Hero: Not again...
Conversation Character

Meet the Band

Her accessories and entourage complete, the Princess can finally visit the bards of Pan's Vale.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Princess Elspeth: I just like want to see the Satyrs!
Hero: Okay.
Tassarion: I suggest we find the Satyrs for her as quickly as possible.
Hero: Okay.
Princess Elspeth: They will totally love me! Come on, Tass!
Hero: Very well.
  • Dance with the Blade Dancers.
    Blade Dancer: Such an ugly Elf! Can you dance with us?
    Groupies: Blade Dancer, Faunessa, Siren, Sylvasi
  • Meet the Band!
    Satyr Musician: Princess Elspeth? You're such a mess!
    Backstage Boys: Satyr Musician, Elven Bard, Siren, Blade Dancer
Princess Elspeth: That's... just... not... FAIR!
Hero: Yes, well...
Princess Elspeth: It's like EVERYBODY totally hates me.
Hero: Pretty much...
Tassarion: Are you ready to go home, Princess?
Hero: Please!
Princess Elspeth: I just like want a necklace. Then home. I promise.
Hero: Thank goodness.
Conversation Character

Jewel in the Crown

The Princess is not happy. Only one thing will make her feel better... Gemstones!

Complete this quest to unlock Princess Elspeth.
Princess Elspeth: So, you need to like go in there and get me some Gems.
Hero: In there?
Tassarion: Princess, that is Krystenax's Glade! You can't...
Hero: Krystenax?
Tassarion: He is your father's ally! The royal Dragon!
Hero: Oh...
Princess Elspeth: Whatever, Tass. JUST GET ME THE GEMS!
Hero: Here we go...
  • Chip some Gemstones from Krystenax.
    Krystenax: I'm so SHINY!
    Shiny!: The Silvermaiden, Silver Drakon, Enchantress, Krystenax
Princess Elspeth: Awesome! And Krystenax will totally be fine... eventually.
Hero: Yeah.
Tassarion: So can we take you back to your father now, Princess?
Hero: Pretty please!
Princess Elspeth: As if! He's like SO boring. Regal this. Royal that.
Hero: No, no, no...
Princess Elspeth: I'm totally going to hang with you guys some more! You're cool!
Hero: Whatever...
Conversation Character

Archmagus Training

Learn how to become an Archmagus with Princess Elspeth.

Unlock the Archmagus Hero Class
Princess Elspeth: We're like totally BFFs now, right?
Hero: Like... Totally?
Princess Elspeth: Then I have like the best surprise for you EVER.
Hero: Oh?
Princess Elspeth: Tass gave me this book. You should totally read it.
Hero: He GAVE it to you?
Princess Elspeth: Like, whatever. Just read it. It has spells or something.
Hero: Okay...
  • Read Tassarion's book.
    Princess Elspeth: Oh! Cast THAT spell on the bunnies!
    The Bunny Spell: Jackelope, Moon Rabbit, Trickster, Jackelope
  • Cast spells from Tassarion's book.
    Princess Elspeth: Ewww! Cast THAT spell on those bugs!
    The Bug Spell: Sand Scuttler, Desert Mantis, Giant Spider, Frostling
  • Cast more spells from Tassarion's book.
    Princess Elspeth: Oh, shiny! Cast another spell!
    The Shiny Spell: Ice Golem, Kryshound, Kryshound, Krystenax
  • Do as Elspeth says.
    Princess Elspeth: Now, MAKE ME SOME SHOES!
    The Shoe Spell: Glass Golem, Ice Golem, Glass Golem, Mimic
Princess Elspeth: Duh! That is SO not fair. These are NOT shoes.
Hero: Ummm...
Princess Elspeth: I wanted shoes! Not a BFF who's like an Archmagus!
Hero: About that...
Princess Elspeth: You're like totally dead to me.
Hero: Really?
Princess Elspeth: Yes, really. Now like take me shopping or something.
Hero: Whatever.
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