Silver Necropolis

The High Elven Tombs

The haunted tomb of Archmage Vanya Soulmourn was thought lost for thousands of years.
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Silver Spires

Investigate the tall silver spires.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: As we traveled along the northwestern coast...
Hero: ...We spied some strange silver towers.
Tassarion: Hmmm... I think I know what that structure is.
Hero: What is it?
Tassarion: Not so hasty! It will require proper investigation.
Hero: Proper?
Tassarion: Yes. Try approaching it. See if anything attempts to kill you.
Hero: Proper... I see.
  • Approach the Spire.
    Draugr: Rrraaargh!
    The Restless Dead: Skeleton, Skeleton, Draugr, Skeleton
  • Search for a door.
    Draugr: Dreeeuuugh!
    Elven Undead?: Draugr, Draugr, Draugr, Draugr
Tassarion: Aha! As I suspected - Elven Undead.
Hero: Elven?
Tassarion: Indeed. I believe we have found the Silver Necropolis.
Hero: What's that?
Tassarion: It is the final resting place of Vanya Soulmourn.
Hero: And who is she?
Tassarion: A powerful High Elven sorceress. At least she was...
Hero: I see... A Liche.
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For Great Science (and Magic)

Enter the Silver Necropolis.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Tassarion: Now we'll just need to verify this is indeed Vanya's tomb.
Hero: Oh?
Tassarion: It should become apparent when you try to enter.
Hero: How exactly?
Tassarion: I can't prejudice the results by telling you, I'm afraid.
Hero: Really?
Tassarion: But I believe you have a decent chance of not being murdered.
Hero: That's great.
  • Enter the Spire.
    Necrocorn: Screeeee!
    Gate Guardians: Necrocorn, Draugr, Draugr, Draugr
  • Defeat the undead Unicorns.
    Necrocorn: Screeeee!
    Undead Unicorns?: Necrocorn, Necrocorn, Necrocorn, Necrocorn
Tassarion: Undead Unicorns! Then the rumors are true!
Hero: Rumors?
Tassarion: In life, Vanya was known as the Mistress of Unicorns.
Hero: I see.
Tassarion: I'm disappointed you weren't stabbed a little more though.
Hero: I'm not.
Tassarion: I'd be curious to see the effect of that razor horn on living flesh.
Hero: Ewww.
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Where my Liches at?

Search for Vanya Soulmourn.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Tassarion: Now, you'll need to find Vanya for me.
Hero: I will?
Tassarion: I would like to ask her some questions.
Hero: Really? What?
Tassarion: Amongst other things, I would like to know if the stories are true.
Hero: Stories?
Tassarion: That she was banished from Silverglade for studying dark magic.
Hero: I see.
  • Pass the Wall of Bones.
    Bone Golem: Stop! Vanya commands you!
    The Bone Wall: Wall of Bones, Bone Golem, Necrocorn, Draugr
  • Defeat Vanya's guardians.
    Bone Golem: Leave! Or Vanya will destroy you!
    Golems of Bones: Bone Golem, Bone Golem, Necrocorn, Bone Golem
Tassarion: Is the way clear? Is it safe for me to come out?
Hero: It is.
Tassarion: You sound concerned. Is there a problem?
Hero: Um... Liches?
Tassarion: Vanya Soulmourn? You're worried she'll try to kill us?
Hero: You're NOT?
Tassarion: I mean everything else tries to kill us, but I figured that was just you.
Hero: *sigh*
Conversation Character

Witches and Liches

Meet Vanya Soulmourn.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Tassarion: Alright. Are we ready? How do I look?
Hero: Unprepared.
Tassarion: Really? Is my robe dirty? What will Vanya think.
Hero: Never mind.
Tassarion: I'm very much looking forward to talking with her.
Hero: I bet you are.
Tassarion: The secrets she must know after all these centuries...
Hero: Come on then.
  • Talk with Vanya Soulmourn.
    Vanya Soulmourn: Who disturbs my rest? DIE!
    Vanya Soulmourn: Bone Golem, Necrocorn, Draugr, Vanya Soulmourn
Tassarion: Well, indeed! I never! That was quite uncivilized.
Hero: Told you so.
Tassarion: And such a waste. But fortunately she's not entirely gone.
Hero: How so?
Tassarion: Ah... Liches protect their life force in a phylactery. If it's intact, they survive.
Hero: Clever girl...
Tassarion: If we search deeper in the Necropolis we may find her again.
Hero: I can't wait.
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