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Off to See the Wizard

Meet the High Elven Sage, Tassarion, in the far north of Krystara.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I headed north, to the Glacial Peaks...
Hero: the request of Tassarion, the High Elven Sage.
Tassarion: Oh, THERE you are! You took your time.
Hero: Nice to meet you too.
Tassarion: You're shorter than I'd imagined. Oh well, you'll do.
Hero: Will I now...
Tassarion: Yes, yes, yes. Come on then. We have far to go.
Hero: Very well.
  • Follow Tassarion into the mountains.
    Fenrir: Get back to the lowlands!
    Wolves at the Door: Dire Wolf, Winter Wolf, Jackelope, Fenrir
  • Cross into the lands of the Fey.
    Winter Imp: You will FREEZE up here!
    Heart of Ice: Snow Sprite, Ice Witch, Yeti, Winter Imp
Tassarion: Here we are - the lands of the Fey. Beautiful, no?
Hero: They are.
Emperina: It is a cold land. The Fey are a cold people.
Hero: So it seems.
Tassarion: Oh, you brought a Dragon. She's very literal, isn't she.
Hero: Well...
Tassarion: Never mind. We all have our baggage. Let's press on.
Hero: Very well.
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Deep and Crisp and Even

Search for an ancient Fey city in the Glacial Peaks.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tassarion: Now, we are looking for an ancient Fey city.
Hero: I see.
Tassarion: I have researched it thoroughly, and I believe we are close.
Hero: Okay.
Emperina: I will fly up and scout for it.
Hero: Good idea.
Tassarion: Oh, you DO have your uses! Marvellous!
Hero: Be nice.
  • Follow Emperina deeper into the peaks.
    Valkyrie: Souls for the taking!
    Bunnies and Burrows: Jackelope, Jackelope, Jackelope, Valkyrie
  • Search for the Fey city.
    Ice Witch: Come to me, my pretties!
    Ice Block: Frost Giant, Ice Witch, Barbearius, Berserker
Tassarion: At last! I have found the city. More of a ruin though really.
Hero: YOU have?
Tassarion: I suppose you're wondering what is in there.
Hero: I am.
Emperina: A treasure larger than his opinion of himself, I hope.
Hero: Now, you two!
Tassarion: Not opinion, my dear lizard, fact! Now follow and listen.
Hero: Alright.
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A Town like Malice

Search the ancient Fey ruin.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tassarion: We are searching for clues about an ancient tome.
Hero: I see.
Tassarion: In this tome, I believe, the Fey have a secret.
Hero: What is it?
Tassarion: Oh, if I knew THAT I wouldn't need to find the tome.
Hero: Of course.
Tassarion: But I cannot pass up a chance to learn it.
Hero: Very well.
  • Scout the ruin.
    Banshee: It has been soooo long...
    Rime and Reason: Flesh Golem, Winter Wolf, Skeleton, Banshee
  • Search the ruin.
    Grave Knight: Warm flesh...
    Rime and Rage: Grave Knight, Snow Sprite, Revenant, Yeti
Tassarion: I had not expected so many Undead.
Hero: Indeed.
Emperina: And I thought you knew everything, High Elf.
Hero: Oh dear.
Tassarion: True wisdom lies in knowing what you do NOT know, lizard.
Hero: Wise words.
Tassarion: But I know enough to see this city was detroyed by a great battle.
Hero: I agree.
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Fear the Walking Dead

Quickly search the ruin, then escape the Undead.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tassarion: We must search for a clue.
Hero: Quickly then.
Tassarion: Then perhaps your pet lizard can carry us to safety.
Hero: She's not...
Emperina: I'm not anyone's pet, and I would carry you nowhere, High Elf.
Hero: Woah there!
Tassarion: As I feared; they are wild creatures. Come then, quickly!
Hero: Very well.
  • Help Tassarion quickly search.
    Banshee: Begone, Mortals!
    A Fright of Wights: Zombie, Wight, Wight, Banshee
  • Escape the Undead.
    Wight: They have it! Ssstop them!
    High Spirits: Serpent, Revenant, Winter Imp, Wight
Tassarion: Ha! I found something! An old diary, with a map.
Hero: What does it say?
Tassarion: It is written in Fey Script. It is an ancient language.
Hero: So...
Emperina: He can read it. He's drawing this out for effect.
Hero: Oh...
Tassarion: Impatient creature! Of course I can read it. I am Tassarion!
Hero: Okay.
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Dear Diary

Defend Tassarion while he translates the diary.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tassarion: Now, I will need you to protect me while I translate this.
Hero: Very well.
Tassarion: And keep your lizard away from me. She is distracting.
Hero: Alright.
Emperina: And I thought Dwarves were annoying...
Hero: Indeed.
Tassarion: Now... Where to begin... With the map!
Hero: As you wish.
  • Defend against wild beasts.
    Yeti: Graawwrr!
    Yak and Yeti: Winter Wolf, Winter Wolf, Yeti, Yeti
  • Defend against the Fey.
    Snow Sprite: Look what I found!
    Diary of Doom: Snow Sprite, Jackelope, Dire Wolf, Winter Imp
Tassarion: Aha! I have it! I know where the ancient tome is!
Hero: Where?
Tassarion: In this very ruin! There is a place called the Temple of the Moon.
Hero: I see.
Tassarion: Somehow, the tome was tied to the battle that destroyed this place.
Hero: Hmmm...
Tassarion: But the diary is unclear about exactly how. We must go back!
Hero: Very well.
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To Fey or Not to Fey

Help Tassarion stand his ground against fey desperate for him to leave.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: Before we could head back to the ruin...
Hero: ...we saw a column of Fey riding towards us.
Tassarion: They know we're here. This is not good.
Hero: I agree.
Emperina: I could fly us away and leave the High Elf for them...
Hero: Emperina...
Tassarion: I would expect no less from a cold-blood like yourself.
Hero: Let's greet them.
  • Defend against the Fey Knights.
    Winter Knight: Do not meddle in our affairs!
    Fey, Fey, Go Away: Winter Knight, Ice Witch, Snow Sprite, Frost Giant
  • Defend against the Fey's servants.
    Snow Sprite: We have other - larger - means of persuasion!
    Into the Fey: Snow Sprite, Berserker, Frost Giant, Yeti
Tassarion: There is something about this place they are protecting.
Hero: So it seems.
Emperina: Or maybe they just don't like High Elves either.
Hero: *sigh*
Tassarion: We must get to the Temple of the Moon, before more of them come.
Hero: I agree.
Tassarion: Come on then, and bring the lizard. She may be useful.
Hero: Very well.
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Through the Moon Door

Enter the ancient Temple of the Moon in the Fey ruins.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tassarion: This is it! The Temple of the Moon!
Hero: Impressive.
Tassarion: It is in surprsingly good condition. The doors look strong.
Hero: They do.
Emperina: The doors are closed. Something is being kept safe here, guarded.
Hero: I agree.
Tassarion: Then do your job! We need to get inside!
Hero: Very well.
  • Break through the door.
    Winter Knight: Stop! Go no further!
    The Moon Door: Fortress Gate, Winter Knight, Snow Sprite, Yeti
  • Enter the Temple of the Moon.
    Ice Witch: This place is FORBIDDEN!
    Children of the Moon: Frost Giant, Ice Witch, Valkyrie, Berserker
Tassarion: This ancient tome must be valuable if the Fey guard it so closely.
Hero: Indeed.
Emperina: Perhaps it is guarded for a reason, High Elf.
Hero: Perhaps.
Tassarion: Bah! It is guarded because it contains Fey secrets...
Hero: Secrets?
Tassarion: And secrets are power! We will learn these secrets!
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character


Search the ancient Temple of the Moon in the Fey ruins.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tassarion: The passages in this place are vast, and they run beneath the ground.
Hero: So I see.
Tassarion: Perhaps your lizard can help? I hear they live in holes in the ground.
Hero: Umm...
Emperina: Perhaps I can burn your face off.
Hero: Oh, dear.
Tassarion: Hmph! Let ME lead the way then!
Hero: As you wish.
  • Search the Temple of the Moon.
    Banshee: Turn back now!
    Moonlit Fright: Banshee, Banshee, Wight, Wight
  • Search the passages beneath the Temple.
    Ice Witch: What is kept here may not be seen!
    Fairy Tales: Winter Knight, Snow Sprite, Ice Witch, Ice Witch
Tassarion: The ancient tome! We have found it! I must take a look at its pages.
Hero: Excellent!
Tassarion: Soon, this secret will be mine.
Hero: As you say.
Emperina: I have a bad feeling about this...
Hero: Me too.
Tassarion: Nonsense! Ancient lore like this... it is RARE to find! Now open the book.
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

Temple of Doom

Uncover the secret of the Temple of the Moon.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tassarion: Oh! It is glorious! The book contains an ancient Fey SPELL!
Hero: I see.
Tassarion: It was written by Maeve, the mother of the current Queen, Mab.
Hero: Okay.
Emperina: This is a power beyond your control, High Elf.
Hero: Perhaps...
Tassarion: Nonsense, lizard. What lies in these pages will benefit my people. Now let me continue.
Hero: Very well.
  • Read the ancient tome.
    Valkyrie: Your life is forfeit for touching this tome.
    Fey-tal Attraction: Snow Sprite, Snow Sprite, Valkyrie, Yeti
  • Confront its guardian.
    Borealis: Queen Mab would speak with you!
    Quoth the Raven: Snow Sprite, Snow Sprite, Borealis, Snow Sprite
Emperina: I know that Dragon! Borealis is Queen Mab's servant. Her raven.
Hero: Then she's coming.
Tassarion: My friends... I fear... I fear I may have made a terrible mistake.
Hero: What have you done?
Tassarion: This tome... The spell... It was what broke this city, thousands of years ago.
Hero: How?
Tassarion: The Fey cast a spell, but its backlash did something terrible.
Hero: Steady yourself.
Conversation Character


Protect yourself against all the Fey who have suddenly appeared.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Emperina: Tell us what happened, High Elf. You must hurry! Queen Mab is coming.
Hero: Yes. Tell us.
Tassarion: This spell broke not just the city, but the WORLD!
Hero: How so?
Tassarion: It drew so much power, it broke the wall between the planes of existence.
Hero: What?
Tassarion: It is too late to explain further. The Fey are here.
Hero: Then we fight!
  • Stop the Fey surrounding you.
    Winter Knight: Surround them!
    Fey-ed Away: Winter Knight, Snow Sprite, Snow Sprite, Yeti
  • Don't get captured!
    Winter Knight: Take them alive!
    Knight and Fey: Winter Knight, Winter Knight, Winter Knight, Winter Knight
Hero: Our escape cut off...
Hero: ...we had no choice but to surrender.
Tassarion: All is lost. They will have us put to death.
Hero: Why?
Emperina: Knowledge of this spell cannot be allowed to leave this temple.
Hero: But...
Tassarion: It broke the walls and let the Daemons into the world once...
Hero: Oh...
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Judgement Fey

Stand trial at the Winter Court with Tassarion.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tassarion: That which is learned cannot be UN-learned.
Hero: True.
Tassarion: But I am wise enough not to cast this spell, nor teach it.
Hero: So now what?
Emperina: The Fey will put us in a trial by combat.
Hero: I see.
Tassarion: And ultimately, we must face both Queen Mab AND Borealis to go free.
Hero: Very well.
  • Stand accused!
    Valkyrie: They violated the Temple!
    The Court Assembles: Winter Wolf, Jackelope, Valkyrie, Yeti
  • Face trial!
    Winter Knight: We must put them to death!
    The Court Decides: Winter Knight, Valkyrie, Frost Giant, Frost Giant
  • Defend yourself!
    Ice Witch: And pull out their eyes and tongues to be certain!
    Judge and Fairy: Winter Imp, Winter Wolf, Snow Sprite, Ice Witch
Tassarion: I begin to doubt myself...
Hero: Don't!
Tassarion: This spell once gave us the Infernal King. If I am dead, it cannot happen again.
Hero: No!
Emperina: That is how the Fey fight. They use your fears against you.
Hero: Indeed.
Tassarion: Th... Thank you. You are right, though I still have doubts.
Hero: Come on!
Conversation Character

A Royal Flush

Defeat Queen Mab and Borealis in a trial by combat.

Complete this quest to unlock Tassarion.
Tassarion: This is it then, we face the Queen.
Hero: Indeed we do.
Emperina: And her raven, who becomes the Dragon, Borealis.
Hero: Yes.
Tassarion: Whatever happens, thank you both for standing by me.
Hero: It's what we do.
Tassarion: No! I am an ass, and I know it. Most would have left me to die.
Hero: Come on.
  • Defeat Queen Mab.
    Queen Mab: Your sentence is DEATH!
    The Winter Queen: Yeti, Valkyrie, Borealis, Queen Mab
Hero: With Mab and Borealis defeated...
Hero: ...the Fey grudgingly let us leave.
Tassarion: I may not be able to unlearn this spell, but knowledge of it will die with me.
Hero: Good.
Tassarion: Hopefully THAT will not be for another century at least though.
Hero: Indeed.
Tassarion: In the mean time, I would return your service, and join you for a while.
Hero: Welcome aboard!
Conversation Character

Frostmage Training

Learn the ways of a Frostmage with Tassarion.

Unlock the Frostmage Hero Class
Tassarion: It strikes me you are somewhat 'uncultured' in the ways of magic.
Hero: Oh, why?
Tassarion: You have had no formal training. Perhaps it is time.
Hero: For what?
Tassarion: For me to teach you, of course. Frost Magic. Let us begin!
Hero: One moment...
Tassarion: No interruptions now. Be quiet and pay attention.
Hero: Very well.
  • Observe the structure of the snowflakes.
    Tassarion: Observe the structure of the snowflakes.
    Special Snowflakes: Ice Golem, Frostling, Frost Lizard, Valkyrie
  • Let the Fey cold suffuse you.
    Tassarion: Let the Fey cold suffuse you.
    Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, C: Winter Knight, Frost Archer, Freya, Snow Sprite
  • Learn to control the frost.
    Tassarion: Learn to control the frost!
    Do You Want to Kill a Snowman?: Serpent, Frost Giant, Ice Witch, Snow Guardian
  • And now... Defeat Borealis.
    Tassarion: And now... Defeat Borealis!
    King of the Chill: Dragotaur, Dragonette, Snow Sprite, Borealis
Tassarion: I must say, you surprise me!
Hero: How so?
Tassarion: You're not as doltish as you appear.
Hero: Umm... thanks?
Tassarion: Thanks indeed! It's a rare compliment I give.
Hero: So I see.
Tassarion: You are now a fully-fledged Frostmage.
Hero: Cool...
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