Mirrored Halls

Palace of the Mirror Queen

The Mirror Queen lives here with her servants, quietly reflecting upon her own beauty.
Conversation Character

Keeping up with the Krystarans

Escort Elspeth into the Underworld.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: Against my better judgement, I agreed to escort Princess Elspeth into the Underworld.
Hero: I was fairly certain we'd end up trying to turn something into a new pair of shoes.
Princess Elspeth: Oh, I’m just like, SO bored, I don't even KNOW why I came here!
Hero: Shoes? Pets?
Princess Elspeth: You’re like so annoying. You used to be fun.
Hero: I was never fun.
Princess Elspeth: O.M.G. Look! There's something shiny up ahead! I want it!
Hero: Wait up!
  • Follow Elspeth.
    Doppelganger: Who disturbs us?!
    Look, a Distraction!: Water Elemental, Snow Sprite, Doppelganger, Doppelganger
  • Get closer to the shiny thing.
    Doppelganger: Warn the Queen!
    Quadruplegangers: Doppelganger, Doppelganger, Doppelganger, Doppelganger
Princess Elspeth: Ewww. What WERE those things? They were totally grody.
Hero: Um, Elspeth...
Princess Elspeth: What is it now? I'm like cleaning this grossness off my dress.
Hero: Just look.
Princess Elspeth: Oh... No way! Is that a castle MADE OF MIRRORS?
Hero: Looks like it.
Princess Elspeth: It’s beautiful. It’s perfect... It will make SO MANY PAIRS OF SHOES!
Hero: Not this again.
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In the Name of Vanity

Help Elspeth infiltrate the Mirrored Halls.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Princess Elspeth: Earings! A necklace! I could make SO MANY things!
Hero: If you say so.
Princess Elspeth: I totally didn't think the Mirrored Halls were even REAL.
Hero: You know this place?
Princess Elspeth: Duh! It was my favourite bed time story. Everyone in Krystara knows it.
Hero: Do they?
Princess Elspeth: Double duh! A beautiful queen makes a castle of mirrors so she can like look at herself for like EVER.
Hero: I see why you liked it.
  • Fight your way in.
    Copycat: Protect the mirrors!
    Cat Got Your Tongue?: Doppelganger, Copycat, Doppelganger, Cat Sith
  • Defeat the Copycats.
    Copycat: We're going to copy YOU!
    Stop Copying Me: Ice Troll, Copycat, Copycat, Doppelganger
Princess Elspeth: O.M.G. These mirrors are one of the best things I've seen like... EVER.
Hero: One of?
Princess Elspeth: Like TOTALLY! Are you forgetting my shoes... and chariot... and centaur... and kitty... and...
Hero: How could I forget?
Princess Elspeth: I don't even know, but these mirrors are like so much better than all those things COMBINED!
Hero: Oh no....
Princess Elspeth: I NEED THEM ALL!
Hero: Okay then.
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All's Fair in Love and Loot

Steal all the mirrors you can carry.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Princess Elspeth: This is like the most fun I've had in AGES.
Hero: Cool.
Princess Elspeth: Are you like totally having fun too?
Hero: I like totally am.
Princess Elspeth: YAY! This means we can be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
Hero: Can we?
Princess Elspeth: TRIPLE DUH. And as my BFF you can totally carry all these mirrors back to Silverglade!
Hero: *sigh*
  • Fight off the golems.
    Glass Golem: PROTECT SHINIES!!!
    Steal From the Rich...: Glass Golem, Copycat, Doppelganger, Doppelganger
  • Take everything the golems love.
    Glass Golem: LEAVE SHINIES HERE!!!
    ...And Give Back to the Rich!: Glass Golem, Glass Golem, Copycat, Doppelganger
Princess Elspeth: Are you sure you can't carry any more? This is totally not enough for shoes AND earings.
Hero: I'm sure.
Princess Elspeth: Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
Hero: Please don't.
Princess Elspeth: ...Who's the fairest of them all?
Hero: Is it me?
Princess Elspeth: Haha! I never knew you were like, so funny!
Hero: ...
Conversation Character

Narcissism Now

Claim the crown.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Princess Elspeth: No way NO WAY... NO... WAY!
Hero: What way?
Princess Elspeth: That is totally the Queen of Mirrors!
Hero: Who?
Princess Elspeth: I need that crown! It would look SO amazing on me!
Hero: It's just a crown.
Princess Elspeth: PLEAAAASE?! Pretty please?! I'll never ask you for anything like ever again! I promise!
Hero: Fine.
  • Defeat the Queen of Mirrors and claim her crown.
    The Mirror Queen: You will never be more beautiful than I!
    Battle of the Beauties: Glass Golem, Doppelganger, Copycat, The Mirror Queen
Princess Elspeth: Oh wow, it's totally beautiful!
Hero: I guess.
Princess Elspeth: I know we're like BFFs now and stuff, but you can totally leave.
Hero: What?
Princess Elspeth: This is officially the BEST. PLACE. EVER. And I like want it all for me.
Hero: We're leaving.
Hero: And so, kicking and screaming, we escorted Elspeth from the Mirrored Halls...
Hero: With more magic mirrors than is healthy for any young Elven princess.
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