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Giantslaying 101

Learn the basics of Giantslaying from Keghammer.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I received an invitation to Stormheim...
Hero: meet Keghammer, the Giantslayer!
Keghammer: Ach! Ye came? I'm sooo excited!
Hero: You are?
Keghammer: O' course! Ye're famous! I'm famous! Together we'll be famous-er.
Hero: Is that a word?
Keghammer: Come on then! I've got to introduce ye to Ol' Frosty!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat Ol' Frosty the Giant.
    Frost Giant: Come to play with Ol' Frosty, eh?
    Ol' Frosty: Serpent, Serpent, Ogre, Frost Giant
  • Defeat Ol' Frosty's brothers.
    Frost Giant: What'd you do to our brother?
    Ol' Frosty's Brothers: Frost Giant, Frost Giant, Frost Giant, Frost Giant
Keghammer: An' THAT'S how we take a Giant the Keghammer way.
Hero: I see.
Keghammer: Do ye? Do ye now? That's grand.
Hero: What next?
Keghammer: Well, we're here for a reason, you and I.
Hero: Oh?
Keghammer: We're gonna bag us some Giants! BIG ones!
Hero: Okay.
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A Clash of Clans

Wade into a battle where Frost Giants and Stone Giants are fighting.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Keghammer: Will ye look at this...
Hero: What?
Keghammer: Up ahead... Giants fighting. With MORE Giants!
Hero: Yes...
Keghammer: It's like an all-ye-can-eat buffet! And we get to do the carving!
Hero: Yeah...
Keghammer: I just hope ye brought a big plate!
Hero: Lead on!
  • Fight the Stone Giants.
    Stone Giant: A Dwarf? Kill it!
    Stoned in Stormheim: Ogre, Rhynax, Stone Giant, Stone Giant
  • Fight the Frost Giants.
    Berserker: Kill them all!
    Breaking the Ice: Serpent, Frost Giant, Berserker, Berserker
Keghammer: That was GLORIOUS!
Hero: So it was.
Keghammer: I slew 27! Twenty SEVEN! How'd ye do?
Hero: Only 8.
Keghammer: Ach! Not bad for a beginner. But ye'll learn. Don't worry.
Hero: Okay.
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A Game of War

Discover what has caused the Giants' War.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: Ye know, one thing bothers me.
Hero: Oh?
Keghammer: Why are the clans at war? That's not right.
Hero: It isnt?
Keghammer: No... The Frost Clans keep to the mountains.
Hero: Makes sense.
Keghammer: And the Stone Clans stay near the sea. We should investigate.
Hero: Okay.
  • Look for answers with the Stone Giants.
    Stone Giant: It's that Dwarf again!
    Seeking Answers: Ettin, Rhynax, Rhynax, Stone Giant
  • Seek answers from a wounded Berserker.
    Berserker: Leave me be, or ELSE!
    Written in Stone: Ogre, Serpent, Serpent, Berserker
Keghammer: Well, well, well...
Hero: What?
Keghammer: That Berserker had an interesting tale to tell.
Hero: He did?
Keghammer: Jarl Firemantle is in Stormheim, stirrin' up trouble.
Hero: Who's Jarl?
Keghammer: Only the biggest meanest UGLIEST Fire Giant ye'll ever see!
Hero: Oh...
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A Small Diversion

Help Keghammer. There's another huge battle, and he just can't pass it up!

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Keghammer: We need to go after Jarl Firemantle!
Hero: We do?
Keghammer: Aye! But there's just so many Giants fightin' down here.
Hero: Oh?
Keghammer: What to do... What to do... So many choices.
Hero: Your call.
Keghammer: Aye. Then we fight! We'll call it a warm-up!
Hero: As you wish!
  • Charge blindly into a dangerous situation.
    Berserker: Woohaa! Dwarf for dinner!
    Into the Fray: Ogre, Stone Giant, Frost Giant, Berserker
  • Disregard all thoughts of personal safety.
    Stone Giant: Squish them!
    Midst of Battle: Ettin, Frost Giant, Stone Giant, Stone Giant
  • Triumph against overwhelming odds.
    Berserker: You end here!
    Berserkers!: Berserker, Berserker, Berserker, Berserker
Hero: Things took a turn for the worse.
Hero: Keghammer suffered a nasty wound.
Keghammer: Ach! They almost cut me leg off! And me ear!
Hero: Ouch!
Keghammer: An I'm bleedin' from places ye've never seen!
Hero: Ewww...
Keghammer: I think I'm dyin'!
Hero: No, you're not.
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Not Yet His Time

Defend Keghammer from the Valkyries who are trying to take his soul.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: I can't die yet! I haven't slain Jarl!
Hero: You're not dying!
Keghammer: I'm bleedin' out! Look at the snow! It's RED!
Hero: Hmmm...
Keghammer: Ye've gotta protect me from the Valkyries!
Hero: Valkyries?
Keghammer: Aye! Battle spirits. They'll come to take me SOUL!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defend Keghammer from a Valkyrie.
    Valkyrie: I've found a Soul, sisters!
    Seeking a Soul: Frost Giant, Ogre, Ettin, Valkyrie
  • Chase the Valkyries away.
    Valkyrie: Give us his Soul!
    Not Today: Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Valkyrie, Valkyrie
Keghammer: Wait a minute...
Hero: What?
Keghammer: That's not blood.
Hero: What is it?
Keghammer: It's wine! They cut me wineskin! I'll LIVE!
Hero: So you will.
Keghammer: NOW we can hunt Jarl. Come on!
Hero: Okay.
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Signs of Battle

Track Jarl Firemantle by looking for more signs of battle.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Keghammer: We need to look for signs o' battle.
Hero: Oh?
Keghammer: If Jarl's stirrin' up trouble, he'll be there.
Hero: Okay.
Keghammer: And if he's NOT, we get to do the dance again, eh?
Hero: Let's go!
  • Look for signs of another battle.
    Ettin: Stop all the racket! I have 4 ears!
    Mountain Trail: Ogre, Rhynax, Rhynax, Ettin
  • Travel towards the battle.
    Valkyrie: You'll not escape us!
    Road to War: Serpent, Serpent, Valkyrie, Valkyrie
Keghammer: There we have it. Smoke in the distance!
Hero: A Battle!
Keghammer: Aye! Sharpen yer axe!
Hero: Okay.
Keghammer: We don't stop 'til we're knee deep in their innards!
Hero: *sigh*
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Worst Ambush Ever

Escape a (rather obvious) ambush that has been set by the Giants.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: Up ahead... Ye see that small tree?
Hero: Yes.
Keghammer: With the large Giant standin' behind it.
Hero: What's he doing?
Keghammer: I think he's tryin' to ambush us!
Hero: Oh...
  • Avoid a ridiculous ambush.
    Stone Giant: Surprise!
    Surprise!: Ettin, Ettin, Ogre, Stone Giant
  • What you just did? Do it again!
    Frost Giant: You don't LOOK surprised!
    And Again!: Frost Giant, Frost Giant, Frost Giant, Valkyrie
Keghammer: They're not too bright, eh?
Hero: So it seems.
Keghammer: But they make a satisfyin' sound when they fall over, eh?
Hero: I guess.
Keghammer: Come on! The battle's not far now.
Hero: Okay.
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The Stonebreakers

Force the Stone Giant Clan to retreat by stealing their ale!

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: I was a little surprised...
Hero: Keghammer had an actual plan.
Keghammer: If we fight ALL these Giants, Jarl might escape...
Hero: True.
Keghammer: So we need to stop the war. Stone Giants first!
Hero: But how?
Keghammer: Ha! That's easy! We destroy their ale. They'll be gone in a day!
Hero: Clever...
  • Break into the Stone Giant camp.
    Stone Giant: You two! Stop!
    Sentry Stones: Ettin, Ettin, Ogre, Stone Giant
  • Destroy the ale barrels!
    Stone Giant: Not in the alehouse! Not a chance!
    Alehouse Rock: Rhynax, Stone Giant, Stone Giant, Stone Giant
Keghammer: A moment's silence, eh.
Hero: Why?
Keghammer: We just wasted a lot o' good cheap ale, ye know!
Hero: Oh, I see.
Keghammer: Aye. It's a shame we never got acquainted.
Hero: Hmmm...
Keghammer: But it's the price o' VICTORY! Come on!
Hero: If you say so.
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The Icebreakers

Challenge the leader of the Frost Giant Clan.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: Now for the Frost Clan!
Hero: Ale again?
Keghammer: Ale won't work on Frost Giants. They're too serious.
Hero: What then?
Keghammer: We find their Champion, and challenge him.
Hero: Will that work?
Keghammer: I have no idea! Now, come on!
Hero: Okay.
  • Break into the Frost Giant camp.
    Valkyrie: Jarl has a price on your head!
    Icy Reception: Frost Giant, Frost Giant, Valkyrie, Valkyrie
  • Get the Frost Giant Champion's attention.
    Berserker: Feel our bite!
    The Snakemaster: Serpent, Serpent, Serpent, Berserker
Keghammer: Well THAT should get their Champion's attention.
Hero: I agree.
Keghammer: I hope he's a biggun!
Hero: Why?
Keghammer: The bigger they are... the harder I am to hit!
Hero: Oh, I see.
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Champion of Ice

Defeat the Frost Giant Champion to rout their army.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Keghammer: Well, here he comes now!
Hero: He's big.
Keghammer: Aye... Let's make him a little shorter, eh?
Hero: Why?
Keghammer: Ye chop bits off the bottom 'til they're yer own size...
Hero: Oh?
Keghammer: Then ye nut 'em in the snout!
Hero: Ouch...
  • Challenge the Frost Giant Champion.
    Berserker: You picked a good to day to die, Dwarf!
    Frost Champion: Frost Giant, Frost Giant, Frost Giant, Berserker
Keghammer: Well that's dusted! The Frost Giants'll leave now.
Hero: Good.
Keghammer: Now, all we have left is Jarl!
Hero: Indeed.
Keghammer: Ye've been a great help, ye know.
Hero: Really?
Keghammer: Nah... Could've done it me self, but I enjoy the company!
Hero: Right...
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Quest for Fire

Get the attention of Jarl Firemantle by defeating his guards.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: That's Jarl's camp up ahead.
Hero: Good.
Keghammer: Let's light it up!
Hero: Burn it?
Keghammer: Aye! He's a Fire Giant. He'll enjoy the spectacle!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat Jarl's retainers.
    Frost Giant: Jarl! Help us!
    Jarl's Household: Rhynax, Ogre, Serpent, Frost Giant
  • Defeat Jarl's personal guard.
    Berserker: Jarl says to bring him your head!
    Jarl's Guard: Stone Giant, Valkyrie, Ettin, Berserker
Keghammer: Did ye feel that?
Hero: What?
Keghammer: Did ye feel the ground shake?
Hero: Yeah...
Keghammer: Oooo! Jarl Firemantle is on his way!
Hero: Oh...
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Watch the World Burn...

Help Keghammer defeat the legendary Jarl Firemantle.

Complete this quest to unlock Keghammer.
Keghammer: Well, this is it, at last!
Hero: Yes it is.
Keghammer: Keghammer versus the BIGGEST... the MEANEST...
Hero: Uh huh.
Keghammer: The STRONGEST, the SMARTEST, the CRAZIEST...
Hero: I get it.
Keghammer: The most VIOLENT GIANT EVER!
Hero: Let's do this.
  • Defeat Jarl Firemantle.
    Jarl Firemantle: It's Time to BURN!
    Jarl Firemantle: Stone Giant, Berserker, Valkyrie, Jarl Firemantle
Keghammer: That was GLORIOUS! Me legend lives ON!
Hero: So it does.
Keghammer: Keghammer the Giant Slayer is undefeated!
Hero: Indeed.
Keghammer: And you know what?
Hero: What?
Keghammer: I think I'll join ye for a while. I see Giants in yer future!
Hero: Come on, then.
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Titan Training

Learn the secrets of becoming a Titan from Keghammer, by pretending to be a Giant.

Unlock the Titan Hero Class
Keghammer: I'm lookin' fer a sparrin' partner.
Hero: You are?
Keghammer: I'm trainin' me Dwarves to fight Giants like ol' Keghammer!
Hero: I see.
Keghammer: And there's somethin' in it fer ye too if ye can pretend to be a Giant.
Hero: What's that?
Keghammer: Ye'll become a Titan! A warrior as strong as a Giant.
Hero: Okay!
  • Help Keghammer begin his training.
    Keghammer: Now! Stand tall like a Cloud Giant!
    Think Big: Bombardier, Deep Borer, Keghammer, Dwarf Lord
  • Try to fight like a Giant.
    Keghammer: Swing yer weapon in big arcs like ol' Jarl!
    Think Bigger: Deep Borer, Runesmith, Keghammer, Blast Cannon
  • Learn to roar like a Giant.
    Keghammer: Prepare for the pain! The slayers are comin'!
    Think Huge: Dwarven Slayer, Dwarven Slayer, Keghammer, Dwarven Slayer
  • Convince the Dwarves you ARE a Giant.
    Keghammer: Now bring it all together. BE the Giant!
    Think TITANIC: Lord Ironbeard, Lady Ironbeard, Keghammer, Apothecary
Keghammer: Ach, ye did brilliant!
Hero: I did?
Keghammer: The Ironbeards thought ye were the shortest Giant they'd ever seen.
Hero: Shortest?
Keghammer: Aye, shortest. But still a Giant nonetheless!
Hero: So...
Keghammer: Ye're a Titan fer sure! No doubt about it!
Hero: Yay?
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