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A Thief in the Mist

Begin your hunt for the Temple of the Naga.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I nervously crossed into the mists.
Hero: To my surprise, I met a fellow traveller.
Raven: Well met! I expect a horde of Naga, but I meet you instead!
Hero: Well met!
Raven: This mist is troublesome. I find myself a little... lost.
Hero: Where are you going?
Raven: I seek a great jewel in the Naga temple. Care to join me?
Hero: Why not.
  • Travel deeper into the mist.
    Scale Guard: Intrudersss!
    Snakes! There's Snakes!: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Poison Master
  • Search for any signs of the Temple.
    Poison Master: Feel my poissson!
    Why Did it Have to be Snakes?: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Mist Stalker, Poison Master
Raven: These mists... They are most vexing.
Hero: I agree.
Raven: I think we are going about this the wrong way.
Hero: How so?
Raven: We could wander blindly here for years and find nothing.
Hero: True.
Raven: What we need is a map!
Hero: Okay.
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Cartographic Deficiencies

Travel north, looking for Elves who might have a map.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Raven: A map. I have an idea where we can find one.
Hero: Oh really?
Raven: Yes. To the north of us lies the Forest of Thorns.
Hero: True.
Raven: It strikes me that the Elves might have a map.
Hero: Yes.
Raven: We shall just have to convince them to give us one.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel north towards the mountains.
    Mist Stalker: Hsssss!
    Look Who's Stalking: Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker
  • Look for any sign of Elves.
    Glade Warden: Look out! Bandits!
    Elves Gone Wild: Glade Warden, Hippogryph, Glade Warden, Hippogryph
Raven: Well, I think they have been convinced to give us their map.
Hero: They have.
Raven: And their gold, as it turns out. It is a good day.
Hero: What now?
Raven: Now we can head back and get the Casket from the Temple.
Hero: You mean the GEM?
Raven: Ah, I lied! Apologies. I am a cautious man, and we had just met!
Hero: Understood.
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Temple Run

Follow the Elven Map across the Mist of Scales towards the Temple.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Raven: Now the map shows we have only a short journey!
Hero: Good.
Raven: But very dangerous, I think.
Hero: Why's that?
Raven: The mists are thick and full of terrors. Come, let's go.
Hero: Okay.
  • Approach the Temple.
    Siren: Approach and submit to me!
    Temple Guardians: Templar, Templar, Templar, Siren
  • Follow the map to the Temple.
    Poison Master: You will regret entering the mistsss!
    Slaves of the Naga: Ghoul, Ghoul, Mist Stalker, Poison Master
Raven: The Crypt! It is here. It is a good day.
Hero: Crypt?
Raven: Ah yes, I said temple. I meant crypt.
Hero: Really?
Raven: In my native tongue, the words are very similar, yes?
Hero: I see...
Raven: It was my mistake. I apologize, my friend.
Hero: Okay.
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Vault Breaker

Break into the ancient Naga Crypt and steal its treasures.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Raven: All we need do is get past the statues...
Hero: Right...
Raven: And the Casket will be ours!
Hero: Sounds easy.
Raven: Nothing is ever easy, my friend. You go first.
Hero: Okay.
  • Enter the Crypt.
    Golem: Halt!
    Crypt Guardians: Golem, Golem, Mist Stalker, Golem
  • Search the Crypt for treasure.
    Revenant: Who disturbsss our ressst?
    Crypt Keepers: Ghoul, Ghoul, Wight, Revenant
Raven: The books! I have them!
Hero: What books?
Raven: Ah, yes, you were expecting a casket, yes?
Hero: I was.
Raven: I'm afraid I misrepresented the treasure. I was concerned!
Hero: About what?
Raven: Some people do not appreciate books. I was worried you would leave.
Hero: I see...
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Snake Tales

Find some Lamia and learn about the Forbidden Pools.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Raven: These books will serve us well.
Hero: How so?
Raven: They tell of a place called the Forbidden Pools, filled with gems!
Hero: Really?
Raven: A place even the Naga fear to tread, but it is not on our map.
Hero: Interesting.
Raven: We must find a Naga Priestess - a Lamia. She will know more.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel back into the mists.
    Poison Master: Ssstop right there!
    Poison Arrow: Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Poison Master, Poison Master
  • Search for a Naga Priestess.
    Lamia: How dare you threaten usss!
    The Lovely Lamia: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Lamia, Lamia
Raven: The Lamia knows of the Forbidden Pools.
Hero: Good.
Raven: She also told me of the gold that is there.
Hero: You said gems...
Raven: Yes... I misunderstood. The book... It was very faded.
Hero: I see...
Raven: Apologies, my friend. But together we can achieve anything, yes?
Hero: So it seems.
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The Long March

Travel through the Mist of Scales to the Forbidden Pools.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Raven: This journey will be long, my friend.
Hero: Okay.
Raven: But when we are done, mountains of gold will be ours.
Hero: I have my doubts.
Raven: It is the mists, my friend. They will make you doubt yourself.
Hero: It's not the mists.
Raven: Do not give in! Stay strong!
Hero: Let's go.
  • Travel though the mists.
    Ghoul: Join usss!
    Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls!: Ghoul, Ghoul, Ghoul, Ghoul
  • Travel towards the Forbidden Pools.
    Siren: Come to me, pretty ones!
    Song of Despair: Mist Stalker, Ghoul, Ghoul, Siren
  • Approach the Forbidden Pools.
    Lamia: You may ssstep no further!
    Forbidden Edge: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Poison Master, Lamia
Raven: The Forbidden Pools! We are here!
Hero: There's no gold.
Raven: Ah! When I said gold, I did not mean gold coins!
Hero: What, then?
Raven: I meant that what we would find is as VALUABLE as gold!
Hero: Okay...
Raven: Come! Let us explore. I will show you. You go first!
Hero: *sigh*
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Pool Party

Search the Forbidden Pools for a Daemon and a sword.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Raven: I have not been entirely honest with you, my friend.
Hero: No kidding!
Raven: I am not who I seem. But it is time I told you the truth.
Hero: Okay.
Raven: I am an assassin. I have been hired to kill the Naga King.
Hero: So why are we HERE?
Raven: There is a sword buried here, with an old Daemon. I need it.
Hero: Let's search.
  • Enter the Forbidden Pools.
    Wight: The massster will not be pleased!
    The Bone Pile: Skeleton, Skeleton, Wight, Wight
  • Search the very center of the Pools.
    Ancient Horror: Ctharcg Ulfthagorn Gorthugh!
    Daemon of the Mists: Golem, Golem, Mist Stalker, Ancient Horror
Raven: The dagger! I have it!
Hero: Dagger?
Raven: Yes... the book made it sound larger. I thought it was a sword.
Hero: I see...
Raven: This is the weapon that must slay the Naga King.
Hero: Good.
Raven: And then I will share my reward with you!
Hero: Okay.
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Royal Presence

Learn the whereabouts of the Naga King.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Raven: Now that you know my purpose, I can explain what comes next.
Hero: What's that?
Raven: The Naga King... He moves around. We must find him.
Hero: How?
Raven: The Lamia... They know everything! Let us ask them.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel out of the Forbidden Pools.
    Mist Stalker: Hsssssss!
    Poolside Problems: Ghoul, Ghoul, Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker
  • Search for more Lamia.
    Lamia: What isss the meaning of thisss?
    Witches and Warlocks: Poison Master, Lamia, Acolyte, Warlock
Raven: Lamia and Warlocks travelling together. Strange.
Hero: Hmmm...
Raven: It seems the Naga King is meeting a delegation from Karakoth.
Hero: Oh!
Raven: They will be heading to his Palace.
Hero: Palace?
Raven: Yes... I am as surprised as you are. I heard he did not have one.
Hero: I see...
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Ambassadorial Ambush

Ambush the delegation from Karakoth and take their place.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Raven: I have a cunning plan!
Hero: What's that?
Raven: The ambassadors... We must attack them.
Hero: Why?
Raven: Then we can replace them, and get close to the Naga King.
Hero: Okay.
  • Assault the ambassadorial party.
    Acolyte: Golems! Crush them!
    Karakoth Cronies: Golem, Golem, Acolyte, Acolyte
  • Defeat the Ambassadors.
    Warlock: Stop! How dare you!
    Karakoth Quartet: Warlock, Warlock, Warlock, Warlock
Raven: Ha! You make a fine Warlock, my friend!
Hero: Thanks.
Raven: The Naga will never see this coming.
Hero: I hope not.
Raven: We are almost done! Then we will celebrate our wealth!
Hero: We'll see.
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Palace of the Naga

Enter the Naga Palace and attempt to slay the Naga King.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Raven: It is not much of a palace!
Hero: No.
Raven: Still, the Naga are not like us. Are you ready?
Hero: I am.
Raven: Then let us enter. You go first.
Hero: Okay.
  • Enter the Palace.
    Acolyte: You're not from Karakoth! Impostors!
    Karakoth Contingent: Golem, Acolyte, Scale Guard, Warlock
  • Approach the throne.
    Scale Guard: Stop! Go no further!
    Serpent Court: Warlock, Mist Stalker, Poison Master, Lamia
  • Defeat the King.
    Lamia: You dare attack a Queen of the Naga?
    The Naga Queen: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Lamia
Raven: The Queen is dead! And I have her amulet.
Hero: QUEEN?
Raven: Queen... King... It is unimportant.
Hero: But...
Raven: I said King, I know. I lied! I am not an assassin.
Hero: Really?
Raven: Come. Let us escape, and I will explain.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Lies, Damned Lies, and Raven

Seek out the Lair of the Marsh Dragon

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Raven: No more lies, my friend. I will finally tell you the truth.
Hero: Okay...
Raven: I am a Master Thief. I have come in search of a prize.
Hero: My patience?
Raven: The Eyes of the Marsh Dragon, Venoxia. Worth 1000 Emeralds.
Hero: Really?
Raven: The book, the amulet, the dagger... I need them all. I will explain as we go.
Hero: Okay.
  • Escape the Naga Palace.
    Scale Guard: Catch them!
    Ssswift Pursuit: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Lamia
  • Travel to Venoxia's Lair.
    Lamia: Nobody approaches Venoxia!
    Venoxia's Handmaidens: Mist Stalker, Lamia, Lamia, Lamia
Raven: The book, the amulet, the dagger... You have helped me find them.
Hero: Okay.
Raven: The Book has guided us to Venoxia's Lair.
Hero: I see.
Raven: The Amulet of the Queen can summon Venoxia.
Hero: Hmmm...
Raven: And this dagger. Only a magical blade can pry out her eyes.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Venoxia, the Marsh Dragon.

Defeat Venoxia, the Swamp Dragon, and pry out her eyes.

Complete this quest to unlock Raven.
Raven: We did it, my friend! All that remains is to summon the beast!
Hero: Hmmm...
Raven: I sense you do not believe me, but this time it is not a lie.
Hero: Why do you lie?
Raven: Lying? It is a game I play. I am quite good at it, yes?
Hero: Sometimes.
Raven: Come! This time, I will go first. VENOXIA!
Hero: Lead on!
  • Defeat Venoxia.
    Venoxia: RAWRRR!
    The Marsh Dragon: Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Venoxia
Raven: Another for my collection!
Hero: Collection?
Raven: Yes. I have many gems, though this is the most beautiful.
Hero: So what next?
Raven: Now? I think I will travel with you for a while.
Hero: Why?
Raven: Why not! I quite enjoy having someone to lie to!
Hero: As you wish.
Conversation Character

Assassin Training

Learn the secrets of becoming an Assassin from Raven (if he can be trusted).

Unlock the Assassin Hero Class
Raven: My friend, I think it is time!
Hero: For what?
Raven: Time to learn the ways of an Assassin!
Hero: But...
Raven: Ha! You thought I was merely a thief? No, my friend, I lied.
Hero: Again?
Raven: We Assassins... We must be cautious, yes? Let me show you.
Hero: Very well.
  • Pass the Test of Green Blood.
    Raven: First we learn how to kill the things with cold green blood!
    Test of Green Blood: Green Slime, Mist Stalker, Naga Queen, Marilith
  • Pass the Test of Blue Blood.
    Raven: Then we learn how to kill the things with royal blue blood!
    Test of Blue Blood: Knight Coronet, Winter Knight, Valkyrie, Queen Mab
  • Pass the Test of Red Blood.
    Raven: Finally we learn how to kill the things with hot red blood!
    Test of Red Blood: Herald of Chaos, Hellcat, Infernal King, Sheggra
  • Pass the FINAL Test.
    Raven: Now we get the treasure! I mean... Kill these other things!
    Test of Truth: Sacred Guardian, Templar, Paladin, Anubite Warrior
Raven: Ah... Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, Diamonds! You have done well, my friend.
Hero: But...
Raven: Oh! The Assassin tests! Yes, of course. You passed most admirably!
Hero: You lying...
Raven: Calm down, my friend! Assassins, Thieves, they are not so different, eh?
Hero: What?
Raven: Stealing gems? Stealing lives? If you see the symmetry, an Assassin you are!
Hero: If you say so...
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