Conversation Character

Bunny on the Run

Defend yourself against the Stryx.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I travelled to Suncrest...
Hero: ...Hoping to find the reclusive Stryx.
Hero: I certainly found them...
Hero: ...And a lot more besides.
Luther: They seem to be chasing that creature. What is it?
Hero: A Lapina?
Luther: One of the rabbit-folk? We should help her.
Hero: Let's go!
  • Confront the Stryx.
    Owleth: Intruders! You have no business here!
    Angry Birds: Owleth, Owleth, Sylph, Owlbear
  • Defend yourself.
    Heronath: Begone! Or we will take you prisoner!
    Angry Birds 2: Jaguar Warrior, Roc, Heronath, Sylph
Tezca: Well, some thanks are in order, I guess.
Hero: You're welcome.
Tezca: But I DID have it under control.
Hero: Really?
Tezca: I see you're not familiar with my people.
Hero: I'm not.
Tezca: We're a lot trickier to pin down than most folk think.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Too Close to the Sun

Travel into Suncrest to find the Sun Disk.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tezca: Now, I can tell... You're wondering why a Lapina is in Suncrest.
Hero: I am.
Tezca: It's simple really. I've come to teach Garuda a lesson in humility.
Hero: Garuda?
Tezca: The Stryx call him the God-King.
Hero: I see.
Tezca: Follow along. I'm searching for the Sun Disk. I'll explain as we go.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel into Suncrest.
    Owlbear: Rawrrr!
    Into Suncrest: Moa, Moa, Moa, Owlbear
  • Locate the Pillar of the Sun Disk.
    Owleth: Do not approach the Sun Disk!
    Towards the Sun: Chupacabra, Sunsail, Owleth, Sylph
Tezca: See that pillar up ahead? That's the Pillar of the Sun Disk.
Hero: So?
Tezca: It belongs to Garuda. He calls himself Lord of the Skies.
Hero: Okay.
Tezca: And the All-Knowing King, and the Master of the Unquenchable Flame.
Hero: Oh...
Tezca: And the Undefeated. As I said... he needs to learn some humility. So, here I am!
Hero: I see
Conversation Character

Lord of the Skies

Trick the Stryx Guardians into the breaking the Sun Disk.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tezca: Now, here's the plan. Garuda calls himself the Lord of Skies.
Hero: Okay.
Tezca: The weather here in Suncrest is always so perfect.
Hero: Why's that?
Tezca: His Sun Disk makes it so. Now we can't steal it.
Hero: So?
Tezca: We're going to trick his priests into breaking it!
Hero: I see.
  • Pretend to take the Sun Disk.
    Sylph: Leave the Sun Disk alone!
    Sun's Protectors: Chupacabra, Owlbear, Sylph, Sylph
  • Trick the Stryx into breaking the Sun Disk.
    Prince Azquila: I will destroy the Sun Disk, rather than let you take it!
    Prince Azquila: Archon Statue, Heronath, Marsh Raptor, Prince Azquila
Tezca: And just like that! No more Lord of the Skies!
Hero: Look! Clouds!
Tezca: Well THAT should get the so-called God-King's attention.
Hero: I think so.
Tezca: He'll come looking for us, but when he does...
Hero: Yes?
Tezca: I'd like to put an end to this rumor he's the All-Knowing King.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Sandward Ho

Travel to the Drifting Sands in search of a question.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tezca: Now, we need to find a question Garuda can't answer.
Hero: I see.
Tezca: And luckily I think there might be some help nearby.
Hero: Where?
Tezca: The Mad Prophets of the Drifting Sands.
Hero: Really?
Tezca: In madness there is sometimes brilliance! Come on!
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel to the Drifting Sands.
    Djinn: What do we have here?
    Sand Creatures: Roc, Sand Shark, Desert Mantis, Djinn
  • Find the Mad Prophets.
    Dragon Cruncher: Lapina? Yum! Tasty!
    Danger in the Desert: Dragon Cruncher, Rock Spirit, Rock Spirit, Sand Shark
Tezca: This is it! We're here at last.
Hero: We are?
Tezca: Unfortunately this isn't going to be a short, easy lesson for Garuda.
Hero: I guess not.
Tezca: But power without humility is very dangerous thing... For the whole world.
Hero: I agree.
Tezca: My people go where we're needed. And right now - that's here.
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

Seeking Questions

Ask the Mad Prophets for an unanswerable question.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tezca: So these are the Mad Prophets.
Hero: I see them.
Tezca: I've not spoken with them before. I think they're dangerous.
Hero: I agree.
Tezca: Let's see what they have to say...
Hero: Okay.
  • Talk to the Mad Prophets.
    Mad Prophet: Hehe! You seek the unanswerable question?
    Sheer Madness: Dust Devil, Mad Prophet, Desert Mantis, Manticore
  • Find the question.
    Mad Prophet: Hehe! You must start with the answer!
    Crazy Times: Rock Spirit, Wandering Monk, Ifrit, Mad Prophet
Tezca: Interesting... Start with the answer, he says.
Hero: Indeed.
Tezca: So if we wanted him to say: I don't know.
Hero: Then...
Tezca: We'd simply have to ask him...
Hero: What?
Tezca: What is it that the God-King would NEVER SAY!
Hero: Brilliant!
Conversation Character

The All-Knowing King

Confront God-King Garuda with the unanswerable question.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tezca: Back in Suncrest we are, and it looks like we got Garuda's attention.
Hero: How so?
Tezca: See all those Stryx?
Hero: Yes.
Tezca: It's a sure sign he's come down from his Temple, high on the peak.
Hero: I see.
Tezca: So, come on! Let's go and embarrass him!
Hero: Lead on!
  • Approach Garuda.
    Heronath: You must defeat us to approach the God-King.
    Guardian Stryx: Moa, Dragonette, Jaguar Warrior, Heronath
  • Ask the only thing the God-King will never say?
    Garuda: I DO NOT KNOW!
    Garuda Summoned: Owlbear, Peryton, Owleth, Garuda
Tezca: Ooh! Burned!
Hero: I feel it.
Tezca: They won't be calling him All-Knowing for a while.
Hero: I know.
Tezca: So now it's time tackle this Unquenchable Flame thing.
Hero: How?
Tezca: Follow me! He has a fire in a shrine nearby. They say it's unquenchable!
Hero: I bet it's not!
Conversation Character

Challenging Beliefs

Examine Garuda's Unquenchable Flame.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tezca: So here we are!
Hero: Indeed.
Tezca: The Shrine of the Unquenchable Flame.
Hero: What next?
Tezca: Let's go take a look.
Hero: Just walk in?
Tezca: Why not... Come on!
Hero: Okay.
  • Enter the shrine.
    Owleth: None may enter here!
    Flame Temple Pilots: Jaguar Warrior, Chupacabra, Owleth, Hellcat
  • Behold the flame.
    Jaguar Warrior: Garuda's flame cannot be quenched!
    Unquenchable!: Jaguar Warrior, Heronath, Salamander, Sylph
Tezca: Well that was interesting - a magical flame that cannot be quenched.
Hero: What now?
Tezca: How do you put out a fire if not with water?
Hero: I don't know.
Tezca: Well, you see, a fire draws from the air.
Hero: So?
Tezca: With a big enough fire, it will starve!
Hero: Oh!
Conversation Character

Egg Snatchers

Steal one of Sheggra's eggs to take to the temple.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tezca: Do you know of the Broken Isle?
Hero: Oh, yes.
Luther: Aye, lass. We've fought there many a time.
Hero: Indeed.
Tezca: Good. Then you know of the Flame Wyrm, Sheggra?
Hero: We do.
Tezca: One of her eggs should do the trick. She has plenty.
Hero: Okay.
  • Travel to the Broken Spire.
    Obsidian Golem: Burn! Burn! Burn!
    Broken Journey: Obsidian Golem, Terraxis, Lava Elemental, Salamander
  • Steal one of Sheggra's eggs.
    Sheggra: The eggs are MINE!
    Sheggra's Eggs: Lava Elemental, Fire Lizard, Hellcat, Sheggra
Tezca: And a fine egg it is too! Well done!
Hero: What now?
Tezca: My magic can heat the egg to produce a huge flame.
Hero: Really?
Tezca: Yes, indeed. It will fill the Shrine, and starve Garuda's tiny fire!
Hero: Nice.
Conversation Character

The Unquenchable Flame

Trick the Guardians into over-feeding the Unquenchable Flame.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tezca: Ready? Back into the shrine we go.
Hero: Okay.
Tezca: And don't worry, we'll trick the Shrines Guardians.
Hero: How?
Tezca: We'll get them to help by making THEIR flame bigger too.
Hero: How?
Tezca: Nothing like a bit of flame-envy to get them going!
Hero: Clever
  • Travel back to the Shrine.
    Heronath: Back again?
    A Flame: Jaguar Warrior, Chimera, Sylph, Heronath
  • Show the Guardians their flame is too small.
    Owleth: Feed the flame!
    A Bigger Flame: Salamander, Chupacabra, Owleth, Owlbear
  • Overfeed the Unquenchable Flame.
    Prince Azquila: We must make the flame LARGER!
    A Flame for a Prince: Prince Azquila, Lava Elemental, Fire Lizard, Owleth
Tezca: Well I guess the Unquenchable Flame just got quenched.
Hero: So it seems.
Tezca: And Garuda's son, Prince Azquila, messes up again!
Hero: Haha.
Tezca: Now for the final part of my plan.
Hero: What's that?
Tezca: Garuda calls himself the UNDEFEATED. Let's go see to that.
Hero: Right away.
Conversation Character

Stairway to Heaven

Ascend to the Temple of the God-King, Garuda.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tezca: Garuda's Temple is high up on the peak.
Hero: I see.
Tezca: We'll need to climb.
Hero: Very well.
Tezca: Be prepared. The Stryx and their allies guard him well.
Hero: I will.
  • Climb the mountain.
    Jaguar Warrior: Grawwr! Stop them!
    Towards the Crest: Jaguar Warrior, Chupacabra, Jaguar Warrior, Chupacabra
  • Approach the Temple.
    Heronath: This is hallowed ground!
    Temple Grounds: Sylph, Peryton, Heronath, Jaguar Warrior
Tezca: And there's the Temple. Magnificent, yes?
Hero: Yes, indeed.
Tezca: These God-Kings sure know how to live!
Hero: They do.
Tezca: Very well. Let's get closer.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

The God-King's Temple

Enter the Temple of the God-King, Garuda.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tezca: Once we're inside, there's no turning back.
Hero: I know.
Tezca: Regardless of what happens, it's been my pleasure.
Hero: What?
Tezca: You know it's extremely dangerous in there, right?
Hero: Dangerous?
Tezca: Yes! For YOU, silly. They'll never catch ME! I'm too fast. Come on.
Hero: Okay.
  • Enter the Temple.
    Sylph: Stop! You may not enter!
    Garuda's Guards: Owleth, Owleth, Sylph, Sylph
  • Approach the Throne Hall.
    Prince Azquila: My father will not see you!
    The God-Prince: Prince Azquila, Jaguar Warrior, Heronath, Heronath
Tezca: Up close, this temple is kind of tacky, don't you think?
Hero: A little.
Tezca: After we teach him some humility...
Hero: Yes?
Tezca: We should teach Garuda a little interior decorating.
Hero: Haha!
Tezca: Come on! His throne room is not far ahead.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

The Undefeated

Defeat the Undefeated God-King, Garuda.

Complete this quest to unlock Tezca.
Tezca: So now, we defeat the Undefeated God-King!
Hero: A trick?
Tezca: A trick? Haha! My last trick was bringing YOU!
Hero: Me?
Tezca: The Champion of Krystara!
Hero: Oh, that...
Tezca: Did you think I didn't know who you were? Come on!
Hero: Very well!
  • Defeat Garuda.
    The God-King: Prince Azquila, Owleth, Sylph, Garuda
Tezca: My work here is done! That's one embarrassed God-King!
Hero: What next?
Tezca: The only danger I see now is you.
Hero: Me?
Tezca: Yes... I might travel with you. In case you need a little humility too.
Hero: You're welcome.
Tezca: Amongst good folk, I always am! Now let me tell you about this Mad King up in the north...
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Stormcaller Training

Learn how to become a Stormcaller with Tezca.

Unlock the Stormcaller Hero Class
Tezca: Hey! Are you up for some mischief?
Hero: Always!
Tezca: I want to play a trick on Lord Taloca, and I need some help.
Hero: I'm intrigued.
Tezca: Good! I'll need you to learn to summon some lightning.
Hero: I'm shocked...
Tezca: Let me teach about the ways of the Stormcaller.
Hero: Please. EnLIGHTen me.
  • Ground yourself.
    Tezca: First, you must be grounded!
    Well grounded: Rock Troll, Rock Spirit, Stone Giant, Obsidian Golem
  • Summon lightning.
    Tezca: Now summon the lightning!
    Storm Boy: Zephyros, Skrymir the Lofty, Jackelope, Griff Stonefeather
  • Control the lightning.
    Tezca: Let the lightning flow through you!
    Lightning Bolt x3: Harpy Eagle, Valkyrie, Doom of Light, Wind Archer
  • Zap Lord Taloca.
    Tezca: And now for Lord Taloca!
    Roast Pigeon: Strygik, Taloca, Stormsinger, Prince Azquila
Tezca: Nice work! His feathers will be sticking out for a week.
Hero: Oh my.
Tezca: I caught him zapping some Centaurs last week.
Hero: Ouch.
Tezca: And I wanted him to give him a taste of his own medicine.
Hero: We did that.
Tezca: And now, as a Stormcaller, you can dish out a little justice here and there too.
Hero: Huzzah!
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