Stonesong Eyrie

Temple of the Harpies

High on a dark mountain, the Harpy Queen and her minions work on the Unfinished Song.
Conversation Character

Harpy Days are Here Again

Approach the Temple.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: High on a dark mountain in the Underworld...
Hero: ...We saw an ominous stone temple.
Elwyn: What is this? Can it be...
Hero: Be what?
Elwyn: This temple, I cannot believe my eyes. It must be...
Hero: Spit it out, man!
Elwyn: Stonesong Temple. Home of the Harpies.
Hero: Interesting.
Elwyn: It is! The Stonesong Temple! Amazing!
Hero: Why?
Elwyn: The Harpies attacking us...
Hero: Yes?
Elwyn: They live up there in the temple.
Hero: And that's amazing?
Elwyn: No! What they are doing in the temple is amazing.
Hero: Oh.
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The Pursuit of Harpiness

Climb up to Stonesong Temple.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: We began the climb to the Temple.
Hero: Elwyn explained more about the Harpies.
Elwyn: These Harpies, you see, are writing a Song.
Hero: A song?
Elwyn: Yes, but it's no ordinary Song. It's ancient powerful magic.
Hero: So, a magical song?
Elwyn: It's hard to explain, I'll try as we go.
Hero: Very well.
  • Start the climb.
    Bladewing: Quietly... Take them down!
    Stabby Murder-Birds: Bladewing, Sylph, Bladewing, Bladewing
  • Approach the Temple.
    Bladewing: Do not let them in the temple!
    Death from Above: Harpy, Nyx, Bladewing, Bladewing
Elwyn: They are protective of the Song. I'm not surprised.
Hero: Why?
Elwyn: They call it the Unfinished Song.
Hero: Okay...
Elwyn: It is said they have been writing it for thousands of years.
Hero: Aha...
Elwyn: And once it's finished, they will sing it, and the world will end.
Hero: Ouch.
Conversation Character

Don't Worry, Be Harpy

Search the Temple.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Elwyn: I really want to see this Unfinished Song.
Hero: What? Why?
Elwyn: See it! Not hear it! I'm not stupid.
Hero: That's debatable.
Elwyn: But aren't you curious what a song such as this might be like?
Hero: Not really.
Elwyn: Well I am! I'm going into the temple.
Hero: Oh, alright.
  • Enter the Temple.
    Harpy Mage: Foul creatures! How dare you enter here!
    Guardians of the Song: Bladewing, Bladewing, Harpy Mage, Harpy
  • Search for the Unfinished Song.
    Harpy Mage: Do not desecrate our temple!
    Keepers of the Song: Bladewing, Harpy Mage, Harpy Mage, Harpy Mage
Elwyn: All these Harpy Mages seem to be guarding something.
Hero: They do.
Elwyn: But I can't find any music. I've looked everywhere.
Hero: What if...
Elwyn: What if they never wrote it down? Just memorized it?
Hero: Exactly.
Elwyn: Trust me, my friend. All great musicians write their work down.
Hero: Hmmm...
Conversation Character

Harpy Ending

Confront the Harpy Queen.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Elwyn: There is only one possibility.
Hero: What's that?
Elwyn: The Queen of the Harpies must have the music.
Hero: I see.
Elwyn: Perhaps if we confront her, she'll show it to us.
Hero: Or...
Elwyn: Or she'll try and murder us. I know... I know...
Hero: Come on then.
  • Defeat Queen Xochi.
    Queen Xochi: I will sing your dirge!
    The Harpy Queen: Harpy Mage, Queen Xochi, Harpy, Bladewing
Elwyn: Wait! I think I understand!
Hero: Understand?
Elwyn: We've been looking for sheets of music. But there aren't any!
Hero: What?
Elwyn: The Temple IS the music. Its corridors are staves! Its rooms are notes!
Hero: Really?
Elwyn: And as they build the temple, so they write the Song!
Hero: That's deep.
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