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Guardian Spirit

Defeat the Tauros Spirit haunting the Plains.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I entered the Wild Plains expecting Minotaurs...
Hero: ...But I found a Spirit!
Sunweaver: You! You killed me! It was you!
Hero: What? No!
Sunweaver: It must have been you! You'll regret coming back here!
Hero: No! Stop!
  • Defend yourself against a crazy spirit.
    Sunweaver: I'll have my revenge!
    Angry Spirit: Sunweaver
Sunweaver: No! You've defeated me AGAIN!
Hero: But...
Sunweaver: Killing me once wasn't enough, eh?
Hero: I never...
Sunweaver: Wait. You never killed me?
Hero: No!
Sunweaver: Then would you help me find out who DID?
Hero: Of course.
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Faded Memory

Search for clues as to how Sunweaver died.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sunweaver: The last thing I remember is fighting... something.
Hero: What?
Sunweaver: I don't know. Perhaps it's nearby.
Hero: Let's see.
Sunweaver: Thank you for helping an old spirit.
Hero: My pleasure.
  • Defeat the crazed Tauros warriors.
    Tauros: Spirits! And intruders! Graaar!
    Crazed Tauros: Tauros, Tauros, Tauros, Soothsayer
  • Fight back against some Gnolls.
    Gnoll: Spirits? Blah! But YOU look tasty!
    Hungry Gnolls: Gnoll, Sabertooth Lion, Gnoll, Gnoll
Sunweaver: Hmm... I don't know...
Hero: Know what?
Sunweaver: If it was any of these creatures.
Hero: Oh.
Sunweaver: I think it was something bigger.
Hero: Bigger?
Sunweaver: Yes, bigger. Let's look some more.
Hero: Okay.
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Tracking the Tribe

Try and track down Sunweaver's Tribe.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sunweaver: I really need to find what killed me.
Hero: Why?
Sunweaver: If I don't have a tale to tell...
Hero: Yes?
Sunweaver: ...Then I can't take my place amongst the Ancestors!
Hero: That's awful.
Sunweaver: Perhaps if we find my tribe, they can help.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Travel across the Wild Plains.
    Hippogryph: Screeee!
    Bird is the Word: Cockatrice, Cockatrice, Hippogryph, Hippogryph
  • Search for Sunweaver's tribe.
    Gnoll: Oh! Oh! Oh! Our dinner just arrived!
    Gnolls on Bulls: Gorgon, Gnoll, Gorgon, Gnoll
Sunweaver: My tribe! There they are at last!
Hero: Excellent.
Sunweaver: I hope they welcome us.
Hero: So do I.
Sunweaver: We may worship the Ancestors...
Hero: Oh?
Sunweaver: ...But spirits are another matter entirely.
Hero: I see.
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The Exorcists

Stop the Soothsayers trying to exorcise Sunweaver's spirit

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sunweaver: My Tribe don't seem pleased to see me!
Hero: So it seems...
Sunweaver: Now they'll send Soothsayers after me!
Hero: Soothsayers?
Sunweaver: They'll try to banish me to the Abyss!
Hero: No!
Sunweaver: Help me! Please!
Hero: Don't worry.
  • Defeat the Soothsayers.
    Soothsayer: Begone, Spirit!
    Verily and Forsooth: Tauros, Tauros, Soothsayer, Soothsayer
  • Stop the Soothsayers banishing Sunweaver.
    Soothsayer: Back to the abyss with you!
    Soothing Sounds: Soothsayer, Soothsayer, Soothsayer, Soothsayer
Sunweaver: Thank you so much.
Hero: You're welcome.
Sunweaver: I don't know what to do now.
Hero: Hmmm...
Sunweaver: Perhaps... Perhaps my family can help.
Hero: Family?
Sunweaver: I have a brother. Maybe he'll understand.
Hero: Okay.
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Defend against an attack from Sunweaver's old tribe.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: Sunweaver approached her tribe again...
Hero: ...Looking for her brother.
Sunweaver: That didn't go well.
Hero: Oh?
Sunweaver: They didn't take kindly to a spirit.
Hero: I see.
Sunweaver: We should leave before they come after us.
Hero: Okay.
  • Flee from Sunweaver's tribe.
    Tauros: The Spirit! Chase it away!
    Unleash the Hounds: Tauros, Warhound, Tauros, Gorgon
  • Avoid bands of roaming Gnolls.
    Gnoll: Hehehe... What's this we have here?
    Gnarly Gnolls: Gnoll, Giant Spider, Dire Wolf, Gnoll
  • Lose the last pursuing Soothsayers.
    Soothsayer: There she is! Begin the chant!
    The Last Pursuers: Tauros, Tauros, Gorgon, Soothsayer
Sunweaver: Visiting my tribe was a waste of time.
Hero: Really?
Sunweaver: My brother is gone.
Hero: Gone where?
Sunweaver: I don't know. Maybe... Maybe...
Hero: What?
Sunweaver: Maybe he's gone in search of ME!
Hero: Aha!
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Brotherly Trail

Try to find Sunweaver's brother - he was not with the tribe.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sunweaver: I think I've found my brother's trail
Hero: Where?
Sunweaver: It's leading north from the village.
Hero: Good.
Sunweaver: If we avoid any other tribes and wild animals, we can catch him.
Hero: Okay.
Sunweaver: Come on! We've got to find him!
Hero: Let's go!
  • Avoid wild beasts.
    Rhynax: Rawrrr!
    Beasts and Burdens: Rhynax, Gorgon, Black Beast, Rhynax
  • Avoid other tribes.
    Soothsayer: What is this? Spirits and... outsiders!
    Tribal Troubles: Tauros, Soothsayer, Gorgon, Gorgon
Sunweaver: It can't be far now.
Hero: We'll see.
Sunweaver: I hope my brother knows how I died.
Hero: What then?
Sunweaver: I can travel to the afterlife. I'll have a story for the ancestors!
Hero: Strange...
Sunweaver: The Tauros... How we die is as important as how we live.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Her Brother's Keepers

Track some Centaurs who may have taken Sunweaver's brother.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sunweaver: Oh no! There are signs of a struggle here!
Hero: Your brother?
Sunweaver: It looks like he fought some... Centaurs.
Hero: Oh.
Sunweaver: It looks like they may have crossed from the Divinion Fields.
Hero: So it seems.
Sunweaver: Come! We need to help him!
Hero: Okay.
  • Follow the Centaurs.
    Centaur Scout: More of you! We'll take you too!
    Outriders: Gnoll, Gnoll, Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout
  • Approach the Centaurs' camp.
    Star Gazer: We know you're following.
    Keeping Watch: Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Star Gazer
Sunweaver: The Centaurs have a camp up ahead.
Hero: I see it.
Sunweaver: Perhaps we can sneak in.
Hero: Perhaps.
Sunweaver: Well I can guarantee that I won't make much noise...
Hero: Lead on.
Conversation Character

Daring Rescue

Rescue Sunweaver's brother from a Centaur herd.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sunweaver: There he is, penned up in the camp.
Hero: I see him.
Sunweaver: And I see Dark Elves. That explains everything.
Hero: How so?
Sunweaver: They're slavers. They take our people and sell them.
Hero: Oh, no!
Sunweaver: Come on. Perhaps I died fighting THEM!
Hero: Let's find out.
  • Sneak into Camp.
    Reaver: Another Tauros? You've come to US?
    Camp Guards: Centaur Scout, Star Gazer, Herdmaster, Reaver
  • Free the Slaves.
    Dark Maiden: Don't think you'll set them free, now!
    Protecting the Pen: Centaur Scout, Star Gazer, Gorgon, Dark Maiden
  • Escape from the Dark Elves.
    Dokkalfar: Enough! Submit to me now!
    The Dark Master: Herdmaster, Herdmaster, Spider Queen, Dokkalfar
Sunweaver: My brother is safe. And I have good news!
Hero: Oh?
Sunweaver: He knows where I fought my last battle.
Hero: Great.
Sunweaver: But it wasn't against the Dark Elves.
Hero: It wasn't?
Sunweaver: No... It was against something EPIC!
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Dearly Departed

Defend Sunweaver's body from predators while her brother performs last rites.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sunweaver: There it is up ahead! My body!
Hero: This is weird.
Sunweaver: What? Scavenger? They're eating me!
Hero: Ewww.
Sunweaver: Hold them off, while my brother performs our rites.
Hero: Okay.
  • Chase away the scavengers.
    Cockatrice: Cawwwww!
    Hungry Beasts: Sabertooth Lion, Mist Stalker, Cockatrice, Cockatrice
  • Wait while the rites are performed.
    Hippogryph: Screeee!
    Circling Vultures: Owlbear, Cockatrice, Hippogryph, Hippogryph
Sunweaver: There! It's done! Now we can search the site.
Hero: Okay.
Sunweaver: It seems I definitely fought something large.
Hero: I see.
Sunweaver: Very large.
Hero: Really?
Sunweaver: Very VERY large! Come and see.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character


Follow the trail of the beast who slew Sunweaver.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Sunweaver: Do you see these enormous tracks?
Hero: Yes, indeed.
Sunweaver: I fought a HYDRA!
Hero: Oh...
Sunweaver: The Ancestors will sing my story...
Hero: I hope so.
Sunweaver: ...Especially when I fight it AGAIN! Come on!
Hero: Oh, dear...
  • Fight the Hydra!
    Hydra: Death by a thousand bites.
Sunweaver: Argh! It got away!
Hero: What now?
Sunweaver: My brother will head back to tribe, but WE have other business.
Hero: We do?
Sunweaver: We go after the Hydra of course.
Hero: Of course...
Sunweaver: It will make for its lair. Follow me!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

There's a Lair in There

Track the Hydra and sneak into its lair.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Sunweaver: The Hydra is fast. We have some traveling to do.
Hero: Indeed.
Sunweaver: It leaves a wide trail though. We won't lose it.
Hero: Good.
Sunweaver: Keep an eye out for Centaurs and Tauros, and let's go.
Hero: As you wish.
  • Follow the Hydra's trail.
    Herdmaster: Aha! Escapees! We'll round you up!
    Roaming Ruffians: Tauros, Gnoll, Herdmaster, Herdmaster
  • Sneak into its lair.
    Drake Rider: The mistress commands us to stop you!
    The Hydra's Servants: Gorgon, Drake Rider, Drake Rider, Rock Worm
Sunweaver: It seems the Hydra has servants.
Hero: So it does.
Sunweaver: They'll be protecting it now.
Hero: I agree.
Sunweaver: But they won't stop us. This will be glorious!
Hero: Indeed.
Conversation Character

Off with its Head!

Help Sunweaver defeat the Hydra.

Complete this quest to unlock Sunweaver.
Sunweaver: This is it, then. My final battle!
Hero: Really?
Sunweaver: I will have returned from the dead to avenge my defeat.
Hero: True.
Sunweaver: It's quite a tale. I'll be proud to tell it.
Hero: It is.
Sunweaver: Come then. Let's write the end of it together.
Hero: Lead on!
  • Defeat the Hydra.
    Hydra: If at first you don't succeed...
    The Hydra's Home: Rock Worm, Gorgon, Cyclops, Hydra
Sunweaver: You know, I was thinking.
Hero: Oh?
Sunweaver: What could be more glorious than returning to defeat this beast?
Hero: I don't know.
Sunweaver: I'll tell you. Fighting alongside YOU again - in other epic battles.
Hero: So...
Sunweaver: So I'm not quite ready for the afterlife just yet. Lead on!
Hero: As you wish!
Conversation Character

Shaman Training

Learn how to be a Tauros Shaman from Sunweaver.

Unlock the Shaman Hero Class
Sunweaver: You have helped both me, and my tribe many times.
Hero: No problem.
Sunweaver: For that, I am eternally grateful.
Hero: Sure thing.
Sunweaver: So I ask... Do you wish to join our tribe? We would be honored.
Hero: Join it?
Sunweaver: I will teach you the ways of a Tauros Shaman.
Hero: Teach away!
  • Pass the Trial of the Elders.
    Sunweaver: Now, be judged by the elders.
    Trial of the Elders: Cloudstalker, Soothsayer, Soothsayer, Chief Stronghorn
  • Pass the Trial of the Plains.
    Sunweaver: First, stand trial before the creatures of the plains.
    Trial of the Plains: Gorgon, Gnoll, Bulette, Hydra
  • Pass the Trial of the Spirits.
    Sunweaver: Allow the spirits to gaze upon your soul.
    Trial of the Spirits: Astral Spirit, Banshee, Spirit Fox, Cu Sith
  • Pass the Trial of the Gods.
    Sunweaver: Finally, do the Gods find you worthy?
    Trial of the Gods: Skeleros, Soothsayer, Ketras the Bull, Soothsayer
Sunweaver: It is done! You are a Shaman of the Tauros.
Hero: Really?
Sunweaver: Yes. The Plains fear your power. The Elders respect your courage.
Hero: Great!
Sunweaver: The spirits know your inner strength, and the Gods find you worthy.
Hero: Aw, shucks.
Sunweaver: So I say, welcome, Shaman of the Tauros!
Hero: Back at ya!
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