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Hey, I Just Met You

Fight with Tyri against the Dark Elves who just found you.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: As I settled down at my camp one night...
Hero: I found a thief looking through my pack.
Tyri: Oops! Hello there!
Hero: What are you doing?
Tyri: Stealing your treasure. Unsuccessfully, it seems.
Hero: So it seems.
Tyri: Looks like I'm not the only one though...
Hero: Dark Elves!
  • Defend against the Dark Elven raiders.
    Dark Maiden: Intruders! Zhul'Kari belongs to us!
    Reaver Raid: Reaver, Reaver, Dark Maiden
  • Chase off the remaining raiders.
    Dark Maiden: You've not seen the last of us!
    Reaver Runs Dry: Night Terror, Reaver, Dark Maiden
Tyri: You're quite handy with that weapon.
Hero: Remember that.
Tyri: Oh, you're still mad about me going through your stuff!
Hero: Wouldn't you be?
Tyri: Hey! A girl's gotta make a living. Speaking of which...
Hero: What?
Tyri: I have something that may interest you...
Hero: Okay.
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Traps Traps Everywhere

Follow Tyri through Zhul'Kari, avoiding Dark Elven traps.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tyri: Now. I have part of a map. A TREASURE map!
Hero: I'm interested.
Tyri: And I need to find the other parts.
Hero: Of course.
Tyri: But they're quite a distance away from here.
Hero: I see.
Tyri: And after last night, the Dark Elves will have set traps for us.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Avoid any traps as you travel.
    Siren: Hero! Come to us! We can help you...
    Reaver Song: Reaver, Dark Maiden, Siren, Siren
  • Complete the journey.
    Nymph: Forest arise!
    No More Reaver Puns!: Reaver, Night Terror, Night Terror, Nymph
Tyri: I bet you're wondering where we are.
Hero: Yes, I am.
Tyri: Yep. Me too!
Hero: What?
Tyri: Not really, silly. We've been tracking a Goblin tribe.
Hero: Why?
Tyri: They stole part of this map from the previous owner.
Hero: I see.
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Rumble in the Jungle

Get the second piece of the map from a goblin tribe

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tyri: Here it is, the Goblin Camp, and hopefully the map.
Hero: Hopefully?
Tyri: Well they ARE Goblins. They might have eaten it...
Hero: I hope not.
Tyri: Me too. Say, you're not gonna want to plan this, are you?
Hero: Well...
Tyri: Yeah... I'm a frontal assault kind of girl! CHARGE!
Hero: Hey! Wait up!
  • Break into the Goblin camp.
    Boar Rider: Yar! Look boys! Fresh captives!
    Goblin Garbage: Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Boar Rider
  • Confront the Goblin Chieftain.
    Goblin Shaman: Defy me, will you?
    Like a (Raid) Boss: Boar Rider, Boar Rider, Boar Rider, Goblin Shaman
  • Look for a piece of Tyri's map.
    Goblin Shaman: Stop them, somebody! Anybody?
    Elder-ish Council: Goblin Shaman, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Shaman
Tyri: See? Sometimes having no plan is the best plan!
Hero: Not really...
Tyri: I got a piece of the map though!
Hero: There's more?
Tyri: One more piece. But for now we have another issue.
Hero: Oh?
Tyri: The rest of the Goblin tribe... RUN!
Hero: Oh, boy.
Conversation Character

Run Away! Run Away!

Escape from the rest of the Goblin Tribe you just raided.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tyri: We should keep running.
Hero: I agree.
Tyri: No more Goblins after this, I promise.
Hero: Good!
Tyri: Watch out. I think they're tracking us with Night Terrors.
Hero: Okay.
  • Escape from the Goblin Shaman.
    Goblin Shaman: Stop! Thieves!
    Goblin Terror-ists: Night Terror, Night Terror, Goblin, Goblin Shaman
  • Evade the Boar Riders.
    Boar Rider: Ride them down, boys!
    The Boars of War: Boar Rider, Boar Rider, Boar Rider, Boar Rider
Tyri: Looks like we lost the Goblins.
Hero: Only just...
Tyri: What? We're just getting warmed up!
Hero: Oh, no. Really?
Tyri: Don't be a baby! There's still one piece of the map to find.
Hero: *sigh*
Conversation Character

Secret Rendezvous

Meet up with an associate of Tyri. Apparently he has the final map piece.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tyri: Now all we need to do is meet up with a... friend.
Hero: Why's that?
Tyri: He should have the last piece of the map.
Hero: Simple enough.
Tyri: Should be as easy as falling off a dragon.
Hero: We'll see.
Tyri: Follow me. It's not far. He should be waiting for us.
Hero: Okay.
  • Make your way to the meeting place.
    Reaver: There they are! The ones we've been tracking!
    Random Encounter: Reaver, Reaver, Golem, Golem
  • Wait for Tyri's associate.
    Dark Maiden: Your friend may have escaped us, but YOU won't!
    Meddlesome Maidens: Dark Maiden, Dark Maiden, Dark Maiden, Night Terror
Tyri: Curse those Dark Elves. He's gone.
Hero: Where?
Tyri: He'll have left us a sign, don't worry.
Hero: Are you sure?
Tyri: My father and I have been doing this a long time!
Hero: Your father?
Tyri: Why, yes! Stealing treasure runs in our family! Follow me!
Hero: Okay.
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Centaur Stage

Head to the Divinion Fields, and look for any sign of Tyri's father.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tyri: Got it! He's heading towards the Divinion Fields.
Hero: Okay.
Tyri: Hopefully he hasn't had to cross the border.
Hero: Why's that?
Tyri: Centaurs. They're not very welcoming creatures.
Hero: Ah, okay.
  • Travel to the Divinion Fields.
    Centaur Scout: Halt! Nobody leaves the forest!
    For Pony!: Centaur Scout, Centaur Scout, Pegasus, Pegasus
  • Look for any sign of Tyri's father.
    Herdmaster: We chased the last of your kind back into the woods.
    My Little Centaurs: Herdmaster, Centaur Scout, Star Gazer, Star Gazer
Tyri: Dammit. He must have headed back into the forest.
Hero: *sigh*
Tyri: It's okay. This isn't the first time we've lost each other.
Hero: I see.
Tyri: We'll need to try and pick up his trail again.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Taking it to Heart

Travel into the very heart of Zhul'Kari, following the trail of Tyri's father.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tyri: You know what I just realised?
Hero: What?
Tyri: I've never had so many people chasing me at once.
Hero: Glad I could help.
Tyri: Always push your limits, I say!
Hero: So what next?
Tyri: Well, my father has headed right into the heart of Zhul'Kari!
Hero: Let's go!
  • Fight off your pursuers.
    Reaver: Aha! We found you!
    Everybody Hates Us: Reaver, Goblin, Night Terror, Centaur Scout
  • Travel deep into Zhul'Kari.
    Nymph: Look, sisters... Strangers!
    Beauties and Beasts: Nymph, Nymph, Night Terror, Night Terror
Tyri: We're close. His tracks are fresh.
Hero: At last!
Tyri: We're close to a Dark Elven city too.
Hero: We are?
Tyri: They're difficult to spot. They... blend in.
Hero: I see.
Tyri: Follow me. And try to be quiet. There'll be guards.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Tower Offense

Approach the Dark Elven Guard Tower, and search for Tyri's father.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tyri: That's what I was worried about.
Hero: What's that?
Tyri: Signs of a struggle. Looks like my father ran into a patrol.
Hero: Not good.
Tyri: There's a Guard Tower nearby. If we're lucky he'll still be there.
Hero: Then let's go.
Tyri: It's frontal assault time. I'll race you!
Hero: Okay!
  • Get past the Reavers and Hippogryphs.
    Reaver: Stormriders assemble!
    Riders on the Storm: Hippogryph, Hippogryph, Reaver, Reaver
  • Break into the Guard Tower.
    Spider Queen: We're under siege!
    The Guard Tower: Fortress Gate, Reaver, Reaver, Spider Queen
  • Search the tower for Tyri's father.
    Spider Queen: Well the last one got away... but you'll do nicely.
    Jilted Jailers: Golem, Golem, Dark Maiden, Spider Queen
Tyri: Did you hear that? My father got away!
Hero: That's great.
Tyri: Do you know what's even better?
Hero: No.
Tyri: The guards had his piece of the map. We can get the treasure.
Hero: But...
Tyri: Oh, don't worry about my father, he can look after himself.
Hero: Okay...
Conversation Character

Path to Enlightenment

Locate the Temple using all the map pieces

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tyri: The map shows the way to an ancient temple.
Hero: In Zhul'Kari?
Tyri: Yes. And it has a huge amethyst drawn on it, see?
Hero: Yes, I see.
Tyri: All we need to do is follow its trail!
Hero: But, your father...
Tyri: Forget my father. All the more treasure for me... I mean... us!
Hero: Right...
  • Follow the map avoiding Dark Elves and Goblins.
    Dark Maiden: Chase them down!
    Mixed Messages: Boar Rider, Goblin Shaman, Golem, Dark Maiden
  • Approach the ancient temple.
    Spider Queen: You walk a dangerous path!
    Goblin Trackers: Reaver, Reaver, Goblin, Spider Queen
Tyri: There it is - the Temple of the Webspinner.
Hero: Sounds nasty.
Tyri: Why is it never a Temple of White Bunnies?
Hero: Why indeed.
Tyri: Well, what are we waiting for... Let's go!
Hero: Lead the way.
Conversation Character

Welcome to my Nightmare

Make your way into the Webspinner Temple.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Tyri: Okay. We need to get into the Temple.
Hero: We do.
Tyri: How difficult can it be?
Hero: Scared?
Tyri: Scared? Me? Not a chance! Let's go.
Hero: Okay.
  • Get past the ominous stone statues.
    Golem: Stooooooop!
    Stone Guardians: Golem, Golem, Golem, Golem
  • Enter the Temple.
    Spider Queen: Unbelievers! You will be fed to the Mistress!
    Acolytes of Pain: Golem, Ghoul, Ghoul, Spider Queen
Tyri: This place sure is creepy.
Hero: I agree.
Tyri: When we get that amethyst, it'll all be worth it.
Hero: Maybe.
Tyri: What do you mean, maybe? Two words: Giant. Amethyst.
Hero: If you say so.
Conversation Character

Don't Fear the Keepers

Get past some priestesses and examine the magic portal.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tyri: I don't see any amethysts, only that giant shimmery thing.
Hero: Hmmm...
Tyri: Maybe it's a portal. Maybe the amethyst is on the other side.
Hero: You think?
Tyri: It'd be a shame to leave without knowing.
Hero: True.
Tyri: And there's just a few priestesses in the way.
Hero: Alright then.
  • Defeat the first group of priestesses.
    Dark Maiden: An offering of blood! How kind!
    The Handmaidens: Dark Maiden, Dark Maiden, Dark Maiden, Dark Maiden
  • Defeat the second group of priestesses.
    Spider Queen: None may behold the Mistress! None!
    The Priestesses: Spider Queen, Spider Queen, Spider Queen, Spider Queen
Tyri: So... A magical portal it is!
Hero: So I see.
Tyri: I bet our amethyst is on the other side.
Hero: Yes, but...
Tyri: Oh, I wouldn't mind betting something ELSE is there too.
Hero: I agree.
Tyri: But you only live once, right?
Hero: Let's do it.
Conversation Character

Mistress of Fate

Defeat the Webspinner and get back through the portal.

Complete this quest to unlock Tyri.
Tyri: Oh, that's just not fair!
Hero: What?
Tyri: The amethyst... It's powering the portal.
Hero: So?
Tyri: Don't you know anything? If we take it we can't get back.
Hero: I see...
Tyri: Wait... what's that noise?
Hero: Uh oh...
  • Defeat the Webspinner.
    Webspinner: Chthosdth Hulthcha Lhachthul!
    The Webspinner: Spider Queen, Spider Queen, Spider Queen, Webspinner
Tyri: Oh well... Easy come, easy go. We killed a god though!
Hero: We did.
Tyri: I think I've decided what to do next.
Hero: What's that?
Tyri: I'm going to travel with you, while I look for my father.
Hero: Great, I think.
Tyri: You don't say much, but you're good in a fight. Come on!
Hero: *sigh*
Conversation Character

Orbweaver Training

Learn the secrets of becoming an Orbweaver from Tyri, and try to keep out of trouble.

Unlock the Orbweaver Hero Class
Tyri: You know what's awesome?
Hero: What?
Tyri: Killing spiders! You wanna know why?
Hero: Why?
Tyri: Because you'll learn the magical mystical secrets of the Orbweaver!
Hero: What? How?
Tyri: It doesn't matter HOW, it'll be fun! Come on!
Hero: Hmmm... Okay then.
  • Kill some spiders for Tyri.
    Tyri: Spiders! Quickly! Kill them!
    Along Came a Spider: Spider Queen, Giant Spider, Giant Spider, Green Slime
  • Kill some more spiders.
    Tyri: More spiders! Kill them too!
    Spidey Senses: Mist Stalker, Giant Spider, Giant Spider, Green Seer
  • More spiders? Really?
    Tyri: Eeek! Where did all these spiders come from?
    Spider Baiting: Creeper, Dark Maiden, Giant Spider, Night Terror
  • Just a few more spiders, we promise.
    Tyri: Okay, just one little spider to go!
    Spin to Win: Treant, Giant Spider, Dokkalfar, Webspinner
Tyri: Ha! Nice! So, do you feel like an Orbweaver now?
Hero: Strangely, yes.
Tyri: See! I told you so! He who fights monsters, becomes a monster!
Hero: Where's that from?
Tyri: Oh, my father said it once. But what REALLY matters is the treasure!
Hero: Treasure?
Tyri: The ones the spiders were guarding. I HATE fighting spiders!
Hero: Figures...
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