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Beside the Seaside

Sail as ambassadors to Merlantis, and meet Azura.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I received a summons from Azura of Merlantis.
Hero: Few had ever travelled to the sunken city.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! Merlantis, eh? Ye'll be needin'a ship!
Hero: I will.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: And my ship be as sturdy as Grapplepot's bosom!
Hero: That's sturdy!
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Settled then. Let's find the treasure... I mean... Merlantis!
Hero: Hmmm... Okay.
  • Sail from Blackhawk.
    Bonnie Rose: Ahoy, Lil' Johnny! Going somewhere?
    Bonny Weather: Mimic, Merchant Prince, Pirate, Bonnie Rose
  • Search for Merlantis.
    Captain Skullbeard: I've found ye again, Lil' Johnny!
    Never Say Die: Ship Cannon, Deck Hand, Sharkey, Captain Skullbeard
Azura: Welcome to my home, Merlantis. I am Azura. Please follow me.
Hero: Thank you.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Merlantis? It's beneath the waves. How do we be gettin' down there?
Hero: Yes, how?
Azura: Stay close by me. I will cast a spell so you may breathe underwater.
Hero: Wow.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aiieee! I ain't no fish, woman! That be unnatural!
Hero: Oh, grow up!
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The Proving Ground

Azura has a test for you. Follow her to the Proving Ground.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Azura: You no doubt wonder why I have asked you here.
Hero: Indeed.
Azura: My people have a problem. Have you heard of the Leviathan?
Hero: Johnny?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Glub blob dulp blub blub bolb.
Hero: Breathe, man!
Azura: Follow me now. We will head to the Proving Grounds.
Hero: Okay.
  • Follow Azura.
    Kuotani: Look! Air breathers!
    Sea Floor Scavengers: Giant Crab, Siren, Kuotani, Troglodyte
  • Enter the Proving Ground.
    Waverider: You will not enter this place!
    Wet and Wild: Waverider, Sea Troll, Hippocampus, Merlion
Azura: Very good. We have arrived. Are you ready for battle?
Hero: I am.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: A battle o' wits? I be wittier than a Goblin Chariot Seller.
Hero: I'm not so sure.
Azura: It will be a great series of battles, to test your courage.
Hero: Very well.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Well there ain't nobody got more courage than Lil' Johnny Bronze!
Hero: Oh, dear.
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Trial by Water

Clear the caves at the Proving Grounds.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Azura: There are caves around the Proving Grounds.
Hero: So I see.
Azura: Choose three. You must face what is inside.
Hero: Very well.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! And what do we be gettin' if we win? Treasure?
Hero: Don't be greedy!
Azura: You will earn the right to help the Merfolk of Merlantis.
Hero: Okay.
  • Enter the first cave.
    Hydra: A Water Hydra?
    Cave Creatures: Sea Troll, Hippocampus, Hippocampus, Hydra
  • Search the second cave.
    Psion: The Creature from the Deeps.
    From Watery Depths: Giant Toad, Troglodyte, Nyx, Psion
  • Clear all the third cave.
    Venoxia: A Poison Wyrm.
    Deadly Denizens: Giant Crab, Hippocampus, Merlion, Venoxia
Azura: Your skill at battle is truly impressive.
Hero: Thank you.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! There ain't nothin' Lil' Johnny won't do with his hook for victory.
Hero: Ewww.
Azura: Be that as it may, you face a greater challenge still.
Hero: What is it?
Azura: Follow me and I will explain.
Hero: Very well.
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Beyond the Sea

Learn more about what the Merfolk of Merlantis need.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Azura: As we approach Merlantis I will tell you a tale.
Hero: Very well.
Azura: Beyond the Blood Reef there once lived many monstrous creatures.
Hero: I see.
Azura: Few were as fierce as the serpent Leviathan. Then one day a darkness came.
Hero: A darkness?
Azura: It caused a famine. And when only one monster remained, he crossed the reef.
Hero: Leviathan!
  • Travel back to Merlantis.
    Kuotani: Swim away! It is nearby!
    Kuotani Creepers: Kuotani, Kuotani, Hippocampus, Merlion
  • Discuss a treaty with Azura.
    Siren: Wound them! Perhaps that will distract it!
    The Lovely Lure: Waverider, Waverider, Siren, Siren
Azura: Traditionally our peoples do not converse much. We never trade.
Hero: I know.
Azura: If you can rid us of the Leviathan, we would change that.
Hero: I see.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Trade? Ye want to make an honest man o' me?
Hero: Johnny...
Azura: You are the one who keeps talking treasure, Little Johnathan.
Hero: Dude, she called you...
Conversation Character

Threat Assessment

Learn all you can about the Leviathan.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: If we be goin' to stop this rapacious reptile, we'd best learn about it first.
Hero: Good thinking.
Azura: Then we should travel where it has hunted.
Hero: Very well.
Azura: But be warned, there are tribes of Kuotani and Waveriders there.
Hero: I see.
Azura: They will not be pleased to see another trespasser.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Find others who have seen it.
    Sharkey: It's right behind us! Swim away!
    Fish and Ships: Waverider, Hippocampus, Sharkey, Sharkey
  • Get a good description of it.
    Kuotani: Fools! Out of our way! It's huge!
    Other Fish to Fry: Serpent, Kuotani, Siren, Vodyanoi
  • Find out what it likes.
    Lamprey: Hssss!
    Lotsa Lamprey: Lamprey, Lamprey, Lamprey, Lamprey
Azura: And what did you learn?
Hero: Quite a lot!
Lil' Johnny Bronze: We know it's as big and fat as a Dwarf's purse!
Hero: Huge, in fact.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: And it has a bigger appetite than the Great Maw's mother-in-law.
Hero: Indeed!
Lil' Johnny Bronze: And we also know it's partial to a bit o' tasty Lamprey.
Hero: We can set a trap.
Conversation Character

Something to Prove

Trap the Leviathan in the caves at the Proving Ground.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: So we be trappin' this beastie in the caves at the Proving Ground?
Hero: We do... be...
Azura: I will drive in a herd of Lamprey to attract it.
Hero: Great idea.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! And we'll knock it senseless, and drop a mountain on it!
Hero: More or less.
Azura: Then let us begin.
Hero: Very well.
  • Fight the Leviathan.
    Leviathan: It's Big. Really REALLY big!
    The Real Threat: Nyx, Nyx, Nyx, Leviathan
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Harhar! That beastie be trapped like a sailor in a selkie's den!
Hero: Indeed.
Azura: Merlantis is eternally grateful to both you, and Little Johnathan..
Hero: You're welcome.
Azura: Now we should return to my city and discuss trade.
Hero: Very well.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye! Treasure for everyone, but mostly for Lil' Johnny!
Hero: Come on.
Conversation Character

One for the Ladies

Help Lil' Johnny Bronze impress Azura by taking the Kraken's treasure.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: I have something to confess.
Hero: What's that?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: That Azura... She's a fine wench. Do ye think her and me...
Hero: Not really!
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Oh, ye do? That makes Lil' Johnny's black piratical heart sing!
Hero: Oh, dear.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: I'll be needin' a gift though. Something grand. A Kraken's treasure?
Hero: A what?
  • Find a Kraken.
    Merlion: Rawrrrr!
    Treasures of the Deep: Giant Crab, Giant Crab, Sea Troll, Merlion
  • Get its treasure.
    Kraken: So Many Tentacles!
    Pearl of Wisdom: Troglodyte, Vodyanoi, Lamprey, Kraken
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Lady Azura! I've been struck down by yer beautiful blue skin.
Hero: Here we go.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: 'Tis bluer than a freshly-drowned Goblin. So I've brought ye this gift.
Hero: Embarrassing...
Azura: It is beautiful, Little Johnathan, but entirely inappropriate.
Hero: Awkward...
Azura: We are trade partners, not lovers. Please take it back.
Hero: Oh, well.
Conversation Character

Dress to Impress

Help Lil' Johnny Bronze impress Azura by showing how brave he is.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: That be only a setback in me courtship o' the fair Azura.
Hero: Really?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Oh, aye, I know her type. She be admirin' courage, not petty baubles.
Hero: But...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Come on! Let's be showin' her how brave Lil' Johnny really is.
Hero: How?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: We bring her back the head of a Behemoth!
Hero: If you insist.
  • Travel back to land.
    Tuskar: Look what crawled out of the sea!
    Tilting at Tuskars: Chimera, Sand Shark, Tuskar, Tuskar
  • Defeat a Behemoth.
    Behemoth: If this doesn't impress her...
    Bravery Becomes Him: Sunsail, Sabertooth Lion, Chimera, Behemoth
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Lady Azura! I understand why ye found my previous gift distasteful.
Hero: He doesn't really.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Ye be a lady of actions. No mere trinkets could impress ye.
Hero: Chariot wreck...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: So I've brought ye the head of a Behemoth, to prove my dedication and courage.
Hero: Here we go...
Azura: Get that out of here! In Merlantis we hunt for food, not for sport!
Hero: Okay. Come on.
Conversation Character

Just Being Silly

Help Lil' Johnny Bronze in his last attempt to impress Azura.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: There be only one thing for Azura.
Hero: Just give up.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: She be a deep one alright. She lives fer her people.
Hero: What are you up to?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: If I be slayin' the Leviathan once and fer all...
Hero: Oh, no, no, no.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: She'll be seein' me fer who I truly am.
Hero: She already has.
  • Approach the Leviathan' s cave.
    Merlion: Rawrrrr!
    The Lion Guard: Merlion, Merlion, Merlion, Merlion
  • Fight the Leviathan.
    Leviathan: This is probably a bad idea.
    I Hate Snakes!: Lamprey, Sea Troll, Merlion, Leviathan
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Oops. Harhar! It got free, didn't it?
Hero: Yes it did!
Azura: What have you done? You foolish human!
Hero: My thoughts exactly.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Lil' Johhny will fix it milady; I'm a man o' me word.
Hero: You're an idiot.
Azura: And this is why we stopped trading with you in the first place. Imbeciles!
Hero: Okay, let's go.
Conversation Character

Follow that Serpent

Track down the recently released Leviathan.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Azura: We have to stop it. It won't be fooled by a trap again.
Hero: I agree.
Azura: If it does any damage, I'm holding HIM personally responsible.
Hero: Me too.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: We'll fix it! It'll be easy as poking a parrot in his posterior. You'll see!
Hero: Easy as what?
Azura: It had better be! And I pity your parrots, Little Johnathan.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Find the trail.
    Waverider: Why did you release it?
    Snake Trails: Waverider, Siren, Kuotani, Sharkey
  • Chase the Leviathan.
    Kuotani: Foolish Air-Breathers!
    Water Spirit: Serpent, Hippocampus, Vodyanoi, Kuotani
Azura: At least we know where it is now.
Hero: We do.
Azura: It has retreated back to the reef to nurse its wounds. But it will be back.
Hero: Almost certainly.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Then we take it while it be weakened?
Hero: We do.
Conversation Character

An Ambitious Trap

Make a plan to defeat the Leviathan.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Azura: We will need a new trap.
Hero: I agree.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Trolls! We need Sea Trolls!
Hero: Why?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Monsters love 'em. They regenerate and keep you full for hours.
Hero: Ewww...
Azura: Very well, let us find some trolls.
Hero: Okay.
  • Get some bait.
    Waverider: You've already done enough damage.
    Hold the Trolls: Waverider, Sea Troll, Hippocampus, Merlion
  • Lie in wait.
    Vodyanoi: Oooraooo
    A Really Big Trap: Troglodyte, Siren, Lamprey, Vodyanoi
Azura: This is it. The Leviathan is here.
Hero: So it is.
Azura: And there is nowhere for it to flee. The Blood Reef is behind it.
Hero: Good.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! And I will dedicate this battle to your beauty, Lady Azura.
Hero: Oh, my.
Hero: There was a brief awkward silence...
Hero: ...And we approached the Leviathan.
Conversation Character

King of the Deep

Defeat the Leviathan once and for all.

Complete this quest to unlock Azura.
Azura: Are we ready?
Hero: I am
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Yar! We go on the count of three.
Hero: Very well.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: THREE!
Hero: Like father, like daughter.
  • Defeat the Leviathan.
    Leviathan: Definitely the last time!
    Leviathan!: Lamprey, Nyx, Hippocampus, Leviathan
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! In the end, 'twere easy as fallin' off me potty in a storm.
Hero: I'm not so sure.
Azura: Regarding trade... Are all your folk like HIM?
Hero: Surprisingly few.
Azura: Before I commit to anything, I would travel your lands and see for myself.
Hero: Very well.
Azura: Few Merfolk have ventured from the seas. It wil be enlightening.
Hero: You better believe it!
Conversation Character

Tidecaller Training

Learn how to become a Tidecaller with Azura.

Unlock the Tidecaller Hero Class
Hero: I received a summons from Azura...
Hero: ...She seemed very concerned about something.
Azura: I have a matter of grave importance to discuss.
Hero: Go on.
Azura: Your friend, Little Jonathan, is persistent and bothersome.
Hero: That he is.
Azura: If I teach you the Tidecaller's secrets, will you help me send him far away?
Hero: Gladly!
  • Learn to control water.
    Azura: Control the Waters!
    Water, Water, Everywhere: Coral Golem, Water Elemental, Water Elemental, Water Elemental
  • Learn to breathe water.
    Azura: Breathe the water in!
    Water of Life: Waverider, Merlion, Water Elemental, Hippocampus
  • Control the creatures of the sea.
    Azura: Use the water to gain control!
    Troubled Water: Mervorax, Giant Crab, Sea Troll, Mosasaurus
  • Push back a giant creature.
    Azura: Now push back the Megavore!
    Moving Megavore: Mantis Shrimp, Mantis Shrimp, Water Elemental, Megavore
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Yarrr! Here ye be, Azura. I were lookin' for ye!
Hero: Here he comes!
Azura: Would you do a me a favor, Little Jonathan? Climb aboard your vessel?
Hero: And 3... 2... 1...
Hero: Azura and I summoned the Tidecaller's magic...
Hero: And Lil' Johny's boat was last seen near the Leonis Empire.
Azura: I sense the peace and quiet already. And YOU have learned well, Tidecaller!
Hero: My pleasure.
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