Servants of Nyar'Mel

These once-proud deep dwarves have been conquered and controlled by the Daemon, Nyar'Mel.
Conversation Character

Hi-ho, hi-ho

Take Finley to meet the Deep Dwarves.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: Finley approached me, looking excited...
Hero: I guessed he had a plan to make some money!
Finley: I have a plan to make some money!
Hero: I thought so!
Finley: Judging by that huge gate over there, I believe the Deep Dwarves may be nearby.
Hero: Oh?
Finley: Deep Dwarves! Think of the treasures we might trade for!
Hero: Let's investigate.
  • Approach the gates.
    Deep Dwarf: Go away!
    The Deep Gate: Dwarven Gate, Dwarven Gate, Bonebinder, Deep Dwarf
  • Talk with the Deep Dwarves.
    Deep Dwarf: We said... Go away!
    No Entry: Dwarven Gate, Bonebinder, Deep Dwarf, Deep Dwarf
Finley: They don't want to meet with us. I don't understand.
Hero: Introverts maybe?
Finley: Dwarves ALWAYS want to trade. Perhaps they misunderstood.
Hero: Perhaps...
Finley: Or maybe we just haven't found the right Dwarves to talk to.
Hero: Maybe...
Finley: Imagine the treasures they've crafted down here though.
Hero: I'm imagining.
Conversation Character

Dwarven Forge

Enter the Deep Dwarven forge.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Finley: I know what to do. I have an idea.
Hero: Let's hear it.
Finley: Of course the GUARDS won't let us in. They're GUARDS!
Hero: Okay...
Finley: If we could sneak inside, and find the Smiths however...
Hero: Smiths?
Finley: Yes, yes, yes! They'll trade with us for sure!
Hero: Alright...
  • Approach the Forge.
    Dark Smith: Oi! Get outta here!
    Fire in the Forge: Dark Smith, Dark Smith, Deep Dwarf, Deep Dwarf
  • Talk with the Dark Smiths.
    Dark Smith: The King’ll be so mad!
    The Smith Family: Dark Smith, Dark Smith, Dark Smith, Dark Smith
Finley: Well that's disappointing - the Smiths don't want to trade either.
Hero: So it seems.
Finley: But WHY? All Dwarves want to trade.
Hero: Bit of a generalization?
Finley: I've heard stories of the things they craft down here with deep gemstones.
Hero: Oh?
Finley: Yes! Magnificent jewellery, wondrous armor, magical weapons.
Hero: If you say so.
Conversation Character

After the King

Search for the Deep Dwarf King.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Finley: The smiths - they mentioned a King...
Hero: So they did.
Finley: Perhaps - now we're in here - we just need to find the King.
Hero: Perhaps.
Finley: Surely the King will trade with us, won't he?
Hero: I have doubts.
Finley: No, he will. I'm certain of it!
Hero: Let's find him.
  • Travel into the citadel.
    Deep Golem: Stop! Nyar’Mel commands it.
    City of Stone: Deep Golem, Dark Smith, Deep Dwarf, Deep Dwarf
  • Search for the throne room.
    Deep Golem: Halt, in the name of Nyar’Mel.
    Throne Seekers: Deep Golem, Deep Golem, Deep Golem, Dark Smith
Finley: Those golems sure seemed intent on stopping us.
Hero: They did.
Finley: They mentioned someone called Nyar'Mel. The King perhaps?
Hero: Perhaps...
Finley: It's an odd name for a Dwarf, isn't it?
Hero: It is...
Finley: Normally they're all about thunder, hammers, beards, and things.
Hero: They are.
Conversation Character

A Right Royal Surprise

Meet Nyar’Mel, the Deep Dwarf King.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Finley: Well this looks like the throne room, doesn't it?
Hero: It does.
Finley: You know, it occurs to me that you visit a LOT of throne rooms.
Hero: I do.
Finley: And you seldom find anyone friendly inside.
Hero: That is true.
Finley: This time will be different though, you'll see.
Hero: Let's find out.
  • Discuss trade with the King.
    Nyar'Mel: I will control your minds!
    King Nyar'Mel: Deep Golem, Dark Smith, Deep Dwarf, Nyar'Mel
Finley: Their King was a Daemon! A big old ELDER Daemon!
Hero: Explains the name.
Finley: I think he'd been controlling the Deep Dwarves all this time!
Hero: He still is!
Finley: Still is? But... but you killed him! Didn't you?
Hero: I wish...
Finley: What a waste... All these skilled Dwarves, working for a Daemon.
Hero: Let's free them!
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