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A Wandering Madman

Help Ferit stop the Slavers on their way to the Tower of High Sorcery.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: As I travelled into the shattered lands of Karakoth,
Hero: I happened upon a madman, wandering the wasteland.
Ferit: You! You are not from here. Who are you?
Hero: An adventurer.
Ferit: You don't smell of sorcery and madness... this is good...
Hero: Why?
Ferit: You can help me stop the slavers... I can taste it!
Hero: Lead on.
  • Defeat the Slavers' guards.
    Acolyte: It's an attack! Stop them!
    The Golem Guards: Golem, Golem, Acolyte
  • Defeat the Slavemaster and free the slaves.
    Reaver: You seek to stop us? Never!
    The Slavemaster: Golem, Night Terror, Reaver
Ferit: Thank you. The slaves are free.
Hero: My pleasure.
Ferit: The Slavers. They never stop. Always more.
Hero: Dark Elves?
Ferit: Dark Elves... Humans... Naga... All greedy.
Hero: But not you?
Ferit: No, Not me. I will see them all burn.
Hero: Then I'll help.
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One More Slaver to Cross

Help Ferit defeat another band of slavers

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Ferit: Slavers are nearby. I see it in the wind.
Hero: The wind?
Ferit: The black winds of Karakoth share many secrets.
Hero: Really?
Ferit: You must learn to listen - to hear the magic.
Hero: I'll try..
Ferit: Now come. We must turn blood into freedom.
Hero: Lead on...
  • Defeat another group of Slavers.
    Scale Guard: Ssstop! Sssubmit and we will ssspare you lives!
    Snakes Alive: Golem, Acolyte, Scale Guard, Scale Guard
  • Defeat another Slavemaster.
    Poison Master: That wasss a missstake!
    Snakes Not So Alive: Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Scale Guard, Poison Master
Ferit: Naga! Their blood is cold, but it still buys freedom.
Hero: Yes it does.
Ferit: Do you sense why I do this, stranger?
Hero: No, I don't.
Ferit: Slaves are power. Power breeds madness. Madness rules here.
Hero: What?
Ferit: No slaves means no power. No power means no madness.
Hero: Oh...
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The Crimson Death

Break into the Crimson Warlock's tower and defeat him.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Ferit: Now we go to the Crimson Tower.
Hero: What's there?
Ferit: The Crimson Warlock. He must die.
Hero: Why?
Ferit: The stones of Karakoth whisper his name.
Hero: Okay...
Ferit: Their songs wish for his passing.
Hero: Lead on, then...
  • Break into the Crimson Tower.
    Acolyte: You bring gifts for my master?
    Breaking and Entering: Golem, Golem, Acolyte, Acolyte
  • Defeat the Crimson Warlock.
    Warlock: Bow before me, worms!
    Woe to the Warlock: Acolyte, Acolyte, Acolyte, Warlock
Ferit: It is done. His twisted soul has joined the Old Gods.
Hero: What did he do?
Ferit: I... I do not remember. But I DO remember this place.
Hero: The Tower?
Ferit: Yes... The colors have a familiar taste to them.
Hero: Hmm...
Ferit: They taste of danger. Come! We must go!
Hero: As you say.
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Search for the Past

Seek out any clues about Ferit's past in the Viridian Tower.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Ferit: I... I think I am searching for something.
Hero: What, exactly?
Ferit: I don't remember. My sanity perhaps?
Hero: Perhaps.
Ferit: The stones will not tell me. Nor will the wind.
Hero: Hmm...
Ferit: But Viridian Tower is nearby. Perhaps there...
Hero: Lead on...
  • Enter Viridian Tower.
    Scale Guard: Halt! Nobody enters the Viridian Tower today.
    The Viridian Gate: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Golem, Golem
  • Seek answers from the Viridian Warlock.
    Warlock: You? Vair? You dare to come back here? Die!
    Viridian Secrets: Golem, Golem, Poison Master, Warlock
Ferit: The Warlock. He seemed to know me.
Hero: He called you Vair.
Ferit: Perhaps it was my name once. Perhaps...
Hero: Not any more?
Ferit: No. Now I am Ferit. But this place...
Hero: What of it?
Ferit: Its stones tell me I did something here. Something terrible.
Hero: Let's leave.
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Fangs for the Memory

Investigate why the Naga are so active in Karakoth at the moment.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Ferit: Too many Naga. Something is coming.
Hero: What?
Ferit: I don't know, but we are all trapped in a web.
Hero: A web?
Ferit: As one twists, we all feel the ripples.
Hero: I see...
Ferit: Come. Let us hunt some Naga.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Investigate what the Naga are up to.
    Acolyte: These Stalkers and slaves are for my master. Leave us!
    Stalking the Stalkers: Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Acolyte
  • Capture a group of Naga entering Karakoth.
    Poison Master: You! Vair! You are still alive?
    Naga Naga Everywhere: Mist Stalker, Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Poison Master
Ferit: Vair! Who is this Vair? I do not remember.
Hero: I don't know.
Ferit: Neither do the stones, the wind, or the voices.
Hero: But the Naga...
Ferit: Yes, the Naga may know. And when I learn who I was...
Hero: What then?
Ferit: Then I may find my sanity.
Hero: Okay.
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Secrets in the Mist

Travel into the Mist of Scales, seeking more information from the Naga.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Ferit: We must cross into the mists.
Hero: It looks dangerous.
Ferit: It is. The mist warns us, and welcomes us.
Hero: After you then.
Ferit: Come. These Naga have secrets we must pry loose.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Cross the border to the Mist of Scales.
    Mist Stalker: Hissssssss!
    Border Crossing: Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Scale Guard, Scale Guard
  • Seek some Naga who might know Ferit.
    Lamia: Vair? Surely you don't need MORE slaves?
    The Maid of the Mists: Scale Guard, Scale Guard, Poison Master, Lamia
Ferit: Is it possible? Was I once a Slaver?
Hero: Maybe.
Ferit: No! I do not remember. But it cannot be!
Hero: As you wish.
Ferit: Still, this does not taste of truth. The voices are in conflict.
Hero: I see...
Ferit: Let us return to Karakoth. There are slaves to set free.
Hero: Okay.
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A Drop in the Market

Raid the Karakoth Slave Market to free the slaves.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Ferit: I have searched long enough for answers.
Hero: And?
Ferit: They make me uneasy. We must free more slaves.
Hero: How?
Ferit: We will attack the central Slave Market!
Hero: Good plan.
  • Set the Golems loose upon the Slave Market.
    Golem: Command me!
    Lot 1: Golems: Golem, Golem, Golem, Golem
  • Release some Night Terrors too.
    Night Terror: Graaarrrr!
    Lot 2: Night Terrors: Night Terror, Night Terror, Night Terror, Night Terror
  • Defeat Dark Elven Slavers and free their captives.
    Dark Maiden: You cannot attack us here!
    Lot 3: Dark Elven Slaves: Reaver, Reaver, Reaver, Dark Maiden
Ferit: So many slaves. Why do they need this many?
Hero: I don't know.
Ferit: The Warlocks are planning something.
Hero: Are you sure?
Ferit: The voices tell me. They do not lie.
Hero: Okay.
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Unearthed Arcana

Discover what the Warlocks are up to in the north of Karakoth.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Ferit: The wind has changed, it smells of power.
Hero: What does that mean?
Ferit: In the north, they are seeking him.
Hero: Seeking who?
Ferit: I do not know, but we must hurry. They must be stopped.
Hero: Okay.
  • Search the ancient ruins.
    Warlock: Keep away! The secrets here are MINE!
    Archaeology 101: Golem, Acolyte, Dark Maiden, Warlock
  • Investigate what the Warlock was digging up.
    Ancient Horror: Gthsgh Argchuach Ulghoth!
    Horrors of the Past: Ancient Horror, Ancient Horror, Ancient Horror
Ferit: That creature... it was a herald of the Old Gods.
Hero: Old Gods?
Ferit: They ruled Krystara aeons ago. Do you not feel them?
Hero: No, I don't.
Ferit: Their power is what draws the Warlocks here.
Hero: I see.
Ferit: The slaves, the Old Gods... all part of the web...
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Old Tomes, New Plans

Break into the Great Library of the Cerulean Tower to uncover the Warlocks' plans.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Ferit: This Library... I have been here before too.
Hero: Really?
Ferit: But there are no slavers here, not in this place.
Hero: Strange...
Ferit: No matter. The answers we seek are here, I can smell them.
Hero: Okay.
  • Get into the Great Library.
    Warlock: Vair! What are you doing back here?
    The Angry Librarians: Golem, Golem, Warlock, Warlock
  • Search the tomes to find what is happening.
    Acolyte: No! Stop! We'll lose control!
    Long Overdue: Acolyte, Acolyte, Acolyte, Ancient Horror
Ferit: Aha! I sense what they are planning now.
Hero: What's that?
Ferit: They are summoning one of the Old Gods.
Hero: Oh, dear.
Ferit: They will feed the slaves to it, and it will burst into this world.
Hero: Oh, no!
Ferit: It's strange. This has happened before. I can feel it.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

From Madness We Come

Travel back to the ancient ruins to stop the Warlocks summoning an Old God.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Ferit: We must head back to the ruin and stop them!
Hero: Okay.
Ferit: Many Warlocks will be going. It will be dangerous.
Hero: We'll get by.
Ferit: I have trod these stones before... too many times.
Hero: You have?
Ferit: My sanity is returning, my friend. I do not like it.
Hero: Hang in there.
  • Dispose of any Warlocks you find on the way.
    Warlock: Vair? On your way to the summoning, I see?
    An Old Friend: Night Terror, Night Terror, Acolyte, Warlock
  • Travel north to the ancient ruin.
    Warlock: Vair! I never thought we'd see you again!
    Slithering Along: Mist Stalker, Mist Stalker, Scale Guard, Warlock
Ferit: No... I remember...
Hero: That's great!
Ferit: No... No, it isn't. I was a Warlock.
Hero: Really?
Ferit: We summoned... I summoned this beast... Abhorath.
Hero: Oh...
Ferit: So many lives lost. My mind was lost with them.
Hero: I'm sorry.
Conversation Character


Stop the ritual to release Abhorath, one of the Old Gods.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Ferit: No! I can't believe I was responsible for...
Hero: For what?
Ferit: So much death... So much suffering...
Hero: You've changed.
Ferit: I can never wash this stain from my hands.
Hero: You HAVE changed.
Ferit: Enough self pity. We must stop this ritual.
Hero: Okay!
  • Defeat the Guardians of the site.
    Golem: Stop!
    Guardians Galore: Golem, Mist Stalker, Golem, Night Terror
  • Defeat the various Warlocks' minions.
    Warlock: Back for more, Vair? Isn't it glorious!
    Minions Aplenty: Acolyte, Poison Master, Dark Maiden, Warlock
  • Disrupt the ritual.
    Warlock: Almost complete! Help us!
    Heralds Abound: Ancient Horror, Ancient Horror, Ancient Horror, Warlock
Ferit: There! It is done!
Hero: It's over?
Ferit: The Warlocks have fled. The ritual is broken.
Hero: Good.
Ferit: No lives will be sacrificed this day.
Hero: I'm glad.
Ferit: But how will I live with the things I've done...
Hero: I don't know.
Conversation Character

To Madness We Return

Defeat Abhorath, the Old God, and allow Ferit to become mad once more.

Complete this quest to unlock Ferit.
Ferit: My friend, I have an unusual request.
Hero: Name it.
Ferit: Will you help me finish summoning Abhorath?
Hero: What? Why?
Ferit: I wish to gaze upon him and lose my sanity again.
Hero: I understand.
Ferit: There will be no sacrifices, so Abhorath will fight you.
Hero: I'll see it done.
  • Summon Abhorath and defeat him.
    Abhorath: Gthsgh Argchuach Ulghoth!
    Abhorath Abides: Ancient Horror, Ancient Horror, Ancient Horror, Abhorath
Ferit: The wind tells me you are my friend.
Hero: Ferit?
Ferit: Is that my name? It tastes like my name.
Hero: It is.
Ferit: The stones say I owe you a great debt.
Hero: We owe each other.
Ferit: Is that so? Well it seems we should travel together for a time.
Hero: My pleasure.
Conversation Character

Sorcerer Training

Learn the secrets of becoming a Sorcerer from Ferit.

Unlock the Sorcerer Hero Class
Ferit: There are strange things in my head.
Hero: I know.
Ferit: But the voices tell me I must teach you these things
Hero: Oh...
Ferit: And I must teach you before they blow away.
Hero: I see.
Ferit: They say if you pass their tests, you will be a Sorcerer.
Hero: Then teach me.
  • Pass the Test of Sanity.
    Ferit: The voices say hold onto your sanity!
    Test of Sanity: Ancient Horror, Warlock, Acolyte, Cthyryzyx
  • Pass the Test of Madness.
    Ferit: The voices say embrace the madness!
    Test of Madness: Ancient Horror, Spider Queen, Green Slime, Wild Fang
  • Pass the Test of the Portal.
    Ferit: The voices say look into the Abyss!
    Test of the Portal: Ancient Horror, Fortress Gate, Winter Imp, The Silent One
  • Pass the Test of the Old Gods.
    Ferit: Behold the Old Gods!
    Test of the Old Gods: Kerberos, Ancient Horror, Cthyryzyx, Abhorath
Ferit: The voices are leaving me now.
Hero: Oh.
Ferit: But they have one last message for you.
Hero: What's that?
Ferit: They say you must balance madness and sanity as you gaze at the Abyss.
Hero: I see.
Ferit: And... and... they're gone. I'm sorry.
Hero: That's okay.
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