Wild Court

Riders of the Wild Hunt

Every year, the Fey of the Wild Hunt embark on a quest to hunt down any prey they find.
Conversation Character

The Hunt Stirs

Accompany Ethoras through the Feywild Forest.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: While exploring the Underworld…
Hero: ...We happened upon an old 'friend'.
Prince Ethoras: Aha! An escort! It is like the Gods are watching over me.
Hero: Somebody needs to.
Prince Ethoras: I fled here to escape Titania, but fear I have gotten lost.
Hero: Of course you have.
Prince Ethoras: How fortuitous! You can lead me to safety.
Hero: Of course I can.
  • Protect Ethoras.
    Red Cap: Watch where you step!
    A Convenient Escort: Sylvasi, Fey Cap, Florian, Red Cap
  • Trample the Fey.
    Red Cap: No! Our homes!
    Crush the Free Folk: Fey Cap, Fey Cap, Giant Spider, Fey Cap
Prince Ethoras: This must be the Feywild Forest.
Hero: The what?
Prince Ethoras: I remember it well. Tassarion read me stories of the Wild Hunt when I was but a boy.
Hero: Sounds ominous.
Prince Ethoras: But if the rumours are true, you and Atlanta imprisoned Orion, yes?
Hero: That takes me back!
Prince Ethoras: He used to lead the Wild Hunt, so someone must have taken up his crown.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

A Royal Reception

Present Yourselves to the Wild Hunt.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Prince Ethoras: We must seek counsel with their new leader.
Hero: Why's that?
Prince Ethoras: They are Fey. Maybe they will know of a way to divert Titania's attentions.
Hero: Don't say it-
Prince Ethoras: Indeed, they must! She’s obsessed with me, didn't you know?
Hero: Not this again.
Prince Ethoras: I long to return to Krystara without the burden of being loved so ardently.
Hero: No danger of that...
Prince Ethoras: It seems that you attract trouble wherever you go.
Hero: Excuse me?
Prince Ethoras: I have never been kidnapped so much as I have when we are together.
Hero: I see.
Prince Ethoras: My poor hair can't take this kind of stress! If I'm not careful, I'll start going grey.
Hero: A tragedy.
Prince Ethoras: We will never get an audience with the Wild Hunt's leader at this rate.
Hero: I agree.
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Good Riddance

Abandon Ethoras to his fate.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Prince Ethoras: I think they intend to hunt us.
Hero: What gave it away?
Prince Ethoras: Alas, it is a curse to be so delicious.
Hero: Delicious?
Prince Ethoras: Yes, these mad fey would pick their teeth with my bones if given a chance.
Hero: That's a bit graphic.
Prince Ethoras: It's not my fault that I taste so good. You must help me flee!
Hero: You know what? I'm out.
  • Try to ditch Ethoras.
    Wild Knight: Don't let them escape!
    Fond Farewells: Wild Knight, Puka, Dryad, Red Cap
  • Fight your way free.
    Wild Knight: Bring them to the Wendigo!
    Don't Look Back: Wild Knight, Wild Knight, Puka, Red Cap
Prince Ethoras: Wait for me! My hair is unused to this strenuous activity.
Hero: You're still here?
Prince Ethoras: I cannot believe you would abandon me.
Hero: I can.
Prince Ethoras: The nerve of you! I'll have you know I am a prince!
Hero: You've mentioned it..
Prince Ethoras: Once we are out of this forest, you'll answer for this negligence!
Hero: Great.
Conversation Character

Bait and Switch

Use Ethoras as bait.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Prince Ethoras: ...and another thing! My father will be VERY displeased when he gets news of my treatment.
Hero: ...
Prince Ethoras: Are you even listening to me?
Hero: I just had a thought...
Prince Ethoras: What are you doing? Unhand me!
Hero: Hey! Wendigo, look!
Hero: It's Snack Time!
  • Defeat the Wendigo!
    The Wendigo: Let the Hunt Begin!
    Wendigo Smash!: Wild Knight, Puka, The Wendigo, Red Cap
Prince Ethoras: How could you do such a thing?! I, Prince Ethoras, reduced to bait?
Hero: It worked...
Prince Ethoras: It matters not if it worked! It was positively barbaric treatment!
Hero: You're welcome.
Prince Ethoras: I must return to the surface, the Underworld is clearly no place for a prince.
Hero: Good idea.
Hero: And with that, Ethoras departed the Underworld...
Hero: ...Artfully rearranging his hair as he went.
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