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Hell Gate

The Gate of the Dead

On the other side of the gate once guarded by Kerberos, the Judge of the Dead awaits any would who come his way.
Conversation Character

The Black Gate Opens

Follow the path towards the gate.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: Off in the distance...
Hero: We spied a huge gate.
Herald of Chaos: I believe that is the Hell Gate.
Hero: Hell Gate?
Herald of Chaos: Another portal to Krystara. I have a favour to ask, old friend.
Hero: Name it.
Herald of Chaos: I would like to visit this gate.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Head towards the Hell Gate.
    Lemure: Go no further...
    The Road to Hell: Quasit, Twisted Hero, Hellhound, Lemure
  • Fight the creatures on the path.
    Lemure: He will judge you...
    Good Intentions: Incubus, Lemure, Lemure, Lemure
Herald of Chaos: Yes. It is definitely the Hell Gate.
Hero: It is?
Herald of Chaos: These creatures - Lemures - tell me so.
Hero: What are they?
Herald of Chaos: Lost creatures. Souls found wanting by the Judge of the Dead.
Hero: Judge?
Herald of Chaos: An ancient Daemon. One with whom I must speak.
Hero: Hmmm...
Conversation Character

Fury Road

Defend against the Furies.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Herald of Chaos: We must fortify our position.
Hero: Why?
Herald of Chaos: Furies - servants of the Judge - will attack us.
Hero: They will?
Herald of Chaos: Indeed. They protect the Judge from living creatures.
Hero: Oh...
Herald of Chaos: I may not be truly alive, but YOU are, old friend.
Hero: True...
  • Fortify your position.
    Fury: Souls for the Judge!
    Furious Assault: Warg, Lemure, Lemure, Fury
  • Defeat the Furies.
    Fury: Are you ready for judgement?
    Furiouser and Furiouser: Lemure, Fury, Fury, Fury
Herald of Chaos: The Furies have been defeated.
Hero: Good!
Herald of Chaos: Now our journey - my journey - can continue.
Hero: Your journey?
Herald of Chaos: I seek the Judge of the Dead, old friend.
Hero: Why is that?
Herald of Chaos: I wish to be judged. I must know if I have atoned for my crimes.
Hero: Oh...
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Don’t Pay the Ferryman

Travel along the river.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Herald of Chaos: The River is near.
Hero: River?
Herald of Chaos: The River of Dreams. It is guarded by Charonas.
Hero: Charonas?
Herald of Chaos: The Ferryman. You must pay him your dreams to cross.
Hero: Dreams?
Herald of Chaos: He fills the river with them. We will not pay this price.
Hero: Good.
  • Find the River.
    Charonas: You must pay the price!
    River of Dreams: Charonas, Lemure, Fury, Fury
  • Defeat the Ferrymen.
    Charonas: No dream, no passage!
    The Other Side: Charonas, Charonas, Charonas, Charonas
Herald of Chaos: Your dreams are safe, old friend.
Hero: Thank you.
Herald of Chaos: Without dreams there can be no hope.
Hero: True.
Herald of Chaos: And without hope, we are trapped in darkness.
Hero: Very true.
Herald of Chaos: Now... The path to the Judge lies ahead.
Hero: Let’s go.
Conversation Character

Judge Dread

Allow the Herald to be judged.

Complete this quest to earn 100 Souls.
Hero: We approached the huge gate.
Hero: The Judge stood waiting.
Herald of Chaos: I go to be judged. Let us hope I have atoned for my sins.
Hero: Or?
Herald of Chaos: Or I will join the Lemures in eternal damnation
Hero: But...
Herald of Chaos: Unless we defeat the Judge...
Hero: Very well.
  • Confront the Judge.
    Judge of the Dead: You are not worthy!
    Judge and Jury: Charonas, Judge of the Dead, Lemure, Fury
Herald of Chaos: My atonement is not complete.
Hero: What would he know.
Herald of Chaos: He knows everything, old friend.
Hero: So say you.
Herald of Chaos: Regardless, I must continue on the path of righteousness.
Hero: Very well.
Herald of Chaos: So I will travel with you a little longer it seems.
Hero: You are welcome.
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