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None Shall Pass

You must defeat Alastair the Paladin in order to enter Khetar.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: As I tried to cross into Khetar...
Hero: I found my way blocked.
Alastair: Halt! You shall not pass!
Hero: Why not?
Alastair: I guard the borders of Khetar. Nobody enters. Nothing leaves.
Hero: Oh, I see.
Alastair: Now turn around and begone!
Hero: No.
  • Defeat Alastair.
    Alastair: You shall not pass!
    Alastair: Alastair
Alastair: You... You have bested me!
Hero: Sorry.
Alastair: Why are you travelling into Khetar?
Hero: I'm curious.
Alastair: Nothing but death awaits you in there.
Hero: We'll see.
Alastair: Then I will follow along. You will be in much danger.
Hero: As you wish.
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Border Patrol

Help Alastair defend the border of Khetar against the Undead who are trying to cross.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Alastair: Undead! I warned you!
Hero: What are they doing?
Alastair: They will try to cross the border. They are hunting.
Hero: What for?
Alastair: They capture prisoners. They turn them.
Hero: Into what?
Alastair: Tools. Now, come. Help me stop them.
Hero: As you wish.
  • Defend against the first group of Undead.
    Skeleton: Soulsss for our master!
    Gotta Have Soul: Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton, Wight
  • Defend against the second group of Undead.
    Revenant: Yesss! Give usss your soulsss!
    Soul Music: Skeleton, Skeleton, Banshee, Revenant
Alastair: You fight well.
Hero: Thank you.
Alastair: As you can see, there is nothing here.
Hero: Oh, I don't know...
Alastair: Will you return to the border with me now?
Hero: Not yet.
Alastair: Then I will follow a little further.
Hero: As you wish.
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Deeper into Chaos

Travel deeper into Khetar, and see what secrets you can uncover.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Alastair: If we travel much further, you will be in grave danger.
Hero: I know.
Alastair: Why will you not listen to my warnings!
Hero: I'm stubborn.
Alastair: I have watched the border for... a long time...
Hero: Oh?
Alastair: And I have never met anybody as stubborn as you!
Hero: Good.
  • Travel deeper into Khetar.
    Wight: Yesss! Come to usss!
    Wandering Wights: Skeleton, Ghoul, Wight, Wight
  • Search for anything interesting.
    Dark Maiden: What have we here?
    Dark Elven Travellers: Skeleton, Wight, Reaver, Dark Maiden
Alastair: Dark Elves? What is this?
Hero: Interesting...
Alastair: This is unheard of, and I have stood on this border for...
Hero: How long, exactly?
Alastair: A long time. I don't remember. But I DO remember my oath.
Hero: Your oath?
Alastair: I vowed to guard the border for the rest of my days.
Hero: VERY interesting...
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Dark Hearts, Dark Motives

Why are the Dark Elves here? Perhaps if you track some, you can find out.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Alastair: There are more Dark Elves nearby.
Hero: Okay.
Alastair: I will hunt them down.
Hero: Wait up!
Alastair: You may follow me, if you wish.
Hero: Yes, I will.
  • Track the Dark Elves.
    Spider Queen: Well, what have we here?
    A Tangled Web: Skeleton, Wight, Night Terror, Spider Queen
  • See what you can find out.
    Dark Maiden: Come to me, little ones!
    Soul Weavers: Skeleton, Revenant, Night Terror, Dark Maiden
Alastair: The Dark Elves told us nothing.
Hero: Hmmm...
Alastair: But I know somebody who may.
Hero: Really? Who?
Alastair: Many years ago, my Priestess was captured by the Undead.
Hero: Oh.
Alastair: They turned her. She is now a Banshee. She might help us.
Hero: Let's find out.
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Good Priestesses Gone Bad

Approach Alastair's old Priestess (who is now a Banshee) for answers

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Alastair: The Tower of the Banshee is ahead.
Hero: So I see.
Alastair: I should go in alone.
Hero: Not a chance!
Alastair: As you wish, I cannot stop you.
Hero: That's right.
Alastair: Just beware the guardians on the way in.
Hero: Okay.
  • Approach the Banshee's tower.
    War Sphinx: Rawwwrrrr!
    Riddle me This: Golem, Golem, War Sphinx, War Sphinx
  • Talk to the Priestess.
    Banshee: Alastair? It has been SO long! You seek the Orb of Souls, yes?
    The Corrupted Priestess: Skeleton, Skeleton, Revenant, Banshee
Alastair: The Orb of Souls... Why is that familiar?
Hero: I don't know.
Alastair: No matter. It was good to lay Her Grace to rest, at last.
Hero: Yes
Alastair: She was the reason I vowed to guard the border.
Hero: Really?
Alastair: I devoted my life to stopping this happening again.
Hero: I see.
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Old Khetari Ruins

Investigate the ruins of old Khetar for anything regarding the Orb of Souls.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Alastair: If we travel deeper into Khetar, we will find some ruins.
Hero: Okay.
Alastair: They were once a magnificent city.
Hero: I see.
Alastair: We may find some information there about the Orb of Souls.
Hero: Let's try.
  • Enter the old Khetari ruins.
    War Sphinx: Rawwwwr!
    Stone Cold Killers: Revenant, Golem, Golem, War Sphinx
  • Search for clues in the ruins.
    Revenant: The Master bids you welcome, Alastair!
    Revenge in the Ruins: Ghoul, Ghoul, Ghoul, Revenant
  • Search deeper in the ruins.
    Spider Queen: Ha! You think to stop us?
    Queen of the Damned: Night Terror, Night Terror, Dark Maiden, Spider Queen
Alastair: The Dark Elves had a map!
Hero: Of what?
Alastair: Of Khetar. It shows a place called the Temple of Souls.
Hero: I see.
Alastair: If there is dark magic, the Dark Elves are never far away.
Hero: I know.
Alastair: I will go to this place. You are welcome to follow.
Hero: Oh, I will.
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The Harvest

Enter the Temple of Souls and stop a dark magic ritual.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Alastair: The Temple of Souls is ahead, but...
Hero: But?
Alastair: Some kind of ritual seems to have begun.
Hero: So it does.
Alastair: Help me stop it. Now!
Hero: Okay!
  • Enter the Temple of Souls.
    Wight: The time for the Harvest is at hand!
    Soul Guardians: Skeleton, Wight, War Sphinx, War Sphinx
  • Stop the ritual.
    Revenant: The Orb is not here, Alastair. You should know that!
    The Harvesters: Wight, Banshee, Banshee, Revenant
Alastair: At least we stopped it, but I don't see the Orb.
Hero: Hmm...
Alastair: And how do they all know my name?
Hero: I don't know.
Alastair: Some of the Banshees fled.
Hero: I noticed.
Alastair: We need to follow them.
Hero: Okay.
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Banshee's Bane

Chase down the Banshees who fled from the Temple of Souls.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Alastair: The Banshees are up ahead.
Hero: Yes, I see.
Alastair: I remember something... about them...
Hero: What?
Alastair: The Queen... This one is the Queen.
Hero: And?
Alastair: That is all. No time to stop and remember now. We fight!
Hero: Okay!
  • Defeat the Banshees' guards.
    Ancient Horror: Cthon Ylarthar Ghachoth!
    Ghoulish Guards: Ghoul, Ghoul, Ghoul, Ancient Horror
  • Defeat the Queen of the Banshees.
    Banshee: Alastair! Have you forgotten me after all this time?
    The Banshee Queen: Stone Giant, Stone Giant, War Sphinx, Banshee
Alastair: Wait... I remember... The Banshee Queen...
Hero: Yes?
Alastair: She was the one who turned my Priestess.
Hero: I see?
Alastair: And... Oh, no... No! It was two centuries ago...
Hero: That means...
Alastair: I am... One of the Undead?
Hero: Oh, dear.
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Race for the Orb

Stop the Dark Elves from reaching the Orb of Souls.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Alastair: I remember where the Orb of Souls is!
Hero: Where?
Alastair: An old tower... The Tower of the Keeper.
Hero: Are you sure?
Alastair: It was where they... took my soul...
Hero: Oh...
Alastair: We must hurry. I think the Dark Elves were searching for it too.
Hero: Okay...
  • Find the Dark Elves who are searching for the Orb.
    Dark Maiden: We have you now!
    Dark Hunters: Night Terror, Night Terror, Reaver, Dark Maiden
  • Defeat the Dark Elves.
    Spider Queen: The Orb is ours! Begone!
    Dark Queens: Reaver, Dark Maiden, Spider Queen, Spider Queen
Alastair: That is one threat removed.
Hero: Yes.
Alastair: Now all that remains is the Keeper.
Hero: The Keeper?
Alastair: The Keeper of Souls lives in the tower, with the Orb.
Hero: I see.
Alastair: I know not what he is, but he feasts on souls the Orb provides.
Hero: Okay.
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Tower of the Keeper

Break into the Tower of the Keeper and look for the Orb of Souls.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Alastair: This is the Tower of the Keeper.
Hero: Looks formidable.
Alastair: The Orb is inside, near the top.
Hero: What's the plan?
Alastair: First, we destroy the Orb.
Hero: Okay.
Alastair: With that gone, the Keeper's power is diminished.
Hero: Good.
  • Break into the Tower.
    War Sphinx: Rawrrrr!
    Ancient Guardians: Golem, War Sphinx, Archon Statue, War Sphinx
  • Search the Tower.
    Wight: Soulsss for the Massster!
    Keeper's Creepers: Skeleton, Ghoul, Wight, Wight
  • Climb to the top.
    Revenant: You will go no further!
    Hall Monitors: Skeleton, Revenant, Ancient Horror, Revenant
Alastair: I remember this chamber.
Hero: You do?
Alastair: It was the most painful thing I ever experienced.
Hero: Oh.
Alastair: My soul was torn from my body.
Hero: Ouch.
Alastair: My oath was the only thing that kept me from serving him.
Hero: I see.
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Smash the Orb

Defeat the Undead guarding the Orb of Souls, then break the Orb.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Alastair: Now, we break the Orb!
Hero: Good.
Alastair: But first we must end these creatures guarding it.
Hero: I agree.
  • Get past the Undead.
    Flesh Golem: Dieeee! Die! Dieeee!
    New Recruits: Banshee, Banshee, Ghoul, Flesh Golem
  • Defeat the Orb's guardians and smash it.
    War Sphinx: Rawrrrr!
    The Final Guardians: Archon Statue, War Sphinx, Archon Statue, War Sphinx
Alastair: It is done! I feel a weight lifted from me!
Hero: Excellent.
Alastair: Now, nothing stands between us and the Keeper.
Hero: Okay.
Alastair: Thank you. May I call you friend?
Hero: Of course.
Alastair: Well then, my friend, let us end this reign of terror.
Hero: Lead on!
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Soul Survivor

Defeat the Keeper of Souls.

Complete this quest to unlock Alistair.
Alastair: The Keeper is still a formidable foe. Are you ready?
Hero: I am.
Alastair: Then we fight!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat the Keeper of Souls.
    Keeper of Souls: Alastair! You were the only one who wouldn't submit!
    The Keeper of Souls: War Sphinx, War Sphinx, War Sphinx, Keeper of Souls
Alastair: It is as if another weight has been lifted from me.
Hero: Good.
Alastair: Khetar will not be free of Undead. There are so many here.
Hero: I know.
Alastair: But my oath is complete, and I owe that to you.
Hero: So what now?
Alastair: Now? Perhaps I can help YOU fulfill an oath or two.
Hero: We'll see.
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Necromancer Training

Learn the secrets of becoming a Necromancer from Alastair.

Unlock the Necromancer Hero Class
Alastair: It is time someone with a good heart became a Necromancer.
Hero: Okay.
Alastair: Their power is not inherently evil. I can show you.
Hero: Sure.
Alastair: And I sense you will use it for the greater good.
Hero: I will.
Alastair: Very well. We will face some trials. I will explain as we go.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Pass the Test of the Veil.
    Alastair: Firstly, a Necromancer must pierce the veil of death.
    Test of the Veil: Zombie, Grave Knight, Flesh Golem, Shadow Dragon
  • Pass the Test of Bones.
    Alastair: A Necromancer must see that which remains.
    Test of Bones: Revenant, Skeleton, Skeleros, Bone Dragon
  • Pass the Test of Unlife.
    Alastair: You must be able to coax life from a simple spark.
    Test of Unlife: Zombie, Banshee, Wight, Lady Sapphira
  • Pass the Test of Souls.
    Alastair: Lastly, you must harness the power of the Soul.
    Test of Souls: War Sphinx, Valkyrie, Avina, Keeper of Souls
Alastair: Very good. You have taken the first steps on the Path of Unlife.
Hero: I have?
Alastair: You have pierced the veil, and seen that which remains.
Hero: Yes.
Alastair: And, given time, you will learn to fan the spark of life.
Hero: Okay.
Alastair: Until you, yourself, will live forever.
Hero: Thanks, Alastair.
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