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Brotherly Love

Help Tyri find her brother in the Drifting Sands.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: Tyri approached me with an urgent request.
Hero: She can be difficult to ignore...
Tyri: We need to go to the Drifting Sands. Now!
Hero: We do?
Tyri: It's my brother. I'm afraid he's in trouble?
Hero: Really?
Tyri: Well, no. I heard he's looking for treasure. But we should go anyway!
Hero: Okay...
  • Enter the Drifting Sands.
    Dust Devil: Begone! There is nothing here for you!
    Dust to Dust: Rock Worm, Sabertooth Lion, Salamander, Dust Devil
  • Search for Tyri's brother.
    Chimera: Rawrrr!
    Djinn and Tonic: Roc, Dust Devil, Djinn, Chimera
Tyri: Marid? Is that you under all those clothes?
Hero: Marid?
Marid: Yes it is, Tyri. It's what they wear out here.
Hero: I see.
Tyri: Well that hat looks silly! Tell us what you're up to.
Hero: Please do.
Marid: I've been searching for a treasure. I'd expected you to turn up.
Hero: I can believe that.
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Spirited Away

Help Marid defend against the spirits of the Drifting Sands.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Marid: I've been hunting this treasure for some time.
Hero: Really?
Marid: I have a map that shows the way to where it is buried.
Hero: Great!
Tyri: Ooh! I LIKE buried treasure the best!
Hero: I bet you do.
Marid: But there seem to be spirits trying to stop me.
Hero: We'll help.
  • Hold fast against the spirits.
    Skeleton: Begone, intruders!
    Old Bones: Skeleton, Skeleton, Ghoul, Dust Devil
  • Defeat the leader of the spirits.
    Djinn: If you seek the treasure, you will die.
    Djinn Fizz: Zombie, Banshee, Djinn, Djinn
Marid: Thank you. I couldn't have done that alone.
Hero: You're welcome.
Tyri: See? Good thing your sister was here to help!
Hero: Tyri...
Marid: Actually, I was talking to your friend...
Hero: Ouch.
Tyri: Oh, really? We'll see about that.
Hero: Enough!
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Mother Knows Nest

Find the first clue in Marid's map - the Nest of the Rocs.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Marid: The first place we need to find is the Nest of the Rocs.
Hero: Okay.
Marid: I believe it may be up on that rocky outcrop in the distance.
Hero: I agree.
Tyri: Well that's obvious. Is the treasure up there?
Hero: Tyri...
Marid: No, but we'll need to climb it to see the second clue.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Climb the rocky outcrop.
    Salamander: Hissssss!
    Roc and Roll: Roc, Roc, Roc, Salamander
  • Search for the Roc's Nest.
    Roc: Cacawwwww!
    Roc-A-Bye: Roc, Pegasus, Sabertooth Lion, Chimera
Marid: Ahhh! What a view! I can see for miles.
Hero: Indeed.
Tyri: The only view I care about has lots of gold in it.
Hero: Tyri...
Marid: These magnficent golden sands aren't to your liking then?
Hero: Haha.
Tyri: I can't spend sand, brother!
Hero: Come on, you two.
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Shark Alert

Find the second clue in Marid's map - the Ocean with No Water.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Marid: The map says to cross the Ocean with no Water.
Hero: Hmmm...
Marid: I believe it refers to the flat sandy plain down there
Hero: Good thinking.
Tyri: We needed to climb up here to figure that out?
Hero: Well, yes!
Marid: Indeed, Tyri. Down below, all the sand looks the same.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Travel to the flat sandy plain.
    Dust Devil: Death awaits you here!
    Sandy Shore: Dust Devil, Salamander, Hag, Sand Shark
  • Cross the sands.
    Sand Shark: Rawwrrrr!
    Sea of Sand: Sand Shark, Sand Shark, Sand Shark, Sand Shark
Marid: Sharks? In the desert? I don't like this place at all!
Hero: I agree.
Tyri: Oh, come on brother! That was fun!
Hero: Tyri...
Marid: I never much liked your idea of fun, Tyri.
Hero: Nor did I.
Tyri: You're both so boring! Come on! Let's see what else is out here.
Hero: Okay...
Conversation Character

You're Fired!

Find the third clue in Marid's map - where the Fire Spirits Dance.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Marid: We're up to the final clue - where the Fire Spirits Dance.
Hero: Fire spirits?
Marid: I can't see anything that looks like a Fire Spirit though.
Hero: Nor can I.
Tyri: Don't be silly! Let's just wait until sunset, then follow the light.
Hero: Good idea.
Marid: Sometimes you're pretty smart, sis... Sometimes.
Hero: Indeed she is.
  • Follow the lights.
    Ifrit: In light there is only death for you!
    Fire Alarm: Golem, Chimera, Chimera, Ifrit
  • Find the fire spirits.
    Ifrit: Let us embrace you all!
    Fire and the Flame: Ifrit, Ifrit, Salamander, Salamander
Marid: I wonder why the Fire Spirits were dancing here.
Hero: Yes.
Tyri: Not because they were happy. They certainly didn't seem happy.
Hero: Agreed.
Marid: Maybe the treasure is buried here somewhere.
Hero: Perhaps.
Tyri: Well I hope you both brought shovels!
Hero: *sigh*
Conversation Character

That Which was Lost

Survive a sandstorm and search for the treasure.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Marid: It looks like a storm is whipping up.
Hero: Yes it does.
Marid: The sandstorms out here can be brutal. We should lay low.
Hero: Okay.
Tyri: What? A little bit of wind isn't going to stop ME!
Hero: What?
Marid: Tyri! No, don't go out in that! Curse that girl!
Hero: That's Tyri.
  • Survive the sandstorm.
    Ifrit: We will not forget your trespass!
    Sands of Time: Roc, Dust Devil, Ifrit, Chimera
  • Regain your bearings.
    Dust Devil: To sand we all return...
    Discovery!: Dust Devil, Dust Devil, Dust Devil, Dust Devil
Marid: There are worse things in these storms than just sand.
Hero: So I see.
Marid: Now we need to find Tyri, wherever she is.
Hero: Let's look.
Marid: I hope she's okay. She'll get herself killed one day.
Hero: Perhaps.
Marid: It's like the Gods are looking after her sometimes, I swear.
Hero: I know.
Conversation Character

That Which was Found

Open the Vault Doors. The treasure awaits!

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: We searched for Tyri for an entire day...
Hero: ...then suddenly...
Tyri: Hi there!
Hero: Tyri!
Tyri: I found something uncovered in the storm!
Hero: What?
Marid: A door? A Vault door? This is it! The treasure!
Hero: Let's open it.
  • Open the Vault doors.
    Ifrit: This place is not for you, mortals!
    The Vault: Fortress Gate, Archon Statue, Archon Statue, Ifrit
Marid: Whatever inside was well-guarded.
Hero: It was.
Tyri: Oh I bet that's just the beginning.
Hero: Really?
Marid: Tyri is right. There will be other guardians, stronger ones.
Hero: I see.
Tyri: Don't worry Marid, Daemons and Dragons are our specialty!
Hero: Come on.
Conversation Character

Djinny Djinn Djinn

Save Tyri from herself. Get rid of the magic lamp she found.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Marid: Tyri? What did you just pick up?
Hero: What?
Tyri: Oh, it's just a lamp. It's so pretty though! It needs polishing.
Hero: Tyri, no!
Tyri: Look how it shines up! It's like magic!
Hero: Oh, dear.
Marid: Tyri! Put the lamp down. Please!
Hero: Please!
  • Deal with Tyri and the Lamp.
    Djinn: 2000 Years I have been trapped!
    Djinn Smash: Grave Knight, Archon Statue, Banshee, Djinn
  • Get the Lamp from Tyri.
    Djinn: Finish them, my servants!
    Golem in the Gears: Golem, Roc, Salamander, Ancient Horror
  • Hide the Lamp.
    Djinn: They will steal what is ours! Stop them!
    Djinn Royale: Archon Statue, Dust Devil, Bone Dragon, Djinn
Tyri: You didn't have to take it and hide it!
Hero: Yes we did.
Marid: Djinns are dangerous, Tyri. This one was crazy.
Hero: She was.
Tyri: She might have given me a wish. It would have been grand.
Hero: Tyri...
Tyri: I would have wished you two weren't so boring!
Hero: Come on.
Conversation Character

All My Vault

Explore a little deeper into the Vault.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Marid: Okay. This time we go forward... carefully, okay?
Hero: Got it.
Tyri: Hey! There's a big pit over here! I wonder if...
Hero: Wait!
Marid: There she goes again. She'll be the death of me.
Hero: I know.
Marid: And more guardians? Take them first. Tyri can wait.
Hero: Okay.
  • Fight the Vault's guardians.
    Banshee: Ahhhh! Mortal flesh!
    High Spirits: Golem, Revenant, War Sphinx, Banshee
  • Rescue Tyri... Again.
    Salamander: Hissssss!
    Snake Pit: Rock Worm, Serpent, Skeleton, Salamander
Marid: Tyri, please! Behave! If father was here...
Hero: Haha!
Tyri: Well he's not! Even if he was, he couldn't catch me!
Hero: Come on.
Marid: He never wanted to. You were always his favorite.
Hero: Hmmm...
Marid: Now if you can behave for a little, we'll get this treasure.
Hero: Good idea.
Conversation Character

Maw's the Pity

See what else lurks in the vault.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Marid: Did anyone else feel the ground move?
Hero: Yes.
Tyri: That's just your heart pounding with the thought of TREASURE!
Hero: No...
Marid: We should take care. There's danger here. I feel it.
Hero: I agree.
Tyri: Oh, don't be so silly, both of you! Let's go.
Hero: Wait!
  • Defend yourselves.
    The Great Maw: It looks HUNGRY!
    Om Nom Nom: Rock Worm, Rock Worm, Rock Worm, The Great Maw
Marid: That is the biggest creature I've ever seen.
Hero: I know.
Marid: Wait! Where's Tyri?
Hero: I don't know.
Marid: That thing... Did it swallow her?
Hero: I hope not!
Marid: Quickly! We need to follow it!
Hero: Let's go.
Conversation Character

The Maw the Merrier

Follow the Great Maw back to its lair, looking for Tyri.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Marid: It might seem like Tyri and I fight a lot.
Hero: You do.
Marid: But I'd never let her come to harm!
Hero: I know.
Marid: If that creature has eaten her, I'll cut it open myself.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Follow the Great Maw.
    Dust Devil: The treasure is sacred!
    Dust Busters: Rock Worm, Dust Devil, Djinn, Salamander
  • Enter the Great Maw's lair.
    Ifrit: Go no further!
    Fire Trail: Golem, Ancient Horror, Ifrit, Sand Shark
Marid: Maybe this creature guards the treasure.
Hero: Perhaps.
Marid: Ha! That would be right... So typical!
Hero: What's that?
Marid: It's headed back to its lair.
Hero: So?
Marid: I do all the work, and Tyri gets to the treasure before I do.
Hero: Too true!
Conversation Character

Cough Her Up!

Defeat The Great Maw, rescue Tyri, and get the treasure.

Complete this quest to unlock Marid.
Marid: The creature's lair! We are here!
Hero: At last.
Marid: I hope Tyri is okay. But there's only one way to find out.
Hero: Indeed.
Marid: As my sister would say: Frontal Assault!
Hero: Lead on.
  • Free Tyri from the Great Maw.
    The Great Maw: It STILL looks hungry!
    The Great Maw: Rock Worm, Ifrit, Sand Shark, The Great Maw
Tyri: That's the last time I travel in a Worm's belly!
Hero: I bet.
Tyri: I beat you to the treasure though, brother!
Hero: Ha!
Marid: So you did! And look at it! Rare spices! Thousands of years old!
Hero: I see.
Marid: And now I will join you both! Tyri needs someone to keep an eye on her!
Hero: Welcome!
Conversation Character

The Elemental Dungeons

Help Tyri decipher her treasure map.

Complete this quest to unlock the Dungeon feature.
Tyri: Guess what I've found?
Hero: Enlighten me.
Tyri: I've found a TREASURE MAP! But there's a problem...
Hero: Which is?
Tyri: I can't make any sense of it. But I KNOW it's a treasure map.
Hero: Why is that?
Tyri: It has a big red X on it, silly! Now help me out!
Hero: Oh, very well.
  • Follow the map into the desert.
    Dust Devil: You will die in here, mortals!
    Blast from the Past: Dust Devil, Dust Devil, Dust Devil, Dust Devil
  • Search for the Dungeons.
    The Great Maw: He looks HUNGRY!
    Dungeon Doors: Dwarven Gate, Dwarven Gate, The Great Maw, Dwarven Gate
  • Defeat the Dungeon Guardians.
    Gog and Gud: Who? What? Where? Oh... food!
    Elements in Harmony: Ice Golem, Gog and Gud, Djinn, Ifrit
Tyri: Oooo! I want to visit this place every day!
Hero: Why?
Tyri: I can smell JEWELS inside! Lots of pretty shiny Jewels.
Hero: You can smell them?
Tyri: Of course I can! They smell like very expensive candy.
Hero: Okay...
Tyri: You could use these jewels to make things, but not if I get them first!
Hero: Interesting.
Conversation Character

Dervish Training

Search for the secrets of the Dervish with Marid.

Unlock the Dervish Hero Class
Marid: I discovered an old tome in these ancient ruins.
Hero: Really?
Tyri: Yeah... But I took all the treasure.
Hero: I believe that.
Marid: Hmph! Anyway, it contains the secrets of the Dervishes.
Hero: Dervishes?
Marid: The Spinning Warriors of the desert! Care to read it with me?
Hero: Sure!
  • Learn to spin.
    Marid: Start spinning!
    You Spin Me Right Round: Ancient Golem, Rock Spirit, Ifrit, Djinn
  • Spin Faster.
    Marid: Faster! Spin like the Dust Devils!
    Baby, Right Round: Dust Devil, Dust Devil, Dust Devil, Dust Devil
  • Use your swords while spinning.
    Marid: Now, use your blades on these Cacti!
    Like a Dervish, Baby: Saguaro, Senita, Agave, Sandrunner
  • Awaken the monster within!
    Marid: Now, forget who you are and fight!
    Right Round Round Round: The Great Maw, Desert Troll, Sand Shark, Desert Mantis
Marid: So, it seems they would spin for hours...
Hero: I'm so dizzy.
Marid: ... Until they literally forgot who they were...
Hero: Like I've done.
Marid: ... And awakened the monster within them...
Hero: My monster's still spinning.
Marid: I think we've learned to be dervishes, my friend!
Hero: I'm gonna throw up.
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