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Dear Old Dad

Follow Tyri to the Seedy Swab Tavern to meet her father.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: Tyri was quite insistent we go to Blackhawk.
Hero: She's a difficult one to refuse...
Tyri: Come on! We're going to meet my father!
Hero: But why?
Tyri: I already told you! But you were busy saving the world or something.
Hero: Tell me again.
Tyri: Alright! I have Skullbeard's treasure map. Dad will be SO excited.
Hero: Not again...
  • Head to the Seedy Swab Tavern.
    Deck Hand: Oi! Where d'ya think ye're goin'?
    Dock Hands: Pirate, Orc, Deck Hand, Dragonian Rogue
  • Enter the Tavern.
    Innkeeper: You lot look like trouble!
    Problem Patrons: Fel'Dras, Gnoll, Innkeeper, Shadow-Hunter
Tyri: There he is, right there! Dad! DAD!
Hero: Oh...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Byndi, my favorite daughter! How long's it been, girl?
Hero: Byndi?
Tyri: It's Tyri, dad! My name's Tyri! I lost you in the Forest of Thorns.
Hero: Oh, boy...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: That's what I said, girl... Tyri. Now give yer dad a big hug.
Hero: Here we go.
Conversation Character

The Press Gang

Recruit some crew for a mission.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: So, what brings yer here, girl?
Hero: Tyri?
Tyri: I found Skullbeard's treasure map! I thought it'd be like old times.
Hero: I see.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Old times indeed! Let me 'ave a look at that.
Hero: Well?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Oh, it's real alright! We'll be needin' a crew though. Come on!
Hero: Okay.
  • Convince some crew to join you.
    Pirate: Watch out! It's Lil' Johnny!
    A Likely Crew: Dragonian Rogue, Deck Hand, Pirate, Mimic
  • Try to convince some more crew.
    Atlanta: Lil' Johnny? Get out of here!
    A Likelier Crew: Pirate, Raven, Gnoll, Atlanta
Lil' Johnny Bronze: It'll do. We rounded up a few scurvy scallwags.
Hero: So I see.
Tyri: And Marid said he'll be joining us too!
Hero: Really?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Marid? Who's Marid? Sounds like a right sack o' spuds!
Hero: Umm...
Tyri: Marid, Dad! He's your son! Don't tell me you forgot him again?
Hero: Oh, dear.
Conversation Character

Eye, Eye, Captain

Travel to the Island of the Eye to look for the first clue.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: The map points to the Isle of the Eye That'll be simple enough to find.
Hero: Okay.
Tyri: And from there, it says to follow the Winds to the Dragon Isle!
Hero: Dragons?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye, followin' the winds? Well that be easy too, eh?
Hero: It will?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: I ate me some beans last night. I could fill the sails for a week! Harhar!
Hero: Oh, dear.
  • Land on the Isle of the Eye.
    Manticore: Rawrr!
    Island Inhabitants: Manticore, Gorgon, Mist Stalker, Green Slime
  • Seek out the Cave of the Eye.
    Cyclops: Wait! You're not goats!
    Old One Eye: Gar'Nok, War Goat, War Goat, Cyclops
Tyri: A Cyclops on an island? That's like SO cliche! Oh look! Marid!
Hero: Marid?
Marid: Tyri, Father, it's good to see you both again.
Hero: Hi, Marid!
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Marid... Marid... Who were you again?
Hero: Your son.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Oh, wait. I remember yer mother! That salty wench in Leothasa!
Hero: *sigh*
Conversation Character

A Rose by Any Other Name

Don't let Bonnie Rose get the treasure map.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Well we be followin' the wind, no beans required! Harhar!
Hero: I'm glad.
Marid: I hate to dampen your mood, but we're being followed.
Hero: We are?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Well look at that! It be Bonnie Rose's ship! She's a fierce one!
Hero: How fierce?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Fiercer than a barnacle up yer bottom, harhar! Perpare yerselves!
Hero: Very well.
  • Engage the enemy ship.
    Deck Hand: Prepare to be boarded!
    Every Rose...: Pirate, Sir Snothelm, Deck Hand, Ship Cannon
  • Defeat Bonnie Rose.
    Bonnie Rose: I'll take that map, Lil' Johnny!
    ...Has Its Thorns: Mimic, Sea Troll, Sea Troll, Bonnie Rose
Tyri: Ha! Serves her right! You don't mess with our family!
Hero: Indeed.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Ha! That's right! Lil' Johnny, Tyri, and... what's yer name again?
Hero: Oh, dear.
Marid: My name is MARID!
Hero: Haha.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Righto! Lil' Johhny, Tyri, and Darryl! Sail on!
Hero: Oops.
Conversation Character

Smuggler's Cove

Help Lil' Johnny make a quick stop to do some "business".

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: While we be travellin' north, we need to make a wee stop!
Hero: What for?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: There be some business I've been doin' in Sword's Edge.
Hero: Business?
Tyri: Dad's smuggling again, aren't you, Dad.
Hero: Smuggling?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Smuggler be such a dirty word. I'm a trader in rare goods.
Hero: I see...
  • Land at Sword's Edge.
    Griffon Knight: Halt! Who goes there?
    Welcome Party: Lion Prince, Wolf Knight, Griffon Knight, Valor
  • Look for some "business associates".
    Queen Ysabelle: Lil' Johnny Bronze? Leave my Kingdom!
    Off with his Head: Knight Coronet, Wolf Knight, Dragon Knight, Queen Ysabelle
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Well that didn't go quite as planned.
Hero: No it didn't.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: That Queen Ysabelle is fetching young lass though, eh?
Hero: Ummm...
Marid: I think she's out of your league, Father.
Hero: Haha.
Tyri: Ha! More like Dad's out of HER league!
Hero: What?
Conversation Character


You must sail past the Isle of the Siren.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: We continued sailing north...
Hero: ...the wind blowing us to the Dragon Isle.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: That singing? Where it be comin' from?
Hero: Singing?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye! 'Tis sweeter than a golden dingle dipped in honeydew!
Hero: A what?
Marid: Take care, Father! I think it's a Siren!
Hero: Aha!
  • Round the Isle of the Siren.
    Siren: Come join us!
    Temptation Island: Siren, Siren, Siren, Green Seer
  • Escape the Isle of the Siren.
    Faunessa: Don't leave us!
    Swipe Left: Faunessa, Lady Anariel, The Devoted, Desdaemona
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Arrr! That was a close call!
Hero: It was.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: A good thing Lil' Johnny Bronze can't be tempted!
Hero: Oh, really?
Marid: Oh, come on, Father.We had to tie you to the mast!
Hero: It's true.
Tyri: I still think we should have let him go!
Hero: Haha.
Conversation Character

The Deep Ones

Sail on towards the Isle of the Dragon.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: I've sailed these waters before! There be serpents and trolls here!
Hero: Oh?
Tyri: Serpents? Trolls? Ha! They won't even slow us down!
Hero: Maybe not...
Marid: Unless they eat us, of course!
Hero: I agree.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye, they've already had a taste o' Lil' Johnny. Let's see if they'd like another!
Hero: Okay.
  • Beat down the Sea Trolls.
    Sea Troll: Graawrrr!
    Sea Monsters: Serpent, Serpent, Sea Troll, Sea Troll
  • Sail past the Serpents.
    Siren: Hsssss!
    Slimey Serpents: Serpent, Siren, Marsh Raptor, Sea Troll
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! Took me hand once, but not again, ye blighters!
Hero: Indeed.
Marid: Let's go the safe way next time.
Hero: I agree.
Tyri: You mean the BORING way, brother!
Hero: He doesn't.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Now, on to the Dragon's Isle! Straight as an Orc's eyebrow!
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

The Dragon's Clue

Uncover the clue on the Isle of the Dragon.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Well, here we be! What's the map tell us?
Hero: Yes, what?
Marid: Climb the peak, look for the eye of the storm.
Hero: Hmmm...
Tyri: Can't we look for the storm without the climb? I hate climbing.
Hero: Me too.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Ye'd be wise to follow ol' Skullbeard's directions to the letter.
Hero: Very well.
  • Walk the Dragon's Path.
    Swamplash: Hsssss!
    Dragon's Path: Thorn Knight, Green Seer, Spring Imp, Swamplash
  • Climb the Dragon's Peak.
    Sylvanimora: This is no place for you!
    Dragon's Peak: Treant, Dryad, Green Seer, Sylvanimora
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Arrr! 'Tis not a storm we're seekin', 'tis the Maelstrom!
Hero: Maelstrom?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye! A whirlpool bigger than a Dwarf King's Belly!
Hero: Oh...
Tyri: I've never been in a whirlpool before.
Hero: Me neither.
Marid: Why are we even thinking about going in there?
Hero: Good point.
Conversation Character

Rose Between Two Thorns

Defeat Bonnie Rose's Armada.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Marid: Look behind us! It's Bonnie Rose again!
Hero: So it is.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye! And the lass brought a whole fleet with her this time.
Hero: So she did.
Tyri: Our ship against all of hers? She doesn't stand a chance!
Hero: I'm not so sure.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye, girl. Ye have the right of it. Come around and prepare to fire!
Hero: Here we go!
  • Defeat the Goblin Ship!
    Sir Snothelm: Sniff! Surrender! Sniff!
    Fleet Street: Ship Cannon, Ship Cannon, Deck Hand, Sir Snothelm
  • Defeat Atlanta's Ship!
    Atlanta: Come on, Lil' Johnny! You're outnumbered!
    Armada Mistake: Ship Cannon, Sharkey, Pirate, Atlanta
  • Defeat Bonnie Rose's Ship!
    Bonnie Rose: This is your last chance, Johnny Bronze! Surrender!
    Roses are Red: Pirate, Pirate, Ship Cannon, Bonnie Rose
Marid: Well that went better than expected.
Hero: I agree.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye, Dagrid, or whatever yer name was. Harhar!
Hero: Marid...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Now, into the Maelstrom we go!
Hero: Oh dear.
Tyri: Hold on! This is going to be AWESOME!
Hero: Nooo...
Conversation Character

A Kraken We Will Go

Defeat the Kraken blocking your way to the Maelstrom.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: What's that in the water up ahead? Can ye see?
Hero: I don't know.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: It couldn't be... That's just a myth!
Hero: What is?
Marid: Are they... TENTACLES?
Hero: I think so.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye, lad. I think it be a KRAKEN!
Hero: I see now.
  • Defeat the Kraken.
    Kraken: Prepare to be crushed!
    A Wild Kraken Appears: Sharkey, Sharkey, Mimic, Kraken
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Arrr! It's fled into the Maelstrom!
Hero: Let it go.
Tyri: It must be guarding the treasure! Let's go after it.
Hero: Ummm...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye, girl, I agree! Skullbeard's treasure, here we come!
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

Into the Maelstrom

Brave the Maelstrom to reach the Treasure.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Arrr! The weather in here is foul!
Hero: I know.
Marid: The Maelstrom is full of trapped ships and creatures!
Hero: I see them.
Tyri: Forget them! Let's get to the center and grab the treasure!
Hero: It looks dangerous.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Aye, we'll go in, but it'll not be easy.
Hero: Very well then.
  • Defeat the trapped monsters.
    Hydra: Heads! Everywhere!
    Trollish Behavior: Manticore, Sea Troll, Sea Troll, Hydra
  • Defeat the trapped pirates.
    Sharkey: Help us!
    The Trapped Crew: Pirate, Deck Hand, Sharkey, Sharkey
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Arrr! The eye of the Maelstrom!
Hero: So I see.
Marid: But where is the treasure?
Hero: Yes, where?
Tyri: Where do you think, brother? IN THE KRAKEN!
Hero: Oh, no.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Alright let's find it, and get that treasure!
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Release the Kraken

Defeat the Kraken again to recover the Treasure.

Complete this quest to unlock Lil' Johnny Bronze.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Thar she blows! Kraken off the port side!
Hero: I see it.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Fire all cannons! Take the beastie down!
Hero: Very well.
Marid: What if it doesn't go down?
Hero: I'm curious too.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Harhar! We keep firing until one of us DOES!
Hero: I thought so...
  • Defeat the Kraken again.
    Kraken: We're gonna need a bigger boat.
    The Kraken Again: Mimic, Deck Hand, Sharkey, Kraken
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Yarrr! There in the water... A chest... Bring it aboard!
Hero: Very well.
Marid: There's just parchment inside. Tyri, can you make it out?
Hero: Yes, Tyri?
Tyri: It says: Last laugh is on YOU, Johnny Bronze!
Hero: Oh, no...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Harhar! Well now I'm flat broke! Might need to join y'all fer a while!
Hero: Okay then.
Conversation Character

Corsair Training

Learn how to become a Corsair with Lil' Johnny Bronze.

Unlock the Corsair Hero Class
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Ho, there! Ye've been sailin' with me for some time now, aye?
Hero: I have.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Ye be almost a fully-fledged Corsair then.
Hero: I guess...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: But if ye want to be a TRUE Corsair, ye need one more thing!
Hero: What's that?
Lil' Johnny Bronze: A scurvy, knee-tremblin', fear-inducin' and true... Pirate name!
Hero: Let's do this.
  • Fight your first battle.
    Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! These be a might whiffy!
    Stinky Seafarers: Zombie, Sea Troll, Troglodyte, Venoxia
  • Fight your second battle.
    Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! Catch me some parrots!
    Pursue the Parrots: Parrot, Parrot, Parrot, Ixchel
  • Fight your third battle.
    Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! Look at these leggy beasties!
    Crabby Crustaceans: Crab Man, Hammerclaw, Giant Crab, Lamprey
  • Slay the Squids
    Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! It be a Kraken!
    Slay the Squids: Shocktopus, Scylla, Kraken, Nimue
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Har! Ye did it! Ye're a true Corsair now!
Hero: Excellent.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Now fer ye name... Let's see... What did ye fight?
Hero: Well...
Lil' Johnny Bronze: Smelly things, parrots, creepy crawlies, and a Kraken!
Hero: That's right.
Lil' Johnny Bronze: I have it! Cap'n Stinky Parrot-Legs the Squidslayer!
Hero: Really?
Conversation Character

Treasure Hunt Ahoy!

Learn about playing Treasure Hunt from Tyri.

Complete this quest to unlock the Treasure Hunt feature.
Tyri: How would you like a change from all the fighting?
Hero: Sure.
Tyri: Want to come and hunt some treasure with me?
Hero: I guess.
Tyri: Of course you do! There's just one thing.
Hero: Oh?
Tyri: We'll need to get some Treasure Maps first!
Hero: Okay.
  • Defeat some Pirates and steal their maps!
    Captain Skullbeard: They've come for our maps!
    Maps, Maps, Maps: Deck Hand, Parrot, Ship Cannon, Captain Skullbeard
  • More pirates means more maps!
    Bonnie Rose: They're after the maps, boys!
    Maps Aplenty: Scurvy Seadog, Ship Cannon, Pirate, Bonnie Rose
Tyri: Well done! I - I mean WE - have some Treasure Maps!
Hero: Great!
Tyri: Each Treasure Map will allow us to do one Treasure Hunt.
Hero: Okay.
Hero: You earn Treasure Maps from large gem cascades.
Hero: Tyri's spell will also create Treasure Maps.
Hero: Use a TREASURE MAP in the GAMES menu ...
Hero: It will allow you to play a Treasure Hunt and earn some extra loot!
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