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A Long Evicted Party

Travel with Keghammer to meet his sister.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: Oi! Come and meet me sister!
Hero: Umm... Okay.
Keghammer: It'll be a wee walk, but Gem's worth it.
Hero: Gem?
Keghammer: Aye! Gemhammer. She's proof violent things come in small packages,
Hero: Oh...
Keghammer: Ha! Don't ye get all serious. Gem's but a wee girl, canna handle more than 3 monsters at once.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Cross from Stormheim to Dhrak-Zum.
    Winter Wolf: Aroooooo!
    North by Northeast: Penguin, Snowy Owl, Yeti, Winter Wolf
  • Find Keghammer's sister.
    Ice Witch: Capture the girl. Kill the others!
    Gem is Amazing: Ice Goblin, Northrender, Ice Witch, Ice Worm
Gemhammer: Keg! Ye big galoof! I had that fight with nae help from ye and yer ugly friend!
Hero: Hello?
Keghammer: Ha! YOU know what the Hammer Clan says, lass...
Hero: What?
Gemhammer: Aye! The family what slays together, stays together. It be truth.
Hero: Classy.
Keghammer: Ye'll have to excuse Gem. Ye see, we've all been thrown out of home!
Hero: Oh...
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The Loneliest Mountain

Travel with Gemhammer to the mines of Dhrak-Zum.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: Keghammer related the story to me...
Hero: Of how the Dwarves of Dhrak-Zum lost their mines to a Daemon.
Keghammer: And it were only 30 years past, when Gem was but a wee lass of 10.
Hero: Gem's 40?
Keghammer: Aye! We Dwarves are a long-lived folk. She's STILL a slip of a girl at 40!
Hero: Haha!
Gemhammer: Enough lip! Now follow me. I have somethin' to show ye both. Try to keep up!
Hero: Very well.
  • Scale the mountain.
    Ice Goblin: Teeheehee! Dwarves again!
    Mountain High: Snowy Owl, Ice Goblin, Yeti, Winter Wolf
  • Enter the mines.
    Slayer Ghost: The mines are long lost! Begone!
    Deranged Denizens: Dwarven Slayer, Runesmith, Bonebinder, Slayer Ghost
Keghammer: Ye've brought us back into the mines fer a reason?
Hero: I'm curious.
Gemhammer: Aye! I'm worried about father. He seems a rock short of a pile.
Hero: Your father?
Keghammer: Dad's dead, Gem. It was GLORIOUS. But he got squished flat as an Elfcake.
Hero: Ouch.
Gemhammer: Oh, aye. He's dead as a drubbed donger. Still... see fer yerself.
Hero: Come on.
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The Cold That is Strong

Search for Keghammer's and Gemhammer's father.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Gemhammer: First we need to find 'im. He's likely makin' a racket in the old Thronehall.
Hero: Thronehall?
Gemhammer: Aye! Well he WAS the King! King Bloodhammer the Third.
Hero: King?
Keghammer: Haha! Ye didn't know? He's King o' ghosts and rubble now though, so no matter.
Hero: But that means...
Gemhammer: We're royalty? Ha! We're not much fer titles 'round here. Come on.
Hero: Very well.
  • Search for King Bloodhammer.
    Dwarven Slayer: Idiots! Keep out of the mines!
    Dwarves and their Doors: Dwarven Gate, Runesmith, Dwarven Slayer, Dwarf Lord
  • Approach King Bloodhammer.
    King Bloodhammer: No! Daemons! You must die!
    Dead and Hating It: Dwarven Zombie, Slayer Ghost, Slayer Ghost, King Bloodhammer
Keghammer: I had no idea 'e were a ghost!
Hero: Wow!
Gemhammer: Aye, and he thinks EVERYTHIN' is a Daemon. He's mad as a cut Rock Worm.
Hero: Hmmm...
Keghammer: Ye may not remember, but the Daemon what squished him were NASTY.
Hero: Ouch.
Gemhammer: And that's why I asked ye here. You and yer fancypants friend can squish that Daemon.
Hero: Aha.
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Deep Roots

Search for the Daemon Glaycion, and learn about the mines.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Hero: The reason for Gem's invitation became clear.
Hero: If we defeated the Daemon, it might settle Bloodhammer's ghost.
Keghammer: Ha! Gem, if ye wanted help to punch some Daemons, ye just had to ASK!
Hero: It's what we do.
Gemhammer: Bah! I could kick his Daemon clacker clear to Karakoth, but I canna REACH him!
Hero: How so?
Gemhammer: Follow me. If we find him, he'll run and hide behind this ice barrier deep in the mines.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Travel the halls.
    Ice Wraith: Warm blood? Yesss...
    Once-Great Halls: Wraith, Ice Wraith, Rock Spirit, Rock Worm
  • Hold the Dwarven spirits at bay.
    Bonebinder: I have claimed these halls!
    Ghosts of Dwarves Past: Skeleton, Dwarven Zombie, Bone Daemon, Bonebinder
Keghammer: Ugh! Bonebinders! Filthy carrion.
Hero: Bonebinders?
Keghammer: Dwarves what prey off the dead, usin' Dwarf spirits to gather treasure.
Hero: Oh, I see.
Gemhammer: Aye, they be everywhere down here. I usually snot 'em when I see 'em.
Hero: Good.
Gemhammer: Now, we're gettin' deep enough to find this Daemon... Glaycion's 'is name.
Hero: Okay.
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Wandering Lost

Confront Glaycion, if you can find him!

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: This Daemon, Glaycion, were fierce nasty when 'e squished dad.
Hero: I bet.
Keghammer: What makes ye think 'e's ripe fer a rollickin' now, Gem?
Hero: Yeah.
Gemhammer: Ye remember when Nedrik Nuggetbiter dug 'im outta the Underglacier?
Hero: Underglacier?
Gemhammer: Well, it's almost melted now, and e's weak as a winged elf!
Hero: I see.
  • Wander deeper into the mines.
    Ice Goblin: Look who's come to dinner!
    Deeper and Darker: Ice Troll, Ice Goblin, Ice Troll, Ice Goblin
  • Confront Glaycion.
    Glaycion: More Dwarves to slay?
    Daemon of Ice: Ice Worm, Ice Worm, Ice Worm, Glaycion
Gemhammer: Ye see, ye pair o' guffoons, 'ow weak 'e is?
Hero: Kind of...
Keghammer: Aye! 'E must've been drawin' 'is power from the Underglacier!
Hero: Umm?
Gemhammer: Keg, yer thick-noggined friend don't know what the Underglacier is.
Hero: That's right.
Keghammer: Oh, aye! It were a river of ice and diamonds we mined... too much as it turned out.
Hero: I see.
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Reaching the Frost

Chase Glaycion deeper into the mines.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Gemhammer: So now, Ol' Iceface will run and hide 'is ugly Daemon butt.
Hero: Where?
Gemhammer: Follow me! 'E gets 'imself behind a big icy barrier, thicker 'n Keg's head.
Hero: That's thick!
Keghammer: Compliments'll get ye everywhere, lass.
Hero: Ha!
Gemhammer: Now shut yer yaps, and try to keep up.
Hero: Okay.
  • Chase Glaycion.
    Rock Worm: Raawwwrrrr!
    Blocking the Way: Rock Worm, Rock Worm, Rock Troll, Rock Worm
  • Find a way to descend.
    Rock Spirit: Stop!
    Icy Barrier: Golem, Watcher, Frost Lizard, Rock Spirit
Keghammer: Well we won't be beatin' down this barrier in a hurry.
Hero: So it seems.
Gemhammer: That's why I brought ye both here!
Hero: I see.
Gemhammer: What're big brothers for, if nae fer smashin' up things fer their little sisters?
Hero: Indeed!
Keghammer: Aye! Nobody ever built a thing ol' Keggie couldn't totally ruin.
Hero: We'll see.
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A Fire Shall Be Woken

Obtain some Dwarven Fire to destroy the icy barrier.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: We'll need to get some Dwarven Fire!
Hero: Dwarven Fire?
Keghammer: The Apothecaries mixed it, to help mine the Underglacier. It melts anythin'.
Hero: I see.
Keghammer: As a lad I were more interested in smashin' than burnin' though...
Hero: Gem?
Gemhammer: Aye. Keg never paid attention! Follow me, I know some Apothecaries.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Travel to the Apothecries.
    Ifrit: I guard this cache!
    Dwarven Cache: Obsidian Golem, Fire Bomb, Fire Bomb, Ifrit
  • Get some Dwarven Fire.
    Apothecary: Do NOT touch the reagents!
    Alchemical Guards: Dwarven Slayer, Runesmith, Apothecary, Dwarven Hunter
Hero: I thought we were going to buy some Dwarven Fire...
Hero: But apparently we were stealing it...
Keghammer: Ne'er pay fer somethin' if ye can take it. It's the Hammer Clan motto.
Hero: I see.
Gemhammer: Ha! It's just like ol' times, brother. Remember Uncle Bighammer?
Hero: Bighammer?
Keghammer: Aye! We stole his pet Gorbil, put it in Grandma's bed and it ate her foot clean off!
Hero: Oh, dear.
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All That is Cold Does Not Shatter

Use Dwarven Fire to destroy the icy barrier.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Gemhammer: Back we go. I hope this Dwarven Fire works.
Hero: So do I.
Keghammer: If not, I've got a couple o' more ideas up me pantaloons.
Hero: Really?
Keghammer: One thing I canna figure out though; why is the Underglacier meltin'?
Hero: Yes, why?
Gemhammer: No idea, brother, but it seems like there's somethin' below it - somethin' HOT!
Hero: Hmmm...
  • Travel back into the mines.
    Winter Imp: Oho! Back so soon?
    Back to the Cold: Frost Lizard, Frostling, Frost Lizard, Winter Imp
  • Use Dwarven Fire on the barrier.
    Ice Golem: No. Pass. Ice.
    Light my Fire: Ice Golem, Rock Troll, Stone Giant, Obsidian Golem
Hero: The Dwarven Fire barely melted the ice at all.
Hero: Galycion's magic was powerful.
Gemhammer: Dwarven Fire? Bah! It's as useful as goolies on a gorgon.
Hero: What?
Keghammer: No use gettin' all gritty about it, Gem. Besides, ye ain't heard me new idea.
Hero: I can't wait.
Keghammer: An ol' giant friend o' ours, Jarl Firemantle, 'as a big fiery HAMMER!
Hero: Let's do this!
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From the Ashes

Travel into Stormheim to get Jarl Firemantle's hammer.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Gemhammer: So we find this Giant, take 'is hammer, and smash the barrier?
Hero: Sounds good.
Keghammer: Aye, lass. We've 'ad a run in before, and 'e'll rightly fear ol' Keggie!
Hero: Indeed.
Keghammer: 'Is hammer's all magical fire. I'll wager 100 kegs o' ale it'll bust this barrier.
Hero: I hope so.
Gemhammer: Then stop talkin', and start walkin', ye lazy gorbils.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Travel to the Giants.
    Hyndla Frostcrown: Freeze right there!
    Against Some Giants: Ice Golem, Berserker, Frost Giant, Hyndla Frostcrown
  • Defeat the Giant leaders.
    Jotnar Stormshield: I sense you are up to no good!
    A Giant Task: Stone Giant, Skrymir the Lofty, Zephyros, Jotnar Stormshield
  • Take Jarl's hammer.
    Jarl Firemantle: You want my hammer? Try me!
    The Hammer's Keeper: Flame Troll, Fire Giant, Fire Giant, Jarl Firemantle
Gemhammer: Well, brother, that's one fine fiery hammer.
Hero: I agree.
Keghammer: Aye, isn't it. It'd melt an Ice Golem's gizzards, it's so hot and pretty.
Hero: Ha!
Gemhammer: Now let's get back to Dhrak-Zum, and break this wall.
Hero: Agreed.
Gemhammer: And maybe dad's ghost'll stop running wild like he's got an Ice Worm up 'is clacker.
Hero: Ewww...
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The Barrier Broken

Use Jarl's Hammer to shatter the icy barrier.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Keghammer: Hold yer hammers, Gem. It's nae as easy as drownin' a Goblin.
Hero: Oh?
Keghammer: This hammer's an old powerful thing. It's got a fire spirit in it.
Hero: It does?
Keghammer: Aye! Once we reach the barrier, we'll need to defeat the spirit. THEN we smash things!
Hero: Okay.
Gemhammer: I'll follow yer lead brother. Let's go!
Hero: Right behind you.
  • Travel back to the mines.
    Ice Witch: Not you again!
    Back to the Barrier: Ice Golem, Frost Lizard, Ice Goblin, Ice Witch
  • Break the barrier.
    Ifrit: Defeat me, and I am at your command.
    Burn, Baby, Burn: Lava Elemental, Ifrit, Fire Lizard, Fire Bomb
Hero: Keghammer's plan worked.
Hero: Jarl's Hammer melted the barrier, and the way was open.
Gemhammer: Ha! Well done, brother! We're coming fer ye Glaycion!
Hero: Lead on!
Gemhammer: It's been 30 years since any Dwarf's been down here.
Hero: Looks like it.
Gemhammer: Let's give Glaycion a Hammer Clan greeting!
Hero: Ha!
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Where the Shadows Are

Descend into the mines in search of Glaycion's Throne.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Keghammer: These are the Deep Halls, The Underglacier's down here.
Hero: I see.
Gemhammer: These paths'll be thick with ghosts, and they'll be as crazy as our ol' dad.
Hero: Okay.
Keghammer: Nothin' for it but to smack 'em down though.
Hero: Sadly.
Gemhammer: It'll be a warm up fer Glaycion!
Hero: Indeed.
  • Descend into the deep halls.
    Ice Worm: Raawwwrrr!
    Frosty Fiends: Ice Worm, Ice Worm, Ice Troll, Ice Worm
  • Search for Glaycion's Throne.
    Slayer Ghost: Turn back. You cannot defeat him!
    Glaycion's Minions: Obsidian Golem, Dwarven Zombie, Ice Goblin, Slayer Ghost
Keghammer: Well bless me bringles. The Underglacier HAS melted some.
Hero: I see.
Gemhammer: Aye! Guessed as much, the halls had been gettin' warmer these last years.
Hero: Hmmm.
Keghammer: Well it's nae a herald of anythin' good I'm certain.
Hero: I agree.
Gemhammer: Don't matter. Today we're here fer Glaycion's icy butt!
Hero: Indeed.
Conversation Character

Light from Shadows

Defeat Glaycion in his Throne Hall.

Complete this quest to unlock Gemhammer.
Gemhammer: So this is Glaycion's Throne Hall?
Hero: So it seems!
Gemhammer: Ha! Ugly! It needs a Dwarf's touch!
Hero: Hmmm...
Keghammer: I'll give 'm a Dwarf's touch! Right in the broskets!
Hero: Ouch.
Gemhammer: Ha! If I haven't chopped 'em off first! Let's go!
Hero: Lead on!
  • Defeat Glaycion.
    Glaycion: In this place I cannot be defeated!
    Glaycion: Ice Worm, Ice Troll, Bonebinder, Glaycion
Gemhammer: Now maybe dad can get a lil' rest.
Hero: I hope so.
Keghammer: It's been good fightin' with ye again, Gem! I'll miss ye!
Hero: Indeed!
Gemhammer: Miss me? Ye're not gettin' rid o' me that easy, brother!
Hero: We're not?
Gemhammer: Somebody's gotta travel with ye, and keep yer big ugly head in check!
Hero: Welcome!
Conversation Character

Slayer Training

Learn how to become a Slayer with Gemhammer.

Unlock the Slayer Hero Class
Gemhammer: Ye seem to have been slowin' down a wee bit lately.
Hero: Excuse me?
Gemhammer: I need to teach ye how to fight like a Dwarven Slayer.
Hero: I'm intrigued.
Gemhammer: I'll just need to teach ye the four rules o' Slayin'.
Hero: There are four?
Gemhammer: Some of us 'ave trouble wi' that, on account of our missin' fingers.
Hero: Okay.
  • Slay some snakes.
    Gemhammer: If it moves, KILL IT!
    Slayer's First Rule: Horned Asp, Amaru, Serpent, Venoxia
  • Kill some Mimics.
    Gemhammer: If it might move, KILL IT!
    Slayer's Second Rule: Mimic, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic
  • Kill some statues.
    Gemhammer: If it CAN'T move, kill it ANYWAY.
    Slayer's Third Rule: Fortress Gate, Dark Monolith, Cursed Effigy, Sacrifice
  • Try not to die.
    Gemhammer: Most of all... Living is OPTIONAL!
    Slayer's Final Rule: Flesh Golem, Spectral Knight, Grave Knight, Vlad the Unsated
Gemhammer: Can ye remember the rules?
Hero: I think so.
Gemhammer: Now they might seem a tad violent to some...
Hero: Just a TAD?
Gemhammer: But ye were trainin' to be a SLAYER, nae a SLAYEE!
Hero: Got it.
Gemhammer: And I ken that ye passed like a flyin' ferret in a fusillade.
Hero: Let's slay!
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