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Conversation Character

Lost and Found

Defeat the Guardian of Dragon's Claw.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: I had always wanted to climb the Dragon's Claw...
Hero: ...But a strange sight awaited us at its base.
Visk: Begone, Daemons! I will not succumb to your madness!
Hero: Daemons!
Visk: You cannot trick me! Viskandarius-y-Amon is not so easily fooled!
Hero: But...
Visk: Very well. I shall drive you back to the Abyss!
Hero: Not again...
  • Defeat the Dragonian.
    Visk: Begone! Spawn of evil!
    The Last Guardian: Visk, Dragotaur, Dragotaur, Dragotaur
Visk: You have bested me, Daemon. My life is forfeit.
Hero: Wait! No!
Visk: Take my head. But make it quick, I beseech you.
Hero: No!
Raven: No, no, no! You have it all wrong, friend Dragon. We are not Daemons.
Hero: That's right.
Visk: Then you will not kill me? This is highly irregular.
Hero: That's us!
Conversation Character

Dragons and Dungeons

Explore the nearby Dragon Dens.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Visk: My name is Viskandarius-y-Amon, and I am on a quest.
Hero: Your name...
Visk: You may call me Visk. I seek a way to save my people.
Hero: Save them?
Raven: Friend Dragon, we are renowned scholars. Maybe we can help.
Hero: Raven...
Visk: Scholars? Perhaps you could examine the dens nearby.
Hero: Of course.
  • Explore the first Den.
    Rock Troll: Get out! My cave!
    Rocky Den: Rock Worm, Rock Worm, Rock Troll, Rock Worm
  • Explore the second Den.
    Wyvern: Screeee!
    Misty Den: Wyvern, Mist Stalker, Marsh Raptor, Hydra
Visk: The Dragons who lived here were consumed by a madness.
Hero: I see.
Visk: I seek a cure for it, but I am a warrior. Fortunately YOU are scholars.
Hero: About that...
Raven: Indeed! Scholars we are! But I think we will need more information.
Hero: We will?
Raven: Friend Dragon, can you tell us if there are any eggs in these caves.
Hero: Raven...
Conversation Character

Free Range Eggs

Search for some Dragon eggs.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Visk: There will be eggs deeper in the caves. Why do you ask?
Hero: Yes, why?
Raven: As every scholar knows, eggs contain residual traces of magic.
Hero: What?
Raven: My extensive training tells me magic is at work here.
Hero: Oh, boy.
Visk: You are very wise, great scholars! Follow me.
Hero: Very well.
  • Search the dens.
    Dragonette: Rawrrr!
    Sunny Side Up: Dragon Eggs, Dragon Eggs, Dragon Eggs, Dragonette
  • Find all the eggs.
    Baby Dragon: Squeee!
    The Nursery: Baby Dragon, Baby Dragon, Baby Dragon, Baby Dragon
Visk: Here, we have found the nursery. What do you see?
Hero: Raven?
Raven: Very good, friend Dragon. Now we must collect all the eggs.
Hero: What?
Visk: You did not say anything about taking the eggs!
Hero: Hmmm...
Raven: Did I not? My mistake, I apologize. We will examine the eggs as we travel.
Hero: Come on then.
Conversation Character

As Driven Snow

Collect fresh spring water to help with a cure.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Visk: So, noble scholars, what must we do now?
Hero: Hmmm....
Raven: We need some fresh spring water! I believe we can concoct a cure.
Hero: We can?
Visk: You can! Oh great scholars! It was fortune that brought us together!
Hero: Perhaps...
Visk: I can lead you to a spring. But its guardians will be crazed and dangerous.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Travel to the Dragon Spring.
    Dragotaur: You dare bring outsiders?
    Hope Springs Eternal: Dragotaur, Dragonette, Dragonmoth, Baby Dragon
  • Collect some water.
    Borealis: This place is sacred!
    Spring Into Action: Sea Troll, Dragon Eggs, Dragonmoth, Borealis
Raven: Ah! Pure mountain spring water... Very refreshing.
Hero: But, the cure?
Visk: You are drinking it? What about the cure?
Hero: Yes...
Raven: Ah, friend Dragon. This glorious water clears my head.
Hero: Raven...
Raven: NOW, we can start our search for the cure. And I know just what I need!
Hero: Let's go.
Conversation Character

Don't Be So Sappy

Complete the cure with some sap from a Forest Dragon.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Visk: You said we may now create a cure. It is urgent. Let us begin!
Hero: I agree.
Raven: Of course, but we will need to find a Forest Dragon. We need its sap.
Hero: Really?
Raven: Indeed. There is wisdom in their ancient blood. Wisdom cures madness.
Visk: Aha! I knew I was right to trust you!
Hero: I'm not so sure.
  • Climb up to the woods.
    Dragonmoth: Cawww!
    Over Hill and Wood: Treant, Marsh Raptor, Wyvern, Dragonmoth
  • Find a Forest Dragon.
    Sylvanimora: Do not touch me!
    The Forest Dragon: Treant, Green Seer, Baby Dragon, Sylvanimora
Raven: Ah... Look at its sap; it hardens like emeralds!
Hero: Emeralds?
Visk: So it does. You are wise to know this.
Hero: I wonder...
Visk: When the Madness first infested our god, the Dragon Soul, I thought us all lost.
Hero: But now?
Visk: YOU are our saviors! My people will be restored.
Hero: Let's hope so.
Conversation Character

Madness Spreads

Keep safe from all the mad Dragons.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Visk: The madness is spreading. It is just like before.
Hero: How so?
Visk: Our God, the Dragon Soul, was infected by the Darkness.
Hero: Infected?
Raven: You have a GOD here? On this mountain?
Hero: A God?
Visk: Yes. It drove him mad. And then it spread... we must protect ourselves.
Hero: I agree.
  • Avoid the Serpents.
    Couatl: Hisssss!
    Over the Rainbow: Dragonette, Dragonette, Couatl, Couatl
  • Avoid the small Dragons.
    Dragonmoth: Cawwww!
    Dragon Madness: Dragon Eggs, Dragonmoth, Couatl, Dragon Eggs
  • Avoid the Bone Dragons.
    Bone Dragon: Rawrrrr!
    Bone Crazy: Dragotaur, Baby Dragon, Bone Dragon, Bone Dragon
Visk: We seem to be safe, noble scholars.
Hero: For now.
Visk: The eggs.. Have you had a chance to study them?
Hero: Raven?
Raven: The eggs? Ah, yes... The eggs. Apologies. It has been so hectic.
Hero: That's true.
Raven: But... I am VERY curious to hear more about this GOD!
Hero: I bet you are.
Conversation Character

Hunters and Collectors

Avoid the Dragonians chasing you.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Visk: I sense Dragonians on our trail.
Hero: Again?
Visk: I am a warrior, noble scholars. I sense such things.
Hero: I see.
Raven: Your God's madness, where did it come from?
Hero: Yes, where?
Visk: From the Blighted Lands. But we must prepare for battle.
Hero: Okay.
  • Avoid the hunters.
    Dragotaur: Halt! Thieves!
    More Madness: Dragotaur, Dragonette, Wyvern, Marsh Raptor
  • Avoid the rogues.
    Dragonian Rogue: We want what you've stolen!
    Sneaky, Sneaky: Dragon Eggs, Dragon Eggs, Dragon Eggs, Dragonian Rogue
Visk: We are safe for now, great scholars.
Hero: Thank you.
Raven: They called us thieves. Such an insult!
Hero: As if...
Raven: Anyway, friend Dragon, this God of yours, his lair is nearby?
Hero: Good question.
Visk: He lives atop the highest peak, in a cave filled with precious stones.
Hero: Oh dear...
Conversation Character

Madness Calls

Defeat the powerful Dragons who have been drawn here by the madness.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Raven: Friend dragon, I think the solution is clear.
Hero: Here it comes...
Raven: We must seek out your God, in his magnificent cave.
Hero: Of course.
Visk: I trust you, noble scholar. And I can lead you there.
Hero: Okay.
Visk: But first we must deal with this madness. It calls to more of my kind.
Hero: Very well.
  • Defeat Borealis.
    Borealis: Face the power of ice.
    A Call to Arms: Borealis, Emperina, Shadow Dragon, Couatl
  • Defeat Sylvanimora.
    Sylvanimora: Face the power of nature.
    Wood Fire: Sylvanimora, Celestasia, Sheggra, Dragonmoth
  • Defeat Venoxia.
    Venoxia: Face the power of poison.
    Darkness Arise: Venoxia, Dimetraxia, Venbarak, Bone Dragon
Visk: I fear we must hurry, the chaos is spreading.
Hero: I agree.
Visk: And the emerald sap, it will cure this madness?
Hero: I hope so.
Raven: The emeralds? Oh... The emeralds! Yes, of course, friend Dragon.
Hero: Hmmm...
Raven: You may trust me like a brother. Now, lead on to this cave.
Hero: Let's go.
Conversation Character

Rogue Two

Wait for the Dragonian hunters to catch up.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: We began to climb the mountain.
Hero: As always, I was suspicious of Raven.
Visk: Bad news, noble scholars. More hunters, with Wyverns, on our tails.
Hero: Oh?
Raven: We should hurry. Pursuits make me nervous.
Hero: Agreed.
Visk: No. I am a warrior. I will stand and fight to save my God!
Hero: Very well.
  • Wait for the Rogues.
    Wyvern: Rawrrr!
    Moths to a Flame: Dragonmoth, Dragonmoth, Dragonmoth, Wyvern
  • Defeat the Rogues.
    Dragonian Rogue: Thief! Give us back the eggs.
    Roguelike: Dragotaur, Couatl, Dragonian Rogue, Dragonian Rogue
Visk: These hunters. They seemed to KNOW you...
Hero: Yes...
Raven: I am certain it was just this madness, no? They were confused.
Hero: Perhaps.
Visk: It's as if you have been here before...
Hero: Hmmm...
Raven: Friend Dragon, I would never lie to you. We are as brothers you and I.
Hero: I'm concerned.
Conversation Character


Discover what Raven is up to.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Visk: Great scholars, please forgive my mistrust.
Hero: Of course.
Visk: I am but a humble warrior, and not wise in your ways.
Hero: I understand.
Visk: But before we visit my God, I would see this cure work.
Hero: Good idea.
Visk: Can we try it out on some of my smaller brethren, perhaps a Dragotaur?
Hero: Why not.
  • Try out the cure.
    Dragonette: Screee!
    Can He Fix It?: Wyvern, Dragonette, Baby Dragon, Dragon Eggs
  • Try out the cure again..
    Dragotaur: What are you doing?
    No He Can't!: Dragotaur, Dragonmoth, Dragon Eggs, Dragonian Rogue
Visk: This cure... It does not work. I do not understand.
Hero: Raven?
Raven: Ah, well, you see, I did not MEAN to mislead you.
Hero: Sure...
Raven: The cure was a white lie, so you would show us to the source.
Hero: It was?
Visk: A lie? You have told an untruth on purpose? I do not understand.
Hero: Nobody does.
Conversation Character

Play to your Strengths

Fight your way to the Dragon Soul.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Visk: Great scholars, I am confused. Why have you lied to me?
Hero: Yes. Raven?
Raven: Friend Dragon, if you would but lead us to this wondrous cave, you will see.
Hero: Will he?
Visk: No! I have had enough! I am a warrior, and I must do a warrior's task!
Hero: What's that?
Visk: I must slay my God! Perhaps that will end this madness.
Hero: Here we go.
  • Ascend the mountain.
    Dragonian Rogue: Stop! Intruders!
    Ultimate Ascension: Dragonette, Wyvern, Bone Dragon, Dragonian Rogue
  • Crest the mountain.
    Dragotaur: No! Heretics! You must die!
    The Path to the Soul: Dragotaur, Dragotaur, Dragotaur, Dragotaur
Visk: Keep back! The cave is beyond the Temple. I will go alone!
Hero: Wait, no!
Raven: Beyond the Temple, you say? Aha!
Hero: Raven...
Visk: Where is he going? His cure does not work!
Hero: The cave.
Visk: But why would he do this thing? He cannot help.
Hero: I'll help.
Conversation Character

Purification Ritual

Help Visk purify the Dragon Soul.

Complete this quest to unlock Visk.
Hero: We traveled past the temple, approching the cave.
Hero: It was glorious, but Raven was gone.
Visk: If only I had thought of this earlier.
Hero: Of what?
Visk: If a limb is poisoned, you cut it off to save the body.
Hero: Indeed.
Visk: And so it must be with a mad God. Kill it, and end the madness.
Hero: Let's find out.
  • Purify the Dragon Soul.
    The Dragon Soul: Feel the madness!
    The Dragon Soul: Dragotaur, Couatl, Dragon Eggs, The Dragon Soul
Visk: It is done. I feel the madness recede. But what of your friend?
Hero: He'll be back!
Raven: Do not fear, my friends. Eggs, emeralds, precious stones... All safe with me.
Hero: But...
Visk: Then you will give them back? They are not yours after all.
Hero: Haha!
Raven: I will safeguard them for now. You may accompany us to watch them too.
Hero: Let's go.
Conversation Character

Dragonguard Training

Learn the ways of the Dragonguard with Visk.

Unlock the Dragonguard Hero Class
Visk: Noble scholar, I have a request.
Hero: Sure.
Visk: You insist on visiting my homeland, so I must ask...
Hero: Ask away!
Visk: Will you swear to keep the Dragons safe?
Hero: I will.
Visk: Then prepare yourself! I will teach you the ways of the Dragonguard!
Hero: Very well.
  • Learn to defend the skies.
    Visk: Watch the skies!
    Defend the Skies: Prince Azquila, Owleth, Heronath, Garuda
  • Learn to defend the earth.
    Visk: Do not trust the earth!
    Defend the Earth: Rock Troll, Rock Worm, Rock Worm, The Great Maw
  • Learn to defend the caves.
    Visk: Know the caves!
    Defend the Caves: Bat Swarm, Crimson Bat, Stone Giant, Moloch
  • Learn to defend the seas.
    Visk: And watch the seas!
    Defend the Seas: Sea Troll, Kuotani, Merlion, Leviathan
Visk: You have surprised me, noble scholar.
Hero: How so?
Visk: You are far more mistrustful and prepared than I thought.
Hero: Okay...
Visk: They are great qualities for a Dragonguard.
Hero: I see.
Visk: And now YOU are a Dragonguard too, and always welcome here!
Hero: Excellent!
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