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Sin of Maraj

Gateway to the Underworld

Once capital of the Maraji Empire, this city was destroyed long ago.
Arcane Lava
Skill bonus:
Conversation Character

The Road to Hell

Follow the lights in the sky towards the Sin of Maraj.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: We set out following lights in the night sky...
Hero: Towards a ruin known as the Sin of Maraj.
Luther: There are no good tales of this place.
Hero: How come?
Luther: Long, long ago it was the center of an ancient empire.
Hero: And?
Luther: And it didn't end well for them.
Hero: I see.
  • Follow the lights.
    Wisp: This way!
    Lighting the Way: Wisp, Dark Troll, Wisp, Wisp
  • Approach the Sin of Maraj.
    Banshee: Follow the lights!
    A Dire Warning: Grave Knight, Twisted Hero, Wraith, Banshee
Hero: The lights over the Sin of Maraj grew closer...
Hero: And the ruins grew taller before us.
Luther: A thousand years ago this was a city.
Hero: It was?
Luther: Aye, the center of Al-Maraj, stretching across the whole Southwild.
Hero: What happened?
Luther: War happened. A war against the Fey they could never win.
Hero: Ahhh.
Conversation Character

Original Sin

Enter the ruins of the Sin of Maraj.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: The Maraji Empire grew from this very spot.
Hero: Really?
Luther: It covered almost the entire Southwild.
Hero: All of it?
Luther: Aye. Leonis. The Sands, The Centaurs and Tauros. All of them.
Hero: Wow.
Luther: Ha! Not the Dark Elves though. Let's go in.
Hero: Okay.
  • Approach the ruins.
    Hellspawn: Bluargghhh!
    Hell's Spawn: Creeper, Cthyryzyx, Tome of Evil, Hellspawn
  • Enter the ruins.
    Incubus: Welcome, travellers!
    A Tempting Offer: Hellhound, Hellcat, Incubus, Barghast
Luther: Do you feel something odd here? I can't quite put my sword on it.
Hero: Nor can I.
Luther: I expected wild beasts, not Daemons everywhere.
Hero: Yeah.
Luther: Maybe leftover Fey magic has drawn them here.
Hero: Perhaps.
Luther: Or maybe we're jumping at shadows.
Hero: I doubt that.
Conversation Character

Slaying Sloth

Look for any sign of activity in the Ruins.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: I have to admit, my old bones are getting weary.
Hero: I am too.
Luther: Ha! You're too young to be weary! Wait... Take care!
Hero: Why?
Luther: This may be magic at work.
Hero: Really?
Luther: Let's press on. Just for a bit.
Hero: Okay.
  • Investigate the ruins.
    Grave Knight: This is Sloth's domain!
    Sloth's Servants: Flesh Golem, Twisted Hero, Grave Knight, Banshee
  • Defeat the Sin of Sloth.
    Sloth: Rest a while...
    The Sin of Sloth: Creeper, Ghoul, Wraith, Sloth
Luther: That Daemon, I think HE was the cause of our tiredness.
Hero: Really?
Luther: He carried this Seal - it bears the Mark of Sloth.
Hero: Aha.
Luther: Al-Maraj was ruled by an Emperor, and seven Lords.
Hero: Oh?
Luther: One was known as the Lord of Sloth. Perhaps this Daemon served him once.
Hero: I see.
Conversation Character

Empire of the Sin

Travel deeper into the ruins of the Sin of Maraj.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: I wonder if other Daemons like him are around?
Hero: Maybe.
Luther: We should investigate further.
Hero: Very well.
Luther: There's something going on here...
Hero: I agree.
Luther: And we'll likely do the world a favor if we discover what it is.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Travel deeper into the ruins.
    Watcher: Intruders! Alert!
    Waywatchers: Golem, Ancient Golem, Terraxis, Watcher
  • Search for more Sins.
    Night Hag: Travellers, here? Well, well...
    Hags and Hellspawn: Bone Scorpion, Wight, Hellspawn, Night Hag
Luther: Hmm... Nothing so far.
Hero: No.
Luther: But we DO have a friend with a nose for trouble and treasure.
Hero: Indeed!
Tyri: Did somebody say 'treasure'?
Hero: And there she is.
Tyri: You know the best way to find treasure? Follow me!
Hero: Okay!
Conversation Character

Grinding Greed

Defeat the Daemons, and discover why they are attacking.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Tyri: Oh, oh, OH! I can SMELL the treasure!
Hero: You can?
Tyri: Did I just sound like Ferit? Ewww... Never mind.
Hero: Okay...
Tyri: Seriously though. This way! Run!
Hero: Wait up!
Luther: We'd best go after her.
Hero: Very well.
  • Defeat the Daemons.
    Banshee: Riches await!
    Slow and Deadly: Wall of Bones, Sloth, Banshee, Barghast
  • Defeat the Sin of Greed.
    Greed: Is it TREASURE you seek?
    Greed is Good: Dark Monolith, Terraxis, Watcher, Greed
Tyri: Wait... Where's the treasure?
Hero: Where indeed.
Luther: I found this on the Daemon.
Hero: What is it?
Luther: Another Seal, with the Mark of Greed.
Hero: Of course.
Luther: A servant of the Lord of Greed, no doubt.
Hero: Two down.
Conversation Character

Lashing Lust

Push towards the center of the Ruins.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: I wonder what the Seals are for.
Hero: No idea.
Luther: If we press on, we might learn more.
Hero: Okay.
Luther: Or at the very least what's been lighting up the sky.
Hero: Lead on.
  • Travel deeper into the ruins.
    Dark Troll: Be MINE!
    Aghast at Barghasts: Dark Troll, Hellcat, Barghast, Barghast
  • Defeat the Sin of Lust.
    Lust: What do you desire?
    Lusty Legion: Erinyes, Incubus, Incubus, Lust
Luther: The third Seal! It has the Mark of Lust.
Hero: Lust!
Luther: Well I'm glad THAT one didn't affect me.
Hero: Me too.
Luther: Let's press on. See what we can find.
Hero: Okay.
Conversation Character

Of Gates and Seals

Investigate the Seal Stones as you travel to the center of the ruins.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: I need to remember my ancient history...
Hero: Why's that?
Luther: The War of the Fey that destroyed this city... Something important...
Hero: Important?
Luther: Their Emperor, Scorpius, was already defeated, and the Seven Lords...
Hero: Yes?
Luther: They tried a spell. Something went wrong. I wonder if the Seals were involved.
Hero: Let's investigate.
  • Hold back more Daemons.
    Gelatinous Cube: SLURP!
    Slimy Surprise: Sloth, Green Slime, Cthyryzyx, Gelatinous Cube
  • Discover what lies at the ruins' center.
    Night Hag: Behold, the Portal!
    Wandering Monsters: Bone Scorpion, Erinyes, Wisp, Night Hag
Hero: We finally arrived at the center of the Ruins...
Hero: And found a huge Portal to... Somewhere.
Luther: Well this can't be good.
Hero: What is it?
Luther: I'm at as much of a loss as you, my young friend.
Hero: Hmmm...
Luther: But I bet if we find the other 4 Seals, we close it!
Hero: Let's go!
Conversation Character

Exterminating Envy

Find and defeat the Fourth Sin.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: Well, it seems we should keep hunting for Seals.
Hero: I guess.
Luther: Envy, Pride, Gluttony, and Wrath remain.
Hero: Aha!
Luther: I remember now - the Seven Lords were known as the Seven Sins!
Hero: I see!
  • Find the Fourth Sin.
    Tzathoth: Cthraawrrr!
    Slimy Tentacles: Flesh Golem, Greed, Green Slime, Tzathoth
  • Defeat the Sin of Envy.
    Envy: You will NEVER find what you truly seek!
    Green with Envy: Wall of Bones, Erinyes, Gelatinous Cube, Envy
Luther: Another Seal! Only three remain.
Hero: Good.
Luther: If only the Maraji hadn't started that war.
Hero: What happened.
Luther: Their Emperor, Scorpius invaded the Bright Forest, and slew the Queen.
Hero: And?
Luther: The Fey captured him, routed his forces, then retaliated.
Hero: Wow...
Conversation Character

Wrecking Wrath

Find and defeat the Fifth Sin.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: Do you feel that, my young friend?
Hero: What?
Luther: Something is making me angry.
Hero: Ahh, yes.
Luther: I think the Seal of Wrath is nearby.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Find the Fifth Sin.
    Barghast: Rawrrrr!
    Fiery Rage: Lava Elemental, Nightmare, Twisted Hero, Barghast
  • Defeat the Sin of Wrath
    Wrath: Let ANGER guide you!
    Wrathful Wretches: Dark Monolith, Flame Troll, Prince Ethoras, Wrath
Luther: Five Sins defeated, and five Seals found.
Hero: Yes.
Luther: Though I'm not certain what we do once we have them all.
Hero: Me neither.
Luther: Still, one step at a time.
Hero: Indeed.
Conversation Character

Gouging Gluttony

Find and defeat the Sixth Sin.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: Aha! I'm on their trail now.
Hero: Yes?
Luther: Do you feel the hunger?
Hero: A little.
Luther: It means the Seal of Gluttony will be nearby.
Hero: I see.
Luther: If we follow our hunger, it will lead us right to it!
Hero: Lead on!
  • Find the Sixth Sin
    Hellspawn: Rawwwrr!
    Creepy Critters: Envy, Greed, Creeper, Hellspawn
  • Defeat the Sin of Gluttony.
    Gluttony: Have it! Have it all!
    Gluttonous Group: Flesh Golem, Gelatinous Cube, Hellspawn, Gluttony
Luther: The Sixth Seal! Gluttony! Only one remains.
Hero: Pride?
Luther: Pride, indeed, my young friend.
Hero: Then what?
Luther: Then we go back to the Portal.
Hero: And?
Luther: Have faith, my young friend. We'll figure it out!
Hero: Very well.
Conversation Character

Punishing Pride

Defeat the final Sin, and claim the last Seal Stone.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: I'm so proud of how far you've come, my young friend.
Hero: Umm...
Luther: Oh! That's it, isn't it. Pride!
Hero: Yes.
Luther: Ha! I'm rather proud I figured that out!
Hero: Luther...
Luther: Argh! There I go again... Come on!
Hero: Very well.
  • Find the Seventh Sin.
    Lust: Have you reconsidered my offer?
    So Much Sin: Green Slime, Envy, Sloth, Lust
  • Defeat the Sin of Pride.
    Pride: Pride comes before the fall!
    Prideful Punishment: Wraith, Gluttony, Dark Troll, Pride
Luther: All seven Seals are ours.
Hero: At last.
Luther: And finally... My head's clearing.
Hero: Good.
Luther: Now it's back to the Portal for us.
Hero: Okay.
Luther: No telling how long it's been there, but we'll close it for good!
Hero: Let's go.
Conversation Character

The Final Four

Use the Seals to try and close the Portal.

Complete this quest to unlock Pride.
Luther: This is it. We can finally close the Portal.
Hero: What now?
Luther: I will break the Seals. I think they are holding it open.
Hero: Okay.
Luther: Stand back and brace yourself, my young friend.
Hero: I will.
Luther: This might get a little rough.
Hero: Very well.
  • Destroy the Seven Seals.
    Death: Finally, the Portal is OPENED!
    The Four Horsemen: Plague, War, Famine, Death
Hero: Luther had made a terrible mistake.
Hero: The Seals were holding the Portal CLOSED, not open.
Luther: What have we done? We've OPENED the Portal...
Hero: Oops.
Luther: I need to report back to the Queen at once. This can't be good.
Hero: Okay.
Hero: Where once the Portal had been lighting the sky...
Hero: All we now saw was a dark passageway to another world...
Conversation Character

Doomsayer Training

Learn how to become a Doomsayer with Luther.

Unlock the Doomsayer Hero Class
Luther: I found a book near the entry to the Underworld Portal.
Hero: Let me see.
Luther: It is titled Doomsayer: The Sins of the Fathers.
Hero: What's inside?
Luther: It seems that prophets foretold the fall of Maraj...
Hero: Oh?
Luther: ...And nobody listened. They called themselves Doomsayers.
Hero: Read on...
  • Read how Gluttony weakened Maraj.
    Luther: Glutton leads to weakness!
    Gluttony's Tale: Barghast, Glutmaw, Gorbil, Gluttony
  • Study how Pride hid Maraj's weakness.
    Luther: Pride will blind you.
    Pride's Tale: Knight Coronet, Envoy of Pride, Pavos Dawnwind, Pride
  • Read how Greed drove Maraj to invade the Fey.
    Luther: Greed leads to war.
    Greed's Tale: Greed, Broker of Greed, Bonnie Rose, Cat Burglar
  • Learn how Wrath made Scorpius fight an unwinnable battle.
    Luther: Their Wrath knew no bounds.
    Wrath's Tale: Rock Troll, Ifrit, Soldier of Wrath, Wrath
Luther: It seems four sins brought them undone, as you have seen.
Hero: Yes.
Luther: Gluttony weakened them, and their Pride hid that fact.
Hero: Correct.
Luther: Then Greed drove them to expand, while Wrath blinded them.
Hero: Indeed.
Luther: I believe, my young friend, that YOU are a Doomsayer.
Hero: Well I'll be damned.
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