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Unexpected Allies

Goblin slaves are revolting against their Ogre captors. You must help them win the fight!

Complete this quest to unlock a new troop.
Hero: With the gate destroyed, we headed into the Ogres' fortress.
Hero: There was smoke everywhere, and signs of recent battle.
Luther: Stop! I hear a noise up ahead!
Hero: I hear it too.
Luther: My eyes aren't what they used to be. Tell me what you see.
Hero: Ogres, fighting... goblins.
Luther: We should help the Goblins. But take care. They'll likely think we're foes.
Hero: Let's go!
  • Calm down the Goblins.
    Goblin: No no! Strangers! Keep away!
    Revolting Goblin: Goblin, Goblin
  • Defeat the Ogre.
    Ogre: Puny little things! You die!
    Operation Ogrelord: Ogre, Goblin
Luther: You fought well, young one.
Hero: Thanks, Luther.
Luther: These Goblins will join us now.
Hero: Really?
Luther: We'll need all the help we can get in the days ahead.
Hero: Help? For what?
Luther: This island holds a secret treasure. I need to find it.
Hero: As you say...
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Release the Hounds

Deal with a cruel local Houndkeeper. You will be a better master for his dogs.

Complete this quest to unlock a new troop.
Luther: The Goblins say there is an Ogre in the fortress with some Warhounds.
Hero: Warhounds?
Luther: Aye! They're loyal and fierce in battle. We could use them.
Hero: For what, exactly?
Luther: What do you normally use hounds for, young one?
Hero: Hunting?
Luther: Aye, we have some hunting to do. But first, we deal with this brutish Houndmaster.
Hero: As you wish...
  • Find the Ogre Houndmaster.
    Ogre: Harhar... Sick 'em, boys!
    Warhound Pack: Warhound, Warhound
  • Deal with Ogre Houndmaster.
    Ogre: Smelly Man-Things! Keep away from us!
    The Houndmaster: Warhound, Ogre
Luther: The hounds are ours!
Hero: Hunting, you said...
Luther: Aye. There is a beast on this island.
Hero: An Ogre?
Luther: No. Far greater than that. Once, my brothers and I would have hunted it together.
Hero: Your brothers?
Luther: A story for another time, young one.
Hero: As you wish.
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Onwards and Upwards

Ascend the Broken Spire, travelling to the Ogre's second fortress.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: Now, the second fortress awaits!
Hero: The second one?
Luther: Aye! There are 3 fortresses on the Broken Spire, each one higher than the last
Hero: So we climb?
Luther: The path is gentle for now. It's the beasts we need to watch out for.
Hero: Beasts?
Luther: Rhynax. Nasty big brutes. Ogres keep them as cattle.
Hero: Oh...
Luther: Those beasts are foul!
Hero: Ugh. I know...
Luther: It'll take a week to get the stench out of my armor.
Hero: Where to now?
Luther: We follow the path. The second fortress isn't far.
Hero: You've been here before?
Luther: Aye. But we never breached the second fortress. We will this time though.
Hero: If you say so...
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The Second Gate

Break down the gates of the second Ogre fortress.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: Here we are! The second fortress at last!
Hero: What now?
Luther: This time there are two gates to get through.
Hero: Two?
Luther: Aye, but we have an advantage.
Hero: What's that?
Luther: Surprise. Last time they saw us coming; it didn't end well.
Hero: Oh...
  • Break down the first gate.
    Ogre: What? Man-Things? Stop!
    Open Wide: Fortress Gate, Ogre, Ogre
  • Break down the second gate.
    Ogre: You break our gates? We squash you!
    Come Inside: Fortress Gate, Ogre, Rhynax, Ogre
Luther: That went unexpectedly well.
Hero: Glad to hear it.
Luther: I lost a thousand men on these walls before.
Hero: How many?
Luther: You heard me right. One thousand.
Hero: But how?
Luther: We were betrayed... by our allies. But enough! We have a fortress to storm.
Hero: Okay.
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Death Returned

The second Ogre fortress is crawling with Undead. You must make your way through.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: This fortress seems too quiet. It concerns me.
Hero: Why's that?
Luther: The bodies of my men. They're nowhere to be seen.
Hero: How could that be?
Luther: I worry about the Ettins - Ogre Shamans - who knows what they've done here.
Hero: Oh...
Luther: Come! We'll enter the fortress and see what awaits.
Hero: I'm with you.
  • Search the fortress for a way through.
    Revenant: The massster bids usss return!
    Undead Rising: Skeleton, Skeleton, Revenant
  • Defeat the Ettin who is trying to stop you.
    Ettin: Crush those puny things! Go!
    The Ettin's Horde: Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton, Ettin
Luther: The battle is won. You did well... outfought ME in fact!
Hero: I doubt that.
Luther: You're kind, but we both know the truth.
Hero: What is that?
Luther: My best days are behind me, my young friend. This hunt will be my last.
Hero: We'll see...
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A Cleansing Pyre

Set fire to the Ogre Fortress. It will give some peace to the restless spirits within.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: We need to burn this fortress.
Hero: But why?
Luther: I'll not have my men wandering this place as Undead for all eternity.
Hero: Oh...
Luther: It's the only burial I can give them.
Hero: I understand.
Luther: Once we do this though, there will be no more surprise. They'll know we're coming.
Hero: Okay.
  • Fight your way to the center of the fortress.
    Banshee: Stop! Our master commands it!
    Beyond the Grave: Skeleton, Skeleton, Banshee
  • Defeat the fortress guardians and start a fire.
    Ettin: No! No fire! No, no, NO!
    Raising Death: Skeleton, Skeleton, Revenant, Ettin
Luther: It's done. May their souls find some peace at last.
Hero: I hope so.
Luther: We'd have taken this fortress if our allies had played their part.
Hero: Your allies?
Luther: Aye, the Knights Coronet of Sword's Edge, curse their filthy hides.
Hero: What happened?
Luther: We were ready to charge the gate, and they opened fire on us.
Hero: Oh...
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Upwards and Onwards

You must climb the path to the final Ogre fortress.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: The path gets steeper from this point onwards.
Hero: What's ahead?
Luther: I've not been this far, but expect more Rhynax.
Hero: This high up?
Luther: Aye - they're more nimble than they look.
Hero: Is that all?
Luther: Maybe some Hippogryph... If we're unlucky, some Stone Giants.
Hero: I'll keep an eye out.
  • Begin the climb, watching for Rhynax.
    Rhynax: Rawrrr!
    A Wild Rhynax Appears: Rhynax, Rhynax
  • Climb the steepest part of the trail.
    Hippogryph: Screee!
    Death from Above: Hippogryph, Hippogryph, Hippogryph
  • Make the final ascent to the fortress.
    Stone Giant: You do not belong here!
    The Guardians: Rhynax, Hippogryph, Rhynax, Stone Giant
Luther: Well done! The final fortress is within our sights
Hero: At last!
Luther: We'll need to find a way to get past it.
Hero: Past it?
Luther: Aye. What we seek is in the caves beyond the fortress.
Hero: Caves?
Luther: The Caves of Sheggra, the Lava Wyrm. She has that which I need.
Hero: Oh...
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The High Road

You must get to the caves beyond the fortress. Unfortunately, the Ogres know you are coming.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: We can't go through the gate this time.
Hero: Why not?
Luther: The Ogres will have seen the fire we lit. They'll be waiting.
Hero: So what now?
Luther: We can't go around it, under it, or through it. That leaves one way.
Hero: What's that?
Luther: We go over it. We need to catch some of those Hippogryphs.
Hero: Interesting...
  • Catch some Hippogryphs.
    Hippogryph: Screeeee!
    Seeking the Sky: Hippogryph, Hippogryph, Hippogryph, Hippogryph
  • Give Rhynax meat to the Hippogryphs to befriend them.
    Stone Giant: No touch my meat!
    Feeding Time: Rhynax, Rhynax, Rhynax, Stone Giant
Luther: I don't like this plan, but I see no other option.
Hero: Me too.
Luther: My men softened up the first two fortresses, Gods rest their souls.
Hero: Your men?
Luther: The Order of the Dragon. I am - was - their commander.
Hero: Really?
Luther: Aye. I'm the last one, but I'll not let their deaths be in vain.
Hero: Let's fly!
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The Mouth of Madness

You must enter the caves beyond the fortress.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Luther: It worked! But now we need to get into those caves.
Hero: Okay.
Luther: There'll be guards. Ettins most likely, and worse.
Hero: What's in there?
Luther: Sheggra, the Lava Wyrm. She has the thing I need.
Hero: What's that?
Luther: In good time, my young friend. First, let's get into these caves.
Hero: Okay.
  • Approach the caves.
    Ogre: What? How you get here?
    The Cave Mouth: Ogre, Ogre, Ogre, Ogre
  • Open the huge door into the caves.
    Ettin: Stop! Sheggra commands it!
    The Way is Barred: Fortress Gate, Ogre, Ogre, Ettin
  • Get past the inhabitants of the caves.
    Ettin: Kill them! Or I eat you all!
    The Cave of Jewels: Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Ettin
Luther: Now... to find Sheggra.
Hero: Where is she?
Luther: I don't know, but she's a Lava Wyrm...
Hero: So?
Luther: We take the hottest, brightest tunnels.
Hero: Ahhh...
Luther: She'll be in the heart of the mountain.
Hero: Lead on!
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Council of Ettins

Ettins live deep within the caves. You must defeat them to reach Sheggra, the Lava Wyrm.

Complete this quest to gain an Income Bonus in this Kingdom.
Luther: Now the dangerous part.
Hero: Oh?
Luther: There will be more Ettins - worshippers of Sheggra.
Hero: Okay.
Luther: The Ettins use dark magic. They'll have a host of Undead with them.
Hero: Let's go.
  • Defeat the Ettin Guardians.
    Ettin: Rip them apart!
    Ettin Guard: Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton, Ettin
  • Defeat the Ettin Priests.
    Ettin: I'll have your heads for Sheggra!
    Ettin Council: Skeleton, Revenant, Ettin, Ettin
Luther: We're almost there. We may yet hold the prize in our hands!
Hero: What prize?
Luther: The Heart of Sheggra. I must take it back to Sword's Edge.
Hero: Why?
Luther: My Queen, Ysabelle, lays dying of poison. The heart will cure her.
Hero: How?
Luther: Only the Heart of a Lava Wyrm can burn the poison from her body.
Hero: Let's go!
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Guardians of Sheggra

Only Sheggra's final guardians stand in your way. Three mighty Stone Giants guard the path to her lair.

Complete this quest to unlock a new Challenge.
Hero: The final passage led away to a glowing cave.
Hero: But three statues barred our way.
Luther: Three Stone Giants. It can't be this easy...
Hero: Oh?
Luther: I sense dark magic at work. We should proceed carefully.
Hero: Lead on!
  • Pass the first giant statue.
    Stone Giant: The Bones of Sheggra rise against you!
    The Guardian of Bones: Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton, Stone Giant
  • Pass the second giant statue.
    Stone Giant: The Spirit of Sheggra forbids you!
    The Guardian of Spirits: Banshee, Banshee, Banshee, Stone Giant
  • Pass the third giant statue.
    Stone Giant: The Dreams of Sheggra deny you!
    The Guardian of Nightmares: Night Terror, Night Terror, Night Terror, Stone Giant
Luther: Finally! We've made it.
Hero: At last!
Luther: Now we just need to kill this accursed Wyrm.
Hero: How?
Luther: The same way we kill everything, my young friend?
Hero: Oh?
Luther: Just make sure not to damage the heart!
Hero: As you wish.
Conversation Character

The Heart of the Matter

The time has come for the final battle with Sheggra, the Lava Wyrm.

Complete this quest to unlock Luther for your army.
Luther: We have cheated the odds at every turn. Sheggra's heart awaits!
Hero: Indeed.
Luther: Are you ready, my young friend? Sheggra is unlike any foe you've met so far.
Hero: I'm ready!
  • Defeat Sheggra the Lava Wyrm.
    Sheggra: Another mortal seeking my heart? I will DEVOUR you!
    The Lava Wyrm: Ogre, Ogre, Ogre, Sheggra
Luther: I have Sheggra's heart! There is hope for Queen Ysabelle yet!
Hero: What will you do?
Luther: I must return to Sword's Edge. It's a journey I must make alone.
Hero: I'll miss you!
Luther: I'll be back before you know it, my young friend!
Hero: Really?
Luther: I love my Queen, but I've grown weary of the politics. I need a rest.
Hero: You've earned it!
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Warlord Training

Learn the secrets of becoming a Warlord from General Luther.

Unlock the Warlord Hero Class
Luther: So you want to learn the ways of the Warlord?
Hero: I do.
Luther: That's what an old man likes to hear! Are you ready?
Hero: Yes, I am.
Luther: Good, then we will fight some battles together.
Hero: Like old times?
Luther: Aye, young one, watch and learn!
Hero: Lead on!
  • Pass the Test of Flame.
    Luther: You must fight fire with fire!
    Test of Flame: Salamander, Salamander, Summer Imp, Terraxis
  • Pass the Test of Anger.
    Luther: Now, channel your anger!
    Test of Anger: Rhynax, Cyclops, Boar Rider, Bone Dragon
  • Pass the Test of Courage.
    Luther: Show courage, my young friend!
    Test of Courage: Sacred Guardian, Archon Statue, Bul'Tauros, Zephyros
  • Pass the Test of Ferocity.
    Luther: And finally, use all you've learned. Be fierce!
    Test of Ferocity: Wild Fang, Hobgoblin, Goblin Shaman, Sheggra
Luther: Not bad, young one. Aye... not bad.
Hero: So...
Luther: Being a Warlord is about rage, anger and ferocity.
Hero: Okay
Luther: Channel your inner fire, but don't let it consume you.
Hero: I see.
Luther: It takes courage, young one, and you have that!
Hero: Thanks, Luther.
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